June 9, 2005

my type? you "do me" (whatever that means) and I'm not your type?

A thoice a few years ago: "I'm going to keep you poor".

After I sold my condo to escape from the harassment there, I tried to rent an apartment at Dinnaken for a few months. I needed a place to stay while I tried to find a permanent apartment and they had tons of vacancies. It was between semesters and they had placed an ad looking for temporary renters. I had more than enough to pay for the ENTIRE rental lease AND a deposit. They said they didn't rent to my type, but didn't really explain that statement. I was struggling to survive in too many other areas so I did not get a lawyer.

I'd worked and saved enough money before all these things started happening that I know these invisible restrictions on where I live are not related to the money; at least they weren't initially. After years of continued harassment and forced unemployment, my income was greatly reduced. After I started getting social security disability my apartment search for a low-priced place to live was still controlled by phone connections, lost return calls, etc.

To avoid discrimination charges, I am not allowed to have an income sufficient to prove that I cannot live where I want to live.

I am not the only person to experience this kind of discrimination.

I feel I may be one of the fortunate few allowed to live and work in the "other world' long enough (to acquire sufficient savings and experience) to recognize the systematic discrimination going on. I guess "my type" isn't ever supposed to get that opportunity. The companies and employers that offered me this opportunity, to live a good part of my life outside this “hell” I have had here, are now experiencing difficulties. MONEY is one thing that helped me live through whatever intended to kill me with isolation and homelessness and those who made it possible for me to earn money are being punished. I was homeless but had enough money to rent a room in a safe hotel in downtown Minneapolis; it only takes one night sleeping outside to “disappear” (I did sleep outside at other times to escape emf).

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June 8, 2005

my Mom

The years before my mother died, I believe she must have been experiencing many of the same things I've experienced in the past 8-10 years. Her leg and eye pains were excruciating and she was losing her sight. Unlike me, she could not leave her home often because of mobility problems. She was deeply troubled by the fact that my brother Mark, who was living with her, had disappeared and apparently become involved in some kind of cult. He eventually returned but his behavior had changed and it caused her much difficulty.
My sisters visited her to try and help her but she was terrified of moving from her house into assisted living. They helped clean her house but couldn't convince her to try to move.
When she died, no one called me. I found out by calling home.

When she met my father, she was a pre-Med student. She did the normal thing for back then (~1937?) and quit school to marry and raise a family.

I remember one evening when I was pre-teen, my mother screamed in pain for hours at the top of her lungs. We couldn't figure out what was wrong; she was in so much pain she couldn't communicate. We finally got a doctor to the house. He could not understand how she hadn't died from a burst appendix.

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June 7, 2005

did you know?

I read that anyone's voice can be computer generated with only a 15 second sample. That means someone can impersonate you over the phone, even with those who know your voice.

I took a vacation in Idaho when I was a supervisor in Chicago. I called the company 800 line to check on something and my call was answered by a very rude, offensive person who gave her name as Penny. Nobody worked on the order-line with my name. I always remembered this when my later job searches proved so difficult, and wondered if the people with whom I interviewed were actually speaking with someone else after the interviews.

I do not know when I last actually spoke to someone in my family. About two years ago I had a conversation with someone who had my sister's voice. Penny Sue Scheff

Whatever happened to the idea of videophones for the public? Is there some reason this technology never appeared?

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an unexplained comment

After I obtained a certificate in computer programming, I left my position as a supervisor at a contact lens company and I started a new job at a new company. During training the managers (one of whom happened to be a Navy Seal) made a few comments about "starting a new life". The managers seemed like good people to me; why they said that I don't know. However, after what has happened I think it has some relevance to whatever has happened to my family, friends, acquaintances and me.

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the joys of running

When I lived in Chicago I loved to run in the early a.m. After a few months of running the same route a decapitated animal or bird would be placed in my running path. After I moved to the Twin Cities and the harassment started, two thoices were “run” and “don’t run”. I hesitate to run outside here because dogs like to attack me sometimes. The so-called human response to my attempt to protect myself from dog attacks was “isn’t that excessive?”
Now, I've started seeing decapitated or strangled animals on my bike routes. Penny Sue Scheff

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June 5, 2005

my brother Tom

My younger brother Tom was normal as a baby, up until he was about two years old. We moved to a different house around this time. He was attentive and had started singing jingles from the television. Then he stopped talking and responding; he eventually was diagnosed as autistic, which as far as I can tell, means nobody can really say what is wrong but that he stopped talking and stopped developing normally. He didn't have all the so called common symptoms of autism, I think it may have been deemed the most appropriate category.
My parents had six other children and they were working poor. The other kids helped out watching him but my mother did most of the work watching him, as my father was a steel-worker and had to work swing-shift. Sometimes Tom would eat a whole bag of sugar and he liked to line up all the condiments and cans on the kitchen table.

For information on autism see:

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Allen and Sam Kinnison

When I lived in Chicago with my boyfriend Allen, one night we went to see the comedian ex-minister Sam Kinnison. I had recently remarked to Allen about small bumps developing on my head, because I didn't know what they were. We enjoyed the comedian. Some of his talents included screaming and screaming in falsetto when he was re-enacting a female. The Park West is a large venue but we had good seats in the front. Kinnison stared right at me non-stop as he performed a routine about a woman driving her man crazy by talking about THESE BUMPS ON MY HEAD. WHAT ARE THEY, WHAT ARE THESE BUMPS ON MY HEAD?

I don't know what happened to Allen. I cared for him very much; he was intelligent, progressive, sensible and sensitive--a combination of traits that people now think are laughable and worthless. After we broke up, he went through many problems that I now know, after what I've been through, were probably not "accidental". I hope that he's ok and doing what he likes.

Sam Kinnison died in a car accident. His brother died of suicide.
I wasn't able to connect to www.samkinnison.org
See also wikipedia-Synchronicity
and psychovision

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June 2, 2005

analyze this

About fifteen years ago, in one of my efficiency apartments in Chicago, I had prepared to take a hot bath. Perhaps because I was exhausted, my mind was open to the following: just as I reclined back in the water, an image of a mostly rotted corpse falling over on top of me flashed into my head. This was probably not a “vision” by most definitions, but the technology to put this kind of thing into someone’s head exists
(see http://www.mindjustice.org/symptoms.htm ).

It did not happen again for years, but when it did happen again, I was in a different apartment. It hasn’t happened for a long time, but a few years ago I saw a gruesome show on public television that reminded me of it. The show was about someplace (Italy?) where the dead are buried standing up and some of them look as if they are falling over. I don’t remember why or exactly where this is done.

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June 1, 2005

freshman physics

When I was a freshman, I considered studying the sciences and I was especially interested in physics. Unