May 26, 2006


Sitting in a downtown cafe, I just felt emf in my anus for a few seconds. Penny Sue Scheff

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May 25, 2006

May 25, 2006

I still do not know what happened to my family, where they are, etc. The harassment continues with loud, rude people hovering around when I arrive somewhere, then leaving....thoices and conversations reapeat while laughing..."they died" "they told you". Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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May 24, 2006


I am trying to print something out at MCTC but nothing will print. This is just more harassment to try to make me kill myself....ten years at least of this, because I'm a "feckle". I am enrolled for the summer session and my i.d. works to log me in, etc. recent thoices "she needs it now" "don't do her there" "she doesn't have a record" "get her one" "you have to buy" "didn't run" "we read" "do that" "Indian" "tell her to leave" "hit her in the head" Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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May 23, 2006


In a window I saw a (dead?) montionless butterfly. I don't know about different butterflies but this one was very large and visible, with interesting colorings. It was "creepy". I had a disturbing dream that night. Thoice just now "it means they're going to kill her". Thank You , Penny Sue Scheff

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May 20, 2006

wheeled carts

Why am I not allowed to bring a wheeled cart into the Minneapolis and St. Paul public libraries? I need it and the items in it for a number of reasons and security guards have a fascist reaction when they see it. The rules at the libraries state that items must fit under a honest reason can be given for this restriction. I've seen others with large wheeled items in these locations. Penny Sue Scheff

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May 18, 2006

my family

I still do not know what happened to me and my family. I have not heard from them for years. Some of them were experiencing similar difficulties when I last spoke with them. People still think this is funny. I don't know why. Penny Sue Scheff

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May 5, 2006

end of my blog?

As my class at the U is ending and I cannot afford another now, I may be losing my blog so I've started a new one at I've enrolled for summer classes at another school. thoices "you're not there" and thoices/conversations almost without end "you know" "we know" Penny Sue Scheff

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May 05, 2006 12:00 pm I just completed a quiz on which I made another strange mistake...I knew what to do and then didn't do it.....I did the same thing on a quiz yesterday. Because I knew the correct answer or process in both situations, and then didn't do it, I feel as if something is interrupting my thoughts; or perhaps the disorienting emf I've been subjected to has permanently messed up my brain. This didn't happen my whole life, because I used to get A's in most math and science courses. Over the past few years I've met many people who rattle off information as if they know everything...even when they are correct, often they can't explain the process used to obtain their experiences somehow feel "opposite"....I figure out an answer or process and then do something else. The tremendous amount of stress for the past ten years could account for it, but it feels like something else is happening. Also, could whatever was done to me and my family perhaps be justified, in the minds of some very sick people, by proving that people are "incompetent" or insane? Why else would someone/thing have tried to make me kill myself for the last ten years, and sabotage my work and school efforts? thoices "they're playing it" "erase it" "they use people" "they use girls". Medicare did not pay any of my bill to the clinic for a painful ear infection and immunization tests. I still do not know what happened to my family. Penny Sue Scheff Do I have children?

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April 30, 2006

back pain and emf

I have had back pain the last week. Sometimes it starts suddenly, then stops suddenly...emf? Ibuprofen sometimes seems to help. Perhaps "they" want to prohibit me from working, for unknown reasons. Penny Sue Scheff

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back pain and emf

I have had back pain the last week. Sometimes it starts suddenly, then stops suddenly...emf? Ibuprofen sometimes seems to help. Perhaps "they" want to prohibit me from working, for unknown reasons. Penny Sue Scheff

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downtown mpls sunday a.m.

I've been unable to blog...internet problems again. I still have no confirmation that I paid one credit card bill, so I don't want to pay another until I have some idea if my payments go to where they're intended (or if someone is taking the money). I am sitting outside in a bus kiosk, I don't know if this will soon be determined to be illegal. I called a number to make payments on my state taxes; who knows with whom I actually spoke or if the payments will go to where they're supposed to go.
This a.m. after I was listening to the Quran for a few minutes I started feeling strange, emf induced yucky (and other synchronicities started) so I listened to something else and felt better.
no thing runs like a deer this advertisement popped into my head when I saw someone in a wheelchair and I wondered if the person in the wheelchair used to run and I thought about how much I used to like to run until the dogs and stares and emf.

Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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April 28, 2006


Yesterday I went to the irs to make my monthly payment for 2002 taxes which were imposed because I was forced to withdraw from my retirement while being sabotaged out of work. I I was not on ssdi at the time.) I learned that the payment I made on March 31, 06 was not applied to April, so I had to make another payment for April as a late payment. The direct debit that I requested has not been activated yet. I still owe about $2600. I also owe the state about $800 for the same year, same reason---that I refused to kill myself or anyone else.
My SSDI (soc sec) direct deposit was stopped by the local Social Security office because they received return mail for me. This does not make sense to me...I was not notified that direct deposit was stopped.
I do not know what happened to me or my family.
People often leave the area when I blog or post email. Penny Sue Scheff

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April 21, 2006

ear pain

I hadn't felt the sharp jabs in my ears for a few days; during a class break at mctc I felt one needle like jab. Last week it was much worse. My ears have been infected for about a week to two weeks but are improving. I had not received my social security disability payment as of this is two days late. Penny Sue Scheff

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April 19, 2006

not real?

I've been unable to print in the Mac lab...someone bumped my chair earlier and I feel emf on my left breast. After I blogged about ear pain at school, I felt intense ear pain at other locations....that's what happens to discredit my accounts--- of emf attacks or just about anything else. Penny Sue Scheff

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April 15, 2006

ear ache

I have had an earache for the past few days. The irritation around the entire ear is constant but sometimes I feel more sharp pain in the ear drum or canal. I am at school when I feel the sharp pains most. I spent $60 on antibioltics but I don't know if I should continue to use them. I wonder if there is something wrong with them... they are not clear but white...perhaps they are expired or something because drops I've used before were almost clear. Penny Sue Scheff

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April 11, 2006

on nicollet ave

Sitting at an outside cafe table, I felt emf on the right side of my head and the other person at a table left soon after that.
What has happened to my family? I am not allowed to view my social security file; some of them were experiencing similar problems years ago, when I last was able to contact them. Am I being blamed for what happened to them? People still walk by, speaking in disturbingly loud voices, I don't know who they are talking to.
past voices- thoices "can't touch it" "you can't touch her" "she's supposed to die by 2011 (or 2013?) anyway" "she did it" "they're in her" "what's the matter with it"

I had a strange "dream" the other night...a body was placed in a car and someone then cut off the face and behind the face was empty space....whatever had been there had been removed. At the same time a thoice "said" ....."but you'restillmarried, aren'tyouMrs.Shapiro?" I don't know if the thoice was related to the visuals.

In the last few minutes activity and yelling on the street has increased.

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april 11, 2006

I found a place I could think and study so of course someone has occupied it with laptop. Now I have to sit where emf is targeting my head. Thank you, Penny Sue Scheff
thoices today "make it stink" "can they do that?" "yes sir" "we bettter lock it up"
"he takes it" "it's the phone you a**hole"

This past weekend while at Chipotle's (sp?) a man asked me if I'd lost my bike helmet (referring to my metal bike basket that I wear on my head) and then he got angry and said "you make the rest of us look bad". An officer later took my picture while I was eating my burrito.

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March 31, 2006

Friday March 31, 2006

If anyone reading this blog knows what happened to me and my family please let me know.
thoices "so they don't have to tell them" "your'e busted" "don't tell anybody" "pray" "put her in jail" "lock it up" "they didn't want it" "the men don't want it, their wives are driving them crazy"

The rash behind my left ear remains. I haven't heard from the clinic that immunity shots are needed.
I've been bleeding heavily for a few days and experienced burning on my legs and lower abdomen while I was trying to study for a test; fortunately it seemed easier than the first test. I've lost so much blood all over the place, anybody could try to frame me by putting my blood at a crime scene.
Some people seem to think emf, pychological harassment and noise that make me sleepy, give me bad headaches and prohibit thought are funny. They need more help than I do ? Or are they just evil? Penny Sue Scheff

I arranged a payment plan with the irs for $3000 that I owe because I was forced to withdraw from retirement savings while being sabotaged and harassed out of work a few years ago. The first few months I must pay in person, so that is what I intend to do today. I was also told that 2 months around the "holidays" required payment in person; with automatic withdrawal from my bank account, this seems absurd.

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March 27, 2006

"put it on your head" a thoice-voice

"put it on your head" a thoice-voice--- Not that I comply with every thoice, but I've been wearing a metal bike basket on my head for about week now. I sleep in it. I seldom take it off for long. Is this illegal? Why? Is it one of those unwritten laws? I've noticed light skin "burns" behind my left ear. Today I had blood drawn for immunity tests and I had a mole "frozen" off from the back of my neck. While I was waiting in the exam room I was able to read and think clearly. Not even the subtle emf (that somehow only makes me not want to think) was present. I felt only a little emf on the left side of my head and my face was very warm.
Early this a.m. the head swirlies were combined with something that made me not even want to stand up; it was impossible to study. This has happened many times before and in many different places, but it has happened less in the last few months. At the cafe, I suddenly was unable to read/study and my head felt strange; I turned around to see if someone was doing something behind me and that person turned around. Then I felt better for a while.Sometimes when I write or when people speak to me and then leave, or when I turn on my laptop, I feel something strange throughout my body...I don't know what it is and it's difficult to describe, but I get the same feeling sometimes when I'm trying to sleep. I still sometimes detect very distracting odors that start and stop quickly. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

recent thoices "she can't get sick" "it means they'd kill her" "you know" "she wants to kill you" "go" "bow"

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March 22, 2006


I have received some blog responses on a different blog, supposedly from family members...but whoever they are they will have to prove it, and since apparently the whole world has been spying on my life and thoughts for most of my life, I don't know how they can prove it except in person, and that could be dangerous....the thoices a few years ago said "it's a plot to kill the whole family". Some of the "proof" so far is inaccurate.

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March 21, 2006

recent thoice

recent voices-"thoices"...."illegal tampering with the body in the last....24?...hours" "the cracklin' means the reich made it" If anybody knows what these mean please tell me. Also please tell me what happened to me and my family?

I've made an appointment for immunizations, as I've been told they are required for school. Although I have been immunized I don't know where and can't PROVE it. I also went to the IRS and started a payment plan for more than $3000 I didn't know I owed in income tax. I guess they were probably waiting to tell me so they could throw me in jail again.

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March 10, 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

The other day when I ordered a cinnamon donut I felt the atmosphere, attitude, people etc. of the cafe instantly change, to be more...negative (emf?). The receipt I was given read "chocolate" donut. A few minutes later a woman offered to buy me a cinnamon cake.
I was told yesterday by a university official that I should leave any area that people in uniforms tell me to leave, without question, even if I am not doing anything wrong and I have the right to be there; that I should not demand some proof of why they are asking me to leave. This just confirms my experiences and conclusion that I have no rights at all and that anyone can do anything they want. I feel that someone could chop off my head and no one would say or feel anything; they would probably laugh.
thoices "pay her" "didn't work" "write" "don't write" "won't work"
If anyone reading this blog can tell me what happened to my family please respond.
Thank You Penny Sue Scheff

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March 6, 2006


I decided to change my major for a number of reasons, one being that I found out that not all patients agree to video taping during sleep studies. I've experienced so many years of someone/thing trying to set me up that I would need to be video taped while working at this kind of job. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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thoices-voices within the last week
"don't let her work for a jew"
"you know" "you're here"
"they're going to kill somebody"

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unable to answer your call

I called Bank of America to report a lost credit card and got " unable to answer your call" and then was disconnected.
If anyone reading this blog can tell me what happened to my family please respond.
Thank You Penny Sue Scheff

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thoice "they want her to leave-they're doing her" "they won't tell her"
What does that mean, "they're doing her"?

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March 3, 2006

Friday march 03, 2006 12:28 pm

recent thoices "they're hitting him" "he helped her" "we needed it" "Penny, they're framing you" "she won't stand up" "she won't go out" "now they're going to arrest her" "they were doing her" "do your hair" "get it out" Thank you, Penny Sue Scheff

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March 2, 2006

March 02, 2006 9:58 am

If anyone reading this blog knows how I can find out what happened to me and my family, please let me know.

Although I should be studying I am spending much time on resarching past taxes, verifying early ira withdrawals, bills that get sent to collection agencies as soon as I pay them, credit card bills that I want to pay but now I don't have the bills and addresses, etc. I owed money tp Providian and Bank of America; I need the amounts and a current bill but haven't received any in the mail lately.

thoices "they brought her here" "the dispatcher"
thoice a few weeks ago "keep it busy"

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March 1, 2006

Wednesday March 01, 2006 4:10 pm

Why do people leave after I send an email? Now my back starts hurting.
The other day, as a result of a letter I received, I called the IRS to request info on 2002 taxes. This was a time during which the disabling emf was at its worst, so I am not surprised that taxes weren't filed. At other times I've sent in taxes and had them returned for no valid reason. I had very little work in 2002 but I did have to withdraw from my IRA at a penalty (I had Federal taxes withheld), so now I owe income taxes on that amount to the state.

A few nights ago the muscle-bone-joint pain-inducing brain-disturbing emf was disturbing my sleep. I do not know who/what causes it; for all I know it could be remotely controlled from a great distance. It has happened in other locations.

If anyone reading this blog knows how I can find out what happened to me and my family, please let me know.

thoices..."because she won't leave" "they won't tell her" "get her out of there" "because they won't tell her" "hit it here" "because she's good"

Thank you , Penny Sue Scheff

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February 27, 2006

Monday February 27, 2006 12:09 pm

thoices "what did Penny do?" "we're sorry we made you retarded" "you can still do good deeds" "go home" If anyone is reading this blog please let me know what happened to me and my family. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff
rent is going up about $50

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February 23, 2006

head swirls

Too often the head swirlies get MUCH WORSE when I am on a computer..they make it impossible to think clearly. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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Feb 23,2006 10:55 pm

Feb 23, 2006 10:55 pm
If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond.
This am or last nite I had two fast "dreams" or of a (smoke?) path in the sky indicating that a plane had crashed only the sky was very dark and the trail was silver, white or bright.....the second "dream" was of a man with oily hair getting out of his car..When I "saw" him he had just turned around and was looking down, standing between the open car door and the car. His oily hair was curled (... into a ...flip?) the back of his neck...but not a flip, it was curled in towards his neck.
Yesterday at court I was told that the charges were dismissed and that in a couple of days I could obtain paperwork stating the dismissal.
thoices "don't let her go"
At Wiley Hall: I went to the bathroom and when I returned a young woman was making a cell phone call from the desk where I had been sitting. I sat down on the floor; she turned to look at me and left. Many times, at different places, when I return from the bathroom someone has taken my place and often while speaking on a phone.

Thank You - Penny Sue Scheff

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February 22, 2006

refined techniques?

As I started reading a biology assignment, I felt "nervous", as if I were doing something "wrong"....this seems to be a new way to keep me from is very different from previous experiences that prohibited or distracted me. Perhaps it is from association with all the other distractions and emf --- or is it a refined technique? Did people start squirming and making sounds at the same time? Penny Sue Scheff

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February 22, 2006 12:55 pm

February 22, 2006 12:55 pm If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You , Penny Sue Scheff

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February 21, 2006


"she didn't wear a hat" "she won't pay it" "she's innocent" "let her go" "don't let her go" "she thinks its real"
"girls with guitars put bears behind bars" "you told"

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At desks and areas where I sit, I often find a paper clip, pen or piece of foil.
I just took a test for which I felt I was very non-prepared, due to emf, distractions, the stress of being arrested, tomorrow's court date, false accusations from a different instructor and being threatened with going to jail again. I don't know if I could get an incomplete in biology for these reasons. I've already dropped other classes this semester due to the stress of the arrest and the time it takes up. This is part of a continuing process...I've been harassed and threatened out of work for years; now the same is happening in school.

no person is telling me the following...they are thoughts that pop into my head like "voices" without sound...thoices...that's the best description I can give.....
thoices "the company monitored their house continuously" "you're good" "she doesn't belong here" " they won't tell her" "they won't give it to her" "they won't let her take it" "pay" "you're not good" "f--k you Penny" "you're not a boy" "tell her" "they help it" "they cover it" "take her there" "we told her" "we told you" "don't pray" "write"
"you b--ch you knew they would hit her" "wear it" "eat it" "keep it busy" "go there" "don't go there" "die" "go"
"you're in trouble" "you gotta go" "you have to go back there" "they hit it" "he killed himself when he read that"
"you knew" "you know dear" "not a dear" "they want her there" "not here""dirty or dead"
Is it illegal to talk to oneself? To blog about random thoices? How many laws are unwritten here? Undisclosed?

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February 21, 2006 10:20 am

February 21, 2006 10:20 am If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond.

thoice this am? "See threw pleas"

This morning I was thinking (out loud) about the man who killed the nurses in Chicago. I was living in Chicago at that time and I remember being very scared by the murders. I was perhaps thinking about this because of the difficulties I've been experiencing at the school where I am enrolled in a health sciences career program in the nursing department. Because the "thoices" have been telling me to change my name, I was also thinking about that man's name and what it means, so I looked in a dictionary. The thoices said "you did it". In 1966 I was nine years old
Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 17, 2006

February 17, 2006 1:30 pm

February 17, 2006 1:30 pm If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond.
I've been feeling emf on my eyes the last few days; yesterday I felt very strong emf on the right side of my head while at a cafe. Today in lab there were many instances of offensive smells.
Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 15, 2006

missing blog entry

A blog I posted is not showing now. It was about my brother when he was very young. He ran down the stairs upset and crying one day because the toilet bowl broke while he was on it. He wasn't that heavy. No one in my family thought this was funny. He was diagnosed at an early age as mildly retarded - aphasic? I do not know what has happened to my family, for years now. A few days ago I awoke from a ...'dream' about something terrible happening in that old house. My parents were working poor with seven children, two of them with disabilities. The house was remodeled and the neighbohood declared an historic site after we moved. Penny Sue Scheff

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February 15, 2006 10:12 am please respond

February 15, 2006 10:12 am please respond
If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 14, 2006

February 14, 2006 please respond

If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 13, 2006

Monday Feb. 13, 2006 8:37 AM

If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 12, 2006

Sunday Feb 12, 2006 6:07 pm

If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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February 11, 2006

my family

If any readers of this blog know what happened to my family, how I could contact them or verify what has happened please respond. Thank You, Penny Sue Scheff

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don't think

I am trying to study biology and emf is making my head "jumpy", my body nervous, trying to make me use the bathroom again, sleepy, etc. Who/what is doing this to me? Why? Penny Sue Scheff

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bumping seats

I feel something bumping under my seat after someone sat down next to me. The person next to me is not bumping it.

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February 8, 2006


I just realized that a pen that I normally carry in my jacket is missing. Is someone using it to frame me? Then they return it? It seems someone/thing wants me to go to jail for what other people do. Thoice just now--"f--- you then" Penny Sue Scheff

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disturbing thoices

thoices-voices a few days or weeks ago..."they never told her" "it means they were going to kill her"

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February 7, 2006

doin' it

Sitting in Wilson Library outside the commons I feel something mild on my left breast...thoice "they're doin' it".

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sorry puppy

I had just spent almost an hour(?) in the bathroom cleaning up the blood that poured out of my body within a few minutes when these two? thoices - "sorry puppy" "learn latin".

Why have I been followed for years by women with almost blank faces (except for smirks that look like "mind-control" smiles) carrying car keys and/or lugging wheeled back-packs? Penny Sue Scheff

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Thoice the other day while at a cafe "some things not write when a baby's that still"

I took a bus a few days ago. Someone drove in front of the bus almost causing a collision (just after the thoice said "talk") and everybody started talking. A few years ago a thoice repeated "put blood on your hands" a few days in a row. I didn't. While I was trying to rest on a floor in the house where I was renting a room, some teenagers shoved a couch into my body, cutting and bruising my arm and then I had blood on my hands. Then a thoice said "no more miracles".

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too calm

Today I felt far too calm given my present circumstances, as if drugged. The most disconcerting aspect is that areas of perception, orientation, and cognition that are usually affected by being in a drugged state are not perceived as altered. I wrote down a very strange date as the current date on top of my lecture notes and now I am bleeding heavily. I felt emf during a class in at least two different areas of my body. Penny Sue Scheff
recent thoices "I told you to get rid of her" "sorry, your get out of jail card is going to jail" "sign it" "I need it" "she needs it" "they're sealing it" "don't help her" "they help her" "they want it down" and again "they're framing her" "buy it"

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February 6, 2006

in jail

The night I was in jail I experienced headaches, bleeding and two different bad stinky-smells (one stench at night in the cell and another while being moved around for whatever happened before the judge, I don't know if it was an arraignment, or what).

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February 2, 2006


I recently took a quiz in a class. A few minutes after completing the quiz I filled in the quiz number area then a thoice "said"..."you really are stupid". I have experienced some distracting thoices before while taking exams. Since I was finished and just filling in the quiz number, it makes me wonder if the "thoices" occur when I (and others?) do something after a delay (as if I might have been THINKING!!!!about something) or if pehaps some thoices occur when individuals do something independently, outside of group-think?

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January 27, 2006


"no you idiot, they want to hit her"

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many times

thoices "tell her she can't do that" "they told her" "we told you"

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January 26, 2006

two thoices

"they did her"
"it means they can kill her"

I don't know what/who the thoices refer to.

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January 19, 2006

who are "they"?

thoice "they're trying to turn the police against her"

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January 18, 2006

website for a lawyer

After my arrest, I received an advertisement for a lawyer. I went to one office indicated on the letter and I called another office where he was at the time, according to the receptionist. I am not using his services but I cannot access the website listed on the flyer. Penny Sue Scheff

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January 12, 2006

concentration part 2

The mild brain swirlies have started
For about an hour I was allowed to think with whatever is left of my brain .

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Last night at my local cafe as soon as everybody left I got unusually sleepy. Earlier today I had just sat down at the local cafe to read when, as often happens, the people that were already there left and new ones came in. At least one was talking on a cell phone. Something started making me nervous, too nervous to read or concentrate so I left. Thoice later--- 'they're trying to frame her".

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I am trying to read while in a library and a subtle disturbance of my brain (feels like the forebrain area) makes retention very difficult. This is not always the case; there are times when the emf allows me to read and concentrate. I also hear a very high pitch sound but I don't know if they are related. It is a covert manipulation, a violation of an individual's rights, to prohibit learning this way. Penny Sue Scheff

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January 9, 2006


"you're alone"

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city center face covering

While walking through City Center on my way to try to find a lawyer, a security guard told me I had to uncover my face. I told him I see people covering their faces all the time and that I am Muslim. He asked me if I had proof that I am Muslim. I had been asked this same question after I was arrested. Is this question required? Legal? What kind of proof does one need? I usually cover my face only because women stare at me or I feel emf on my face, but I've seen people covering for other reasons. After I became Muslim I "found out" I might be Jewish. Will someone need proof? What is going on? thoice "you have to say it" "you have to wear it" Penny Sue Scheff I was provided a link to view the state statute on concealing one's face but I couldn't link to it.

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"say your name" "sign it"

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I have felt in the past few minutes something on the right side of my head. thoices "you know" "get out" "GOT IT"
People often ask me in an accusatory tone "do you got it?"

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phone calls

Last Tuesday I was arrested while making phone calls from a university building. I am a student at the university and I was not doing anything wrong. I was taken to jail for one night and was asked if I was guilty or not guilty before I had the opportunity to speak with a lawyer; I had asked for one. I was told my income disqualified me for a public defender. I was not read Miranda rights. I am having difficulty finding a lawyer. I plan to drop at least one class because my time, energy and efforts will now be consumed with fighting a criminal charge of disorderly conduct. I am enrolled in a health care career program at MCTC so if this goes on my record I will have to sue. I was given only a university trespass warning when I left the jail. I had asked for a trespass warning when I was asked to leave the building, prior to the arrest, and was refused one at that time.

This is how "they" force innocent victims to use all their funds and erase proof that they were once allowed to function normally. Speaking of victims, on the case history that I obtained, the Sanction includes "NO CONTACT WITH VICTIM". I did not assault or attack anyone; I was thrown on the floor and handcuffed while I was walking over to an information desk to ask why I was being asked to leave the building.

I have received one letter in the mail from an attorney offering services. I went to the address on the lettter and was told he wasn't in that office but that I could use the phone to call him. When I told the person on the other end of the phone that I might sue, he referred me to another lawyer. When I called the number he gave me, I was never able to speak to that lawyer but was transferred another lawyer(?) who told me I had to settle the criminal charges first.

The jail was terrifying. I felt I could have been killed and no one would know why or how; not even the person who could have been agitated by covert emf into attacking me.

The phone calls were pertaining to a Jan 2005 funds transfer that is not appearing in a bank statement. For years I have been forced to withdraw with penalty from my IRA in order to survive. I was trying to speak with a person from whom I had requested, about a week previously, a copy of this transaction information. I have been receiving two credit card bills that should have been paid with these transferred funds; during that time period I was experiencing much more mind and thought disrupting emf.

I called a number given to me by the arresting agency to discuss the charges; according to the trespass warning I am not allowed into the buildings where I have a class for this semester (Spring 06) and I am not allowed into the recreational center where I have paid for membership. I have not received an email reply as requested in that phone call. (I have not had my phone service reactivated because I do not get any "real" calls.)

I do not want to go to court but I cannot plead guilty to something I didn't do, especially since such a record would affect employment in a health career. I consider that official restrictions on my employment may be one reason this happened, as I was harassed and sabotaged out of work for years.

Comments and trackbacks are not working for the blog site.
When I was getting dressed upon release from jail I commented aloud that I did not even have a piece of paper stating why I was there. Then the window opened and I was handed for the first time the trespass warning. After I stated I didn't know why I was there, I heard a "thoice" or a conversation ---"bird watching".

recent and on-going thoices or voices or conversations "please leave" "go" "you touch it" "they pay" "we told her" "we do you" "she has to do it" --- I don't know what these mean.
Penny Sue Scheff Soc. Sec 323-58-9975

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December 28, 2005


A minute ago while turned in my chair to put something back into a pack, I felt as if I almost fell off the chair for a second. Then someone made a phone call and someone else went to the bathroom.

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My phone service has stopped, as I did not pay the bill. I plan on having it on again, but I am not too concerned because I feel my communications are "controlled" anyway; I get almost no phone calls of importance. Most do not leave detailed messages.

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a thoice a few weeks ago "I don't want her to feel it"

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at the library

I just felt something on my rt. breast. There are usually other women around when this happens. It is not painful but I don't know what it is...then a door slams and high heels go clicking past.

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December 16, 2005


This morning and a few days ago when I used my laptop at home, it ran very slowly and I had to repeat many things a number of times. This is nothing new, similar or worse things have been happening for the past 5-10 years or more. I still don't know what happened to my family. Penny Sue Scheff

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November 28, 2005

access denied

Earlier I was denied access to post to my blog...perhaps the blog site was being updated. Yesterday on the bus, this morning at home and today in the library and while on buses, etc., I've felt something in my breasts, like a pinch. It is not painful but I don't know what it is or if it is dangerous. A few days ago while trying to sleep I felt something very different in my hip and I wonder if whatever it is could lead to weak or broken hip bones.

