January 12, 2006


I received an email yesterday stating I have a lawyer assigned to me but I was not instructed to meet with the lawyer before my court date. It is a free legal service so perhaps they don't have the resources to meet with people. I am glad I have one appointed; I did not know what to do if I couldn't find one to represent me. Does a person have to represent himself or herself if he or she cannot find a lawyer?

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January 11, 2006

"you're alone"

The young woman in the cell next to mine left escorted (by a guard?) for at least part of the night if not the whole night. Considering the behaviors I've experienced from people the last five to ten years, I am still glad I was in isolation.

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January 9, 2006

was it worth it?

One of the arresting officers asked me while preparing to take me to the squad car, "was it worth it?" I said I didn't know. While in the jail I felt some of the same emf and resulting headache. So I learned something, that the emf can happen almost everywhere. I don't know the outcome of this so I don't know if "it was worth it". Penny Sue Scheff

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On Friday I went to the Hennepin County Government Center to use the Self Help Center. On the wall was a sign indicating Saturday hours for the 24th. floor library law library (thoice just now "run"). I returned on Saturday and was told by all the security guards that the library is not open on Saturday. Penny Sue Scheff Now I am feeling something in my fingers.

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email update

I just received an email indicating I am allowed into all buildings except the one from which I was making phone calls. I also just felt something on my right breast. Penny Sue Scheff

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