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November 23, 2005


I am in the law library, doing simple math calculations. Nobody is physically able to see me where I'm sitting. I wrote an incorrect answer and I heard laughter. This has happened many times in the past. The laughter is connected with whatever is contributing to my mistakes (sometimes) - although it drove me crazy when I first started noticing it, about six years ago. I lived, so the conversation and thoices say I'm lucky. That is a threat.

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November 20, 2005

bus stop and library

While at the bus stop today, someone started kicking my bag and making verbal threats. After I picked up my bag and told this person to stop, I received continued threats and then the person physically approached me and grabbed my bag while I was holding it. I had warned this person that I would use my pepper spray. There were about five other people at the bus stop and they said and did nothing. This person appeared to be of an ethnic minority that has hassled me before and of which I am also a member, although it is not obvious. When I boarded the bus, one of the riders, also apparently of this ethnic minority, was wearing a leather jacket with "Death Valley" on the back.
While at the library the one printer I need apparently stopped functioning (a sign indicated this) and repeatedly my work couldn't be saved to my disk. Penny Sue Scheff

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November 7, 2005


I've slept about 4 or 5 hours for the last few nights but I don't feel all that sleepy. I have felt something on my breasts, in my head, arms, lower intestines or anus...some emf or something, I don't know. Penny Sue Scheff

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October 26, 2005

bad smells

Early this morning while sleeping I smelled nasty smells but I was too sleepy to get up. USUALLY if I move around the horrible smells stop but not always. While at the cash machine I smelled P*SS and again at the computer.

As I start typing sometimes people leave the area.

thoices "we tell her" "move it in" "take it out" I don't know what these mean. Someone just giggled.

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September 30, 2005

computer sabotage

at mctc, my computer is again acting very strange, I can feel some strange emf; my spreadsheet is not working properly.

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September 17, 2005

sleep dep.

I finally found a place to study all night so now I've messed up my sleep schedule again. I want to experience all-nighters in preparation for employment as a sleep tech. I was able to get some homework finished and my computer froze only a few times.

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September 13, 2005

why johnnie can't read and scheff can't do math

Sometimes something happens inside my head -- during many hours, not all--- that makes me not want to do math and chemistry ---because I feel as if this part of my brain is not available. When this feeling stops I immediately know I want to do the chemistry and math because it will be possible to concentrate on those things. This feeling is not the "brain swirlies" that sometimes still affect me but it is still a definite physical/physiological effect that lessens somewhat if I close my eyes but returns immediately upon opening them. (I can't learn much math or chemistry with my eyes closed.) It changes with location, time and I don't know what else. I really would rather be taking a short nap but this feeling seems to keep me awake and in a non-learning non-productive state. I often wait to comment upon such things in my blog, because after I make it public, something changes to cover it up, make me look like a liar or discredit me as insane; or, sometimes making it public results in something worse happening.

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September 11, 2005

in wilson library

On the way to the library I smelled something like a wood fire and in the commons area I felt something on my right breast after a woman slammed a book down on a table. My brain feels a little swirly for a few seconds, making thinking very difficult, then it stops "swirling".

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access to schedule

I am at the U and I cannot access my schedule for this semester.

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August 29, 2005

today's events

Today after working out and running, I smelled some bad smells and some strange smells while I was studying and eating. The people in the area left just before the smells.
I still have a large mole on the back of my neck but no medical insurance.

My eye is better...for years my Mom experienced eye pain and itching before she died. I wasn't living near her or even in the same state. I wonder if someone inflicted the same pain upon her...her body was burned so no one can ever know?

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today's events

Today after working out and running, I smelled some bad smells and some strange smells while I was studying and eating. The people in the area left just before the smells.
My eye is better...for years my Mom experienced eye pain and itching before she died. I wonder if someone inflicted the same pain upon her...her body was burned so no one can ever know?

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August 28, 2005

today's events

After three failed attempts to send an email for a class from a coffee shop, I went to another café and sent it.

This morning when I woke up early in the morning, before I knew quite what I was doing, I guess, I poked myself in the eyeball with a finger or thumb…I felt as if something “made” me poke my eyeball. I didn’t really hit it that hard, but later it steamed up my glasses and was very uncomfortable; mucus came out of the nostril on that side. Now my vision in that eye is fuzzy and it’s still watering. Penny Sue Scheff

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August 25, 2005

first day of school

During classes and in the cafeteria at school I did not feel much of the brain swirlies today, but I did feel some mild head fuzziness, smelled bad smells a few times and felt something on a couple different parts of my body (lasers? emf? I still don't know what they are). Some conversations are still disturbingly synchronistic, threatening or loud; but today felt much more like what I think I used to consider normal. I still don't know what happend to my family.
Penny Sue Scheff

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August 6, 2005

what happened to my family

I still don't know what happened to my family. Sometimes people act as if they can't believe that I don't know where they are or what happened to them. People from other places sometimes seem to accept what I say, because they are from places where people often disappear (Somalia).

Much of the chaos has stopped, at least for a while, but the calmness feels artificial and controlled. The brain swirliness still happens and makes it difficult to think and even that has subsided as compared to the last few years. Penny Sue Scheff 323-58-9975

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July 26, 2005

TREASON? Is Ebbers still alive?

A few weeks ago on a news show I heard that Bernie Ebbers was facing charges of treason. Can someone tell me what he did that would result in charges of treason? Penny Sue Scheff 323-58-9975

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piss and internet sabotage

Still more smell of piss as I sat down to wait for the long line at the cafe to subside.

I was looking at a website for children and the spelling activity was Hangman. I was surprised that the Scholastica website would have this as the only spelling game for that grade, but when I tried to connect to it the page was not available. This kind of thing has happened for years, so I believe my internet communications are monitored and sabotaged. Penny Sue Scheff

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July 25, 2005

the weekend

During the weekend, at various places, I've felt some remote stimulation of my anal canal and breasts, smelled piss and s#it, and viewed uninvited and unwelcome porno. I did not leave the area, except I went to Richfield to buy a backpack, where I saw backpacks for sale with the name "Penelope" on them. This morning I smelled something like very sweet children's cereal while I was at home. I still do not know what happened to my family, friends, acquaintances, etc. I do not know what happened to me, or should I say I do not know why or how the things that happened to me, happened.

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July 21, 2005

in the library

I just smelled piss, the thoice said "do it" and someone starts walking around.

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last night

As I tried to sleep last night, I was extremely warm in my torso region. Is it possible to heat just this region remotely? (It wasn’t painful but at first it made sleeping difficult.) According to articles I’ve read, yes it is. But I do not know how to identify where it’s coming from or how to stop it.

I still don’t know why some people walk around with smirks on their faces. What is there to smirk about? Are they disturbed or out of touch with reality or remote controlled?

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the phone

You’ve reached the answering machine of Penny Sue Scheff. I rarely answer the phone even when I am at home, so please leave a message…..

This is the beginning of my outgoing message at 612-870-0409. There are many reasons I usually don't answer the phone; sometimes I feel things and I don't know what they are when I am on the phone, sometimes the thoices warn me not to answer although sometimes they tell me I should; and often it's the "wrong number", or no message or an incomplete message is left.

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comment from David

I noticed your request for email to see if your system/server is working properly. I found your blog while looking for a Sam Kinnison site. You are right, isn't a valid address.

I also looked to see if the University had a Medical facility. Here is the contact information for the Psychiatry Clinic.

Psychiatry Clinic Overview

One of the many clinics at University of Minnesota Medical Center, a division of Fairview, the Psychiatry Clinic along with our University of Minnesota Physicians specialists look forward to providing you with comprehensive, coordinated care in all areas of mental health for adults, adolescents and children.

Phone Numbers
To make an appointment: 612-273-8700

Clinic Location
Psychiatry Clinic
University of Minnesota Medical Center
2450 Riverside Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Clinic Hours
Monday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Care Provided For
Our physicians provide care for many medical conditions including (but not limited to) the following:
Alcohol and Drug Dependency
Anxiety & Mood Disorders
Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Chemical Dependency (Alcohol & Drug Dependency)
Eating Disorders/Anorexia Nervosa
Impulse Control Disorders
Mental Health

Mental illness affects many people. I have dealt with bouts of depresssion throughout my life. Most people are unwilling to talk about it. I think it is something that we should talk about. I hope and pray that your life starts to get better. Please seek help if you are not getting it currently.

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you figure it out

thoice in a cafe, after I fell asleep for a few minutes: "the minimum documents you need to classify"; then a conversation nearby "I think I see a fire"; thoice: "you rat";more talk about fires.

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July 18, 2005

7/16/2005 2:10 PM

7/16/2005 2:10 PM I just wrote down a thoice, I am trying to stay alert and a thoice “says” “ kill her”. ..”she protects herself”.

I am at the cafe.

7/16/2005 3:59 PM

Too calm

The chaos and harassment have subsided at some places, but the feeling is that it is artificial or controlled. I can still detect the difference, as compared to the past eight hellish years and the preceding years of my so called “normal” life. After I blogged about the difference between the hellish conditions here vs. when I was working, a thoice said something about “stop bothering her”.

7/16/2005 6:42 PM
Still at the cafe. A few minutes ago my brain felt a “flip” …I used to feel these more often.

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7/16/2005 1:24 PM

7/16/2005 1:24 PM composed on Word because I don’t have internet everywhere I go.

I’ve been at the nearby café for about 30 minutes. When I was in line I felt something in my right breast again. I’ve been feeling it often for the last few days. I’ve also felt my eyes and areas around my eyes slightly trembling. This is not new, just the frequency with which it’s been happening.

Yesterday at a different café, my computer was messed up, I think some unrequested downloads were trying to complete on my pc when I turned it off. I don’t know what’s in these downloads so I always try to stop them, even if it means I have to unplug the pc and take out the battery because they won’t respond to a request to stop.

You know.

I do not know what happened to me and my family. I do not know where my family is now. This is not funny. The synchronicity continues with insipid obnoxious songs on satellite radio about someone who cries, learns and tears hair out; hang together, etc. I have been emf tortured into crying, pulling my hair, screaming; I’ve been subjected to gruesome visual transmissions about corpses; and some synchronicity arranges for over-paid singers to torture me by singing about private(?) experiences via suicide satellite radio.

“She wasn’t supposed to ever know”, BUT “IT LIVED”. Now am I being slowly destroyed with emf radiation, and who knows what else, because I didn’t kill myself? How could anybody insist that nothing happened? Have they been spying on me for my whole life, are they lying or are they mind-controlled by the perps?

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7/14/2005 10:55 AM

7/14/2005 10:55 AM composed on Word because I don’t have internet everywhere I go.

I changed my homepage to the bbc a few days before the bombing.

I’m in the nearby cafe, sitting in air-conditioning.

Yesterday it was very difficult to concentrate in the library; something was bothering my head. The headache never materialized, but I was certainly not able to accomplish as much as I could have. The conversations and corresponding thoices continue…”you know”, “go”. Etc.

Last night, and other nights, I smelled urine as I took my bike up the stairs. I remarked upon it and someone else walking past me, with a bike, made a small comment such as “oh my” or something like that. (Actually I just smelled it again here in the cafe.) Years ago I took a vacation to a vegetarian conference and there I enjoyed the company of a monk who surprised me with his frequent comments that his mattress smelled pissy. He and I had some very interesting and emotional conversations. At that time I had no specific religion. It was before I’d converted to Islam; perhaps the conversations would have been even more heated or perhaps they wouldn’t have occurred at all.

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July 15, 2005


This is just one incident in thousands...I am trying to do a search on radio and the first result in the returned list is homosexuality. For years my attempts to study and research have been sabotaged in so many ways... not just in internet and library searches. Penny Sue Scheff

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don't leave

The internet had to be taken down for few minutes so I sat some where else. After the person next to me left, I got up and sat down at a different table. I then smelled s*@t for a few seconds.

continuing thoices "don't leave"
"they told her" ---nobody has told me anything relating to these things Penny Sue Scheff

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right breast again

I just felt something, very strong, on my right breast again and people start laughing. Then the thoices and/or conversations start with "pray", " pay",
"play"; this happens so frequently I think these activities are used as a cover for the emf directed at me, and perhaps at others.

Why do people then say "go"; why should I leave if the same things happen everywhere? I don't see how leaving would be to my benefit, so perhaps someone wants me to go away and die somewhere.
Penny Sue Scheff

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at a cafe

Just as the woman sitting behind me left, I started feeling some emf around my rectum and right breast. Penny Sue Scheff
thoice "they ran it dear"

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July 13, 2005

at the library

I have not received any responses to my blog. I still don't know what happened to my family.

I've been volunteering with preschoolers and I'm learning a lot from them. One volunteer asked me if I'm hot with all the clothes I had on; she didn't ask another woman who was wearing many more clothes than I was. This is not new; it's happened in other places. Why do people ask me and not others?

People started leaving after I signed into this blog page.

It's been very difficult to concentrate today, as if something is messing up my head. Also, I'm hungry because I haven't eaten much today. I have more to blog about but I can't keep focused.

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July 8, 2005

pressure in my head

I have been experiencing a distracting pressure in my head for a few minutes. I get up to relieve it and the conversations or thoices start in with "you know".

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comments from different people

To the only person whose comments have appeared: although your intentions seem sincere, I am requesting comments from some other people.

I cannot use most of the common-sense suggestions that apply to people who have not experienced years of electromagnetic and psychological harassment.

I often choose not to use suggestions from people with superior attitudes.

Posted by sche0647 at 12:47 PM

left side of my head

As I sit in the library, I feel something happening to my body and on the left side of my head I feel a growing pressure that stops when I move around. Now I just smelled a slight bad smell for a second and new people arrive (perhaps to cover-up that I'm always the one to smell the bad smell).
Often the thoices are "stood up" or "got up"; a man next to me got up and then I smelled urine again.
Penny Sue Scheff 323-58-9975

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July 7, 2005

at a new cafe

New cafe, initially responses seem "normal" but soon the people who seem to want to hate someone without telling them why appear.

I still don't know what happened to my family.

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July 6, 2005


My searches on the internet return unrelated, inappropriate articles, even if I am searching for scientific journals and articles. The results often include names of missing family members, references to private and personal events in my life, etc. Or they will repeatedly contain references to something with which I have no involvement.

Results that seem to be related to my experiences actually are just more harassment, as the links often are not active and suggest that the pages are fabricated.

Penny Sue Scheff
thoices continue "YOU DO"

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July 5, 2005

at the kindergarten

When I first arrived at the school, there was a fire in a trash can and it was quickly extinguished.

Today I worked with children on letters and numbers. Most of the day we were outside but some of the children wanted to do the numbers and letters outside also. Penny Sue Scheff

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I know this will provide a laugh for the beasts and analytical material for misguided psychologists: I had a brief "thought-vision-image" of a woman placing a severed cow's head on top of a slaughtered lamb's body. It was disturbing, but the transplant may have saved the lamb's life.

Did you laugh? Why?

Posted by sche0647 at 10:11 AM

a.m. in the cafe

Why did I smell sweat for just a second, just now?

recent thoices "They want to kill it if it gets mis-used"

"I was just waiting for ......." (my father's name)

Posted by sche0647 at 9:58 AM

July 4, 2005

at the kindergarten

While playing a simple game with one child I felt something on the right side of my head. During the game, the girl seemed to lose track of some of the rules of the game, even though she was the one who had originally shown me how to play. My concentration was affected by something at the same time. After the distraction stopped, the girl played the game correctly again.

This is another confirmation of the kinds of things I've experienced in the past five or six years. Obviously it's "real" or it would not affect others at the same time. Another reason I have been forced into isolation---to deny this kind of validation. I often couldn't study or read because something makes my head start swirling or my bowels so "jumpy" that I am not able to comprehend and retain what I'm reading. When I'd sit down in a cafe or library to study, most of the other people would leave or start distracting conversation.

Posted by sche0647 at 2:35 PM

DON'T READ IT and downtown blogging

Late last nite when I was outside I had great difficulty getting my blog to display properly. At first, the side column did not appear at all.I still don't know if other people can see it if I'm not right there in the area while they look at it.

I don't know exactly what kind of technology would be needed to control access to the internet like that.

I don't expect a lot of traffic as I know it's difficult for blogs to get readers, so I am requesting from total strangers that they send ANY kind of response. Are they listening to the thoice "DON'T READ IT"?

Posted by sche0647 at 2:27 PM

I share

Often when I return to a place where I recently spent some time, someone or something makes it difficult to sit in the same place or do the same things I did before. Today I was willing to share the table at the cafe but the man at one seat left QUICKLY when he saw that I was going to sit on the other side. He's just another that doesn't want to share even restaurant space with me.

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July 3, 2005

if I'm not in Minneapolis, MN., where am I?

The thoice today kept saying "You're not here"! Right now I am in downtown Minneapolis.

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Sunday July 03, 2005

The firecrackers I hear sometimes make me want to stay inside. My father lost some of his hearing when someone threw a firecracker at his head. What kind of world encourages untrained citizens to discharge firecrackers but won't allow me to relax outside of the library?

I slept an unusually long time last nite and this morning.

Recent thoices ---"You will not get a trial. You will be shot."

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July 2, 2005

response requests

I am requesting responses on this blog to determine if my internet communications are still monitored and censored. The preferences are set to allow anonymous comments. My mail, phone, and email have been sabotaged in the past. Penny Sue Scheff July 02, 2005

Posted by sche0647 at 8:03 AM

July 1, 2005

two kinds of talking tubes

Ever since I've been blogging about thoices and synchronicity of conversations around me, more obvious, meaner and louder talking tubes have appeared. I believe these may be paid talking tubes to cover-up the innocent talking tubes who don't know that they vocalize the thoices.

Do you think this is funny? Please consider how easy it would be to set someone up for attack by having people say something via the "thoices" or "voices". I wonder how often this happens; it must happen or else the insanity label wouldn't be used to discredit research into this area.

I do not know that I am not a "tube", but I've never been an obnoxious, loud and vicious talking tube…I am more of a taciturn tube?

Posted by sche0647 at 9:04 PM

at a cafe

Today I have felt something happening to the right side of my face in a number of different places. I've also felt my muscles aching in my arm in different places and my thumb tingles.

I re-sent a fax requesting that my transcript be sent to mctc for the polysomnography program.

thoices in the last few minutes "Penny, go" "Pay it here"
and I just felt something in my anus; a jet flies over; nothing new.

I still don't know what has happened to my family.

The beasts think all this is funny.

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June 29, 2005


At the school, one five year old told me she is probably psychic, and then gave a good explanation of the word. I had said nothing to anyone at the school about psychics. I did not approve of nor did I disapprove of the child's comments. She had guessed at what was in an envelope and I asked her how she knew.

A few times inappropriate or startling remarks were seemingly made by small children when they were on my right side but when I did not see their faces at the exact time that they “spoke”. I make no comment to the children in these instances. I know the technology exists to make the “words” or “sounds” occur in someone’s head (mine) or that perhaps the children are saying the “thoices” that I might perceive. Completely without any context, one child’s voice “said”: “that’s a dead dog”; another child’s voice conveyed “I’m going to hurt you”.

Isn’t this enough evidence that such technology can be used to torture people psychologically? Is this one more reason people did not want me to work with children? (The first reason being even the demented perps may prefer not to inflict certain forms of electromagnetic effects on children.)

Posted by sche0647 at 11:44 AM

in the school yard

Around 4:00 pm yesterday I was in the schoolyard. Most of the children had left; just as I sat down I smelled urine for just a second.

At the cafe last nite I kept feeling something inside my left breast.

This morning before I woke up I smelled something like sour milk for a minute. Penny Sue Scheff 323-58-9975

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in the cafe

Just now as I sat in the cafe on my computer, I smelled a bad smell for a second and the thoice said "you saw it" and someone's conversation was "you called", as if those explain the bad smell. That kind of "coincidence" has happened before, with those same phrases. Penny Sue Scheff 323-58-9975

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June 28, 2005

0 listings

Today I tried to search for accredited programs in polysomnography and the results were "0". Why would the category even be in the list if there are no programs that are accredited in the entire U.S.?

Yesterday I started volunteer work in a kindergarten. Some of the electromagnetic effects seemed to occur but they were mild and of short duration. I enjoyed being with the kids and I especially like the literacy and math activities.

This morning just after I woke up and before I got out of bed, there was the bad smell for a few minutes.

For some reason, or probably many reasons, I have not worked out for a few days and it seems all I want to do is eat chicken...thoice just now..."don't say that".

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June 24, 2005

"I didn't think she'd stay"

The title is a "thoice" from a few months ago.

I need to get two references to volunteer. Just about everybody I knew has left town, disappeared, or is not to be found. This has been a reoccurring problem for other positions and activities, since the harassment started and someone wanted me to go away and die somewhere. I am now trying to complete a service-learning class; I've been told that someone at the U will not recommend that I volunteer at preschools, without an explanation.

My family is missing and before I lost contact with them, they experienced similar problems.

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June 22, 2005

computer problems?

When I got to the library, I couldn't use my computer to access the network. I had just used the wireless connection a few hours earlier. The person next to me left very soon after I sat down and printed something. I just felt something on my breasts as I was walking around. This kind of thing happens in many places. Penny Sue Scheff

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thoices new and old, here and there

"feel free"
"you can't do that"
"they kill Jews here"

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June 20, 2005

recent thoices and recurring events

"voices" or thoices ---"keep hitting it, it's Indian" "you desire but I suck -CIA"
"call it soup"

While on the phone this morning at home, I smelled the urine again for a second.

Too often, after I first meet someone with whom I need to speak again, that person leaves on a "trip" of a few days to a few weeks. This has happened for years.

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June 19, 2005

computer sabotage continues

The "read out loud" feature on my computer for Adobe files is GONE. I used it a few days ago when I was at Coffman Union, then my computer stopped working entirely. Now I notice that feature is gone. Also, when using the library's computer the other day, a file I was working on was destroyed.
I am enrolling in the polysomnography program at mctc for the fall. I wonder if the perps will continue to sabotage electronics.

Penny Sue Scheff

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after noon

Sometime after noon I fell asleep in my apartment. When I awoke, my head was "heavy", it was difficult to wake up and be alert and there was another nasty smell until I started making some...vocalizations, I'll call them. Then whatever frequencies were bothering me and the smell were gone. Penny Sue Scheff

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June 18, 2005

paying my rent

Today I went to pay my rent for the next month, because I like to pay it as soon as I get my social security payment. I had difficulty getting into the office at first but eventually was able to pay the rent.
On Friday, I stayed home most of the day. My apartment was very warm until noon and I had difficulty getting active, as if some frequencies were making me hot and sleepy. My head felt as if something was being done to it remotely.

Thoice just now "keep hitting it" and I notice I have to carefully check the entry for typos and spelling errors. Another thoice "they're telling her" if someone in the building is telling me something. VERY FEW people even talk to me in the building, and no one is telling me anything of significance.

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June 15, 2005

at st. paul wfc

Sometimes when people talk around me, I feel something in an ear, on a part of my body, etc. Usually it is not painful but I wonder why it happens and why the people are talking loud enough for me to hear them when it is not necessary. It happened here in the work force center.

Last nite and this a.m. I felt the jolts to my head and body. They keep me from sleeping well and interupt my breathing.

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June 14, 2005

strange file name

I am trying to find a volunteer position. One email response I got included some files sent as attachments. I can't open them but as the computer attempts to open them I can see that one file extension is "bodypart". I don't do many downloads; is this a common file extension?

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"nowhere" last night

---often repeated thoice "nowhere"---
Last night at the rec center I felt a rumbling after I showered and went upstairs to eat. I went to the third floor and felt something on my teeth; when I flossed them I got a lot of bleeding. I felt some tension in my facial muscles and my knees felt sore.

I felt something in my right breast around 7:49 p.m. and then a thoice "you prayed" as if that justifies to some sick minds what they do to people. This kind of thing happens often; I feel something and then a thoice says "you prayed" or "they prayed". Sometimes in addition to or instead of "you prayed", the thoice says "sign it". I don't know what that means; when I started taking classes at the U through Ticket to Work from Social Security, I got some pressure to sign a disability form. After what happened to me after signing the diagnosis for Social Security I am very hesistant to sign anything like that again.

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June 13, 2005

weekend events

I was home all Sunday; early in the a.m. I woke up "naturally" and thought I heard a car alarm in the distance. I didn't get up or pay much attention to it but it didn't stop. I got up and realized it was actually the fire alarm in the hallway. I left my apartment and for a few minutes I saw nobody in the halls or around the building. Then a woman with a baby walked out of her apartment and somebody leaned out of his doorway but didn't leave his apartment. A few more minutes and I saw one fireman walk by. He left the area and I went back to my apartment, where I saw people entering three or four apartments. Apparently, the woman I saw and I were the last to hear the alarm or leave our apartments.

This a.m. before I left the apartment, I smelled a bad smell for a second but I also felt something in my right arm.

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June 11, 2005

at mctc open house

I went to the MCTC open-house to inquire about the polysomnography program. As I waited in the lunch line outside the urine smell would occur off and on. When I went back inside the smell stopped. Penny Sue Scheff

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June 9, 2005

"Penny Scheff does not do math on Thursdays"

The title is a thoice I heard a few years ago. By now, I hope I have given the reader enough information to realize that these "thoices" are not the typical voices of the neurotic, depressed, psychotic, or schizophrenic.


As I first sat down in class today, it was difficult to concentrate on what I was doing. I rested my head for a minute, then I started feeling rumblings in my body and something on the right side of my head. I got up to stretch, heard a pressure change and now feel better.

The thoice just said "keep doing her"..."Penny, no"

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2 new thoices

1 "How many people have you tortured?"
2 "And that's why they want her dead"

Why do I record these thoices? Because life became hell on earth and no one will tell me why. Many of the difficulties are still being experienced and I don't know what happened to my friends, acquaintances, and family.

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June 8, 2005

a recent dream

I was standing in an office or store talking with others. If it was a company, I didn't work there but for some reason was talking to others. After some conversation, I heard someone request to speak to "the manager, the manager, the girl manager". I looked around and didn't see anyone. Then I heard the request again from below me. I looked down and the request was from a man's head in a canvas bucket-liner (I think I shouldn't mention the brand name). Yes, just a man's head was saying "I want to speak with the manager, the girl manager" and looking up at us from this canvas bucket-liner. As I looked at him and tried to make sense out of what was happening, his face faded into an older model mobile phone. Then it faded back into a face and repeated the request. I asked his name and he said "Charles Swensor" or something like that. Somehow I determined that I could find whomever he wanted up the stairs, so I went up one flight. As I approached the door at the top, the people in the room saw me, turned off the lights and tried to lock the door. I knocked loudly on it anyway and after a few knocks they let me in.

Six to eight women, some of them on computers, were sitting in the room having a comfortable conversation. I told them Charles Swensor wanted to see them. They said ok, so I turned around figuring I'd have to carry Charles up to these ladies, but Charles then had a body with two arms and two legs but no hands or feet. He had crawled up the steps and he crawled around me into the room of lady managers.

In dreams one can "know" or sense things that may not be politically correct to assume or voice in life: as he crawled by me I saw that Charles Swensor was Mexican and/or Jewish. The ladies in the room were somehow responsible for his condition, at least one of them intentionally.

The one time I visited Mexico (a border town), I saw a man crawling with no hands and no feet.

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June 7, 2005

same thing, different place

I am in a DunnBros. Cafe and I smelled a bad smell for a few minutes. Also, I feel something in my right breast again, same as in class today; I've felt that sensation here several times today. If anybody knows what it is or how I can stop it please tell me. Penny Sue Scheff

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once again

"We do you"

This one occurs often. If anyone knows what it means please tell me.

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new thoices

"cabbage boards" "a threat to national security" "let her do it" "they want to kill her" "they're killing her"

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small consolation

I just felt something in my right breast as I was sitting here typing, then noise starts up in the hall. This kind of thing happens too often to be just coincidence. Is somebody trying to kill me with radiation and drive me crazy with synchronicity?

At home sometimes I feel like some form of radiation is shooting through my bones and this morning, the right side of my head felt something strange.

Today I was able to read at home without the brain swirlies starting up, but maybe something is altering my ability to sense it, as I also could not feel the magnetic massager I use on my back, head, knees, etc. (or something/somebody broke the magnet part of the massager).

I feel strange things like this in many different places, I've told the therapist and the response I get is that I'm schizo-affective. Why would anyone do anything about it to provide information and protection if Kettering wants grey matter?

One small consolation; I remember reading that the most ionizing and dangerous radiation is not usually perceptible.

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where is my family? what happened to them?

When I spoke to the therapist who assigned me the schizo-affective category, I indicated that post traumatic stress and continuing traumatic stress would probably make more sense. I find it difficult to believe that not being able to locate and communicate with my family, along with everything else I've been through, would not be considered traumatic stress. Nobody has told me what has happened to them or where they are; I do not know where they are or what happened to them. After what I've experienced, I can only imagine what they might have experienced. Penny Sue Scheff

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June 6, 2005

smell of urine

During class discussion just now I smelled urine for a second. How does this happen?

thoice "you're a fool"

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June 5, 2005

response request

I recently posted two blogs about my past "Allen and Sam Kinnison" and "My brother Tom". Please respond and let me know in your responses if you already knew all the information of if you learned something about me, my ex-boy friend, my family, autism, or Sam Kinnison.

If you could please respond I'd appreciate it...I'm not asking for a whole page, just something short like "I didn't know this about you" or "I did know about.....". That would be enough. Thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

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June 4, 2005

honey you're dead

I am in a coffee shop; a thoice... "honey you're dead" and then I felt and heard a thump from the bottom of my chair. Then the majority of the people in the coffee shop left. What is someone doing to me, and why does the thoice say "honey you're dead"? A few minutes prior to this my head got very itchy. Now a song just came on "she wants to go to heaven...who wants to die". The battery on my palm pda is drained or it is broken even tho I charged it before I put it in my pack. This kind of thing happens repeatedly. Penny Sue Scheff

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foggy contacts

On Friday morning between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. I awoke to a familiar nasty smell. After I woke up the smell stopped. This has happened before in many places. So the next night I did not go home, but spent most of the night at an outdoor table on campus.

I am sitting in a cafe and my eyes are getting clouded ---sometimes something does this to my contacts. It happens so quickly that I know it's not progressive build-up of deposits. (I worked seven years for a contact lens company and performed returned lens inspection, so I know about crusty contact lenses.) Also, it feels like something is trying to do something to my left leg-abdomen-groin area but this started earlier this a.m.

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June 2, 2005


These phrases are repeated so much, both by the thoices and by people everywhere, that I must be living in the most intelligent location of the entire universe.

Thoice "they dummied it"

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Well, today I've felt something "probing", or shocking, my anal canal, if that's the appropriate term for it. I've felt it before but today it was more severe and it is not related to bowel movements, as far as I can tell.
Also, as I was typing in class I felt something on the right side of my head, so I turned around.

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I am on social security disability (SSDI). As I was forced to “retire” at an early age, I do not get that much per month. SSDI encourages people to return to school, to find appropriate employment for their disability, through a program called “Ticket to Work”. My counselor at the workforce center provided me a job placement specialist but this person has been impossible to contact after the first two meetings and has provided me with no leads for work. I want a different counselor but no one seems available.

So I am being prohibited from working. I asked for a job coach that I could call if problems arose on any job I might try. (I will not accept a job coach who insists that I take drugs just to work.) This doesn’t seem possible, if they cannot be contacted on a timely basis. So the thoices keep repeating WORK WORK WORK and I am not allowed to work. I feel that my disability or non-work status is being used an excuse for whatever is being done to me, or why wouldn’t I be assigned an effective job coach?

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June 1, 2005

speaking of causality

After reading some of the psychovision pages, I have a question. Is the radioactivity somehow causing synchronicity or paranormal experiences, or are those people who have these experiences set up as targets for radiation? If the former, is there some reason certain individuals would be targeted?

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psychovision and radioactivity

I just found a page with the following topic:

The Connection between Radioactivity and Synchronicity in the Pauli/Jung Letters

by Remo F. Roth, PhD, CH-8810 Horgen-Zurich, Switzerland
Not that I understand it (but just the title is interesting and alarming, considering what I've experienced) and I can't say I agree or disagree with it, if I don't understand it. I studied behavioral psych, not this kind of stuff.

A few times I've awakened from sleep without immediatley opening my eyes. I "saw" items that were in front of me, in black and white.

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May 31, 2005


Throughout the day I've felt scanners or something on my body, in my body, on my skull. And it was a long day.

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a paper from an English class...

I have not usually spent much time defining my groups but the events of the last ten years have somewhat changed that. As a result of whatever happened I find myself "labeled" into some groups. This started me wondering if perhaps other groups to which I "belong", or supposedly belong, may explain somehow whatever happened.

The groups into which I was forced/diagnosed are:
1 retired (on Social Security disability)
2 mentally ill (because the appropriate DSM category does not exist)
3 homeless – temporarily
4 unemployed or underemployed
5 living at poverty level income
6 unable to locate family members
7 socially isolated.

The groups to which I've belonged all my life and that I've started thinking about are German, Native American with working class parents from the South. (I always referred to myself as American Indian - do I have the right to refer to myself as I wish?)

I became Muslim in 1997. A few years later an unidentified source (“thoice”) informed someone (me?) ..."Your father is Stokowski"! So perhaps I am also a Polish, Jewish Muslim.

I do not desire to cause any innocent people embarrassment or suffering. Since I have not been told reasons for whatever happened (and continues to happen), I must use any information I "find" to further my understanding.

Considering what I've experienced and continue to experience only some improbable combination of circumstances, such as those mentioned above, offers a scenario that could begin to explain whatever happened. In other words, the chaos, the harassment, the psychological and electromagnetic torture are not going to have an easy, obvious explanation. Just now, as I wrote this, the cashier shouted to someone "You can't prove anything". One coincidence is just that. Hundreds of coincidences over many years indicate something called synchronicity. Recognizing and naming synchronicity is considered insanity.

During the past seven years, why did so many encourage me to work with the physically handicapped? Why did some people encourage me to work with children while others seemed repulsed at the idea? I’ve worked with pre-schoolers before and I found it very rewarding.

My experience has changed me. Now, everything I do is aimed at trying to understand what happened and is happening still. I have the right to continue my life with this focus.

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blog search for victims

I can find no blogs on-line about the kind of harassment that I'm experiencing. Websites indicate that many other victims exist, so I wonder why there are no blogs. Perhaps even my Internet access is restricted. Can anyone else find any blogs about harassment, or please give me some pointers on how to find them? Part of the harassment involves making people afraid to communicate about their experiences.

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you have a lot of stuff...

5/30/2005 5:12 PM
My property has been stolen, broken, contaminated or moved so much in the past years that I now try to keep with me those items I need and use the most, so that at least I’ll know where they are and they have less likelihood of being contaminated. These things happened not just where I live now, but in other places also. I do not even know if the people who live in the building are responsible, as security (if such a thing exists) is lacking. Yes, lugging them around and loading up my bike every time I want to leave the apt. is a chore, but all in all, it’s less stress than not having the items I want in working condition…the head swirlies just started... I leave my apt. less because of the effort/time it takes to load up all this stuff on my bike and I live on the third floor.

People have strange reactions to someone who carries this much around; some people seem to think it’s funny or that I do it for some secret reason. If they ask, and I tell them why, many act as if they didn’t hear me or as if they don’t believe me.

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I read...and more about biological functions

5/27/2005 2:10 PM
Why the date/time here? I do not have Internet at home, so I am recording blogs in Word to post later.

I just woke up from a nap; I had been working on the class readings but electromagnetic effects started swirling my brain around and I couldn’t think straight. I used the time more productively with sleep. When I awoke, the head swirlies were still happening but they stopped after a few minutes and I was able to think and read again.

More biological functions

Today I stayed home most of the day. In the a.m. I had to defecate at least three times within four hours. Why is someone or thing controlling such minute details of my life? The same thing has happened in other places, outside my apartment. It's obviously controlled by something outside of me; sometimes I can feel my stomach and intestines cramping up.

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Why not children?

Someone replied to my post about being banished from preschools as a volunteer with the suggestion that I volunteer at something else.

For years I've been sabotaged and harassed out of work, rejected for employment and even forced from non-work places where I try to study, etc. Now that I've recorded these events, their frequency and intensity have been reduced, probably as a cover-up. I knew that I was doing nothing to deserve this but when applying for work, one can't extract much information from rejection letters. When I was banned from preschools (by the U? I'm not really certain who decided this) I confirmed my opinion that something beyond my behavior and credentials was affecting my experiences.

In other words, I’m being used, screwed over, and lied to. Whatever someone is doing to me, they won’t do around people who cannot be told to leave the area that I am in? Why won’t someone tell me what is happening? I am experiencing a form of imprisonment without walls, without a trial, without even being informed why my life is being manipulated down to the smallest detail. It is a clear violation of my rights. I am not allowed to look at my social security file; has someone put something damaging to my reputation in there?

So, as this was a community service-learning course, I am using it to try to learn why I am not allowed to service in the community of my choice.

Just as I wrote this, I heard a small explosion in the parking lot outside my window.

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May 29, 2005

cafe sunday pm

For most of the time that I've been at this cafe someone has been on the phone --- very loud, insipid coversation that I really can't help but hear because she's so loud. I have to admit, if the conversation were somehow informative I might pay even more attention to it. Same as the last 4,5 years only previously it was much more hectic. As for minding my own busines, if nobody is going to tell me ANYTHING about what is going on, the entire universe is my business as I try to survive and find out what happened to me and my family.

The brain swirlies just started a few minutes ago. I guess someone wants me back in my cage. Now my teeth are feeling something; it's not painful but a concern to me for the possible effects and implications. The phonie just left.

I can finally, for now, link to a site with much information on the type of things I've been blogging about. Unfortunately, I don't completely understand all the science but there are enough references in this link and the others that cite reputable sources.

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looks better but still not right

ok, I used a new template and the overlapping columns were corrected. However, why do so few entries display on the screen? Is there a way to display more entries?
Why were May entries archived before June 1? Thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

Please excuse the persistent documentation of these problems. but sometimes the more I post and complain, the sooner the sabotage seems to be corrected...but not in all areas. Now I have to correct spelling errors that are in my posts and apply url links that previously didn't work. These
kinds of problems happened when I (attempted) work in offices and on computers. I am taking this class pass/fail to reduce the stress of dealing with these kinds of things.

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May 28, 2005

timing and "insanity"

A minute ago I looked at one category on a web page but quickly clicked on another. Which web page category was displayed? The one I looked at. This is a very clear, simple example of the kinds of things that can destroy someone's life, when it happens in important settings, in different ways, over years and years, while other stressful events produce additional stress. About three years ago, I looked in a mirror a second after I removed a floss-pick. The reflection still showed the floss-pick in my teeth.

Something strange happens concerning my perception of events, both visual and auditory, sometimes in other areas too, such as sensations on my skin. Usually these events have been most disturbing during sleep.

Posted by sche0647 at 9:36 PM

SATURDAY pm at a cafe

My left eye felt something for about an hour, but it wasn't a very strong sensation. I am in the Profile Music Cafe; I was here years ago when it was something like the New Prague...I remember some things about that night. The life destroying harassment was just starting, I was out late on a cold, rainy night to stay away from my condo (which I later sold, without another place to live) where electromagnetic and other techniques were being used to drive me insane. I had sold my car and the busses had stopped running for the evening. I walked much of the way home in cold rain, then I got a taxi. The distress and fear I felt that night I will always remember.

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can you help me blog?

call me at 612-870-0409 with suggestions thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

Posted by sche0647 at 7:25 PM

sabotage of blog site

1. the sidebars are overlapping the blogs; I did nothing to cause this
2. links are not working for anything but my first link
Ongoing efforts to discredit me, make people question my credibility.

What does the word feckle mean to you?

I question if my blogs are actually being posted

Posted by sche0647 at 7:23 PM

link problems

this is the code I have for links...but only the first is displayed....any suggestions from the class? If I link the first one twice, it shows up twice, as I'd expect, but that link is the only one that will work.
thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

ok give her cancer

About a week ago I was in the rec center on a bike. The thoice said "OK, give her cancer". Then later a thoice said "I didn't mean it".

Posted by sche0647 at 4:16 PM

saturday at the library

PLEASE, if anyone can RESPOND during the weekend, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My blog is displaying incorrectly again. I am at the public library; it is appearing the same way it appeared initially in class; the sub-heading

"Describing some of the experiences that resulted in a diagnosis of schizo-affective and presenting information that indicates these symptoms can be inflicted upon targeted individuals."

in the banner is covered by the first blog. Also, the first entries are not displayed. Does anyone in the class have any ideas on this?

How do I get more blogs to display? I used 25 in my weblog config for number of days to display.

My head is getting swirly again, perhaps I shoud leave soon. Now I just felt something in my right breast just after the guy at the next computer left, giving me a nasty look.

Thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

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May 26, 2005

study areas

I mentioned in a previous entry the difficulties I encounter when I try to study and I suggested study areas as a wiki topic. In the meantime, does anyone have safe, quiet study areas they can tell me about, with a reasonable amount of people and not too much noise?

Posted by sche0647 at 8:43 PM

are you traveling? I'm not.

If anyone is traveling out of the cities I have a request…try to log on, read some blogs and respond. I just want to see a comment from outside the area.

At the Dunn Bros. I had great difficulty getting onto the network but finally made it after turning the computer off and on, talking to someone nearby, enduring another unnecessarily loud conversation,a strange aroma and stares from conspicuous looking people.

Thanks, Penny Sue Scheff

Posted by sche0647 at 8:12 PM

biological functions

You may not want to read this while you're eating....

For the past few years, when I sit down someplace to read or eat or study, just about everybody clears out and then either one of two things happen. Sometimes, no one or few people appear and at these times I detect frequencies that made it impossible to think clearly and something makes me have to use the restroom. I’m not certain the two effects are necessarily related to one stimulus. Other times, new people appear and exhibit shared behaviors and then leave suddenly.

Just the repetition of such events is enough to be disturbing, but even more disturbing is the question of why these things happen.

Posted by sche0647 at 2:47 PM

why I wear this on my face

As I started composing these blogs, my face started getting warm and I felt a pressure in my right eye. I've experienced these things before, and sometimes if I cover my face and eye, or if I turn around or sit in a different position, the effects are lessened. I don't feel any mind-mushing electromagnetic fields right now, but my concentration is less than optimum, due to something going on in my forehead. I performed well in school before the harassment and so now I start thinking about what is happening to me and it raises questions about what happened to my family.

My brother, Mark, was born prematurely and was diagnosed with mild mental retardation due to lack of oxygen to the brain. My experiences have convinced me that there is much behind what happened to him and to my entire family. First, it is possible to cause premature delivery. Secondly, I know that at times I feel that my body and brain are not receiving oxygen in a normal manner. This is especially disturbing when I wake up and my head feels "heavy"

Posted by sche0647 at 2:32 PM

phone sabotage

As I've mentioned before, my phone, mail and email are sabotaged. As I was locking my door to leave my apartment, my phone rang. The message did not play, so I unlocked the door and took a look at the phone. The message had been erased so I recorded it again. This is not the first time this has happened.

A more physical assault on my phone occurred when I lived in Chicago. While moving from one apartment to another, I left my phone in my old apartment. On one return trip, the phone/answering machine had been smashed. This was before I had a digital machine, so I guess smashing it was the only way for the perps to eliminate my message. Now the message can be removed remotely.

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May 25, 2005

one more thoice

"We do you"

This one occurs often. If anyone knows what it means please tell me.

Posted by sche0647 at 4:30 PM

social security number

I removed my social security number from the title at the request of the instructor of the class. I displayed it because for years there have been suggestions and allegations that I never worked.

Posted by sche0647 at 2:49 PM

May 24, 2005

denied access

I am not allowed to view my own social security file.

I have experienced years of psychological harassment and electromagnetic harassment, sensitivity and torture. These have resulted in homelessness, multiple mild brain strokes and shocks, frequency induced rage/stress and leg pain/cramps, sleep deprivation, nightmares, loss of contact with my family (some of whom may have had similar or worse experiences), physical and verbal assaults in public places, dog attacks, sabotage of work efforts, lack of employment, depletion of MCI savings and many other atrocities - some of which are listed below.

Posted by sche0647 at 2:50 PM

Why the blog?

I intend to describe some of the experiences that resulted in a diagnosis of schizo-affective and present information that indicates these symptoms can be inflicted on targeted individuals.
These include the following areas of abuse:
Psychological Physical Financial

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May 23, 2005

Journal of Penny Sue Scheff

I decided to take a blog class to post my experiences of the last eight years or so. I wrote them in a journal and now I think I should put them on the internet. The entries probably won't be entertaining, in the usual sense of that word. I am doing it for survival purposes, not for entertainment.

As I try to record and share what I've experienced and continue to experience, I realize that people demand FUN and ENTERTAINMENT: a professional, exciting colorfully illustrated journal please Miss.

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first entry

this is the doesn't work on y keyboard. I had to sign on again when I tried to create a new category.

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 I moved from the computer that didn't have a functioning "m" and "1". My changes to the defaults were not saved.

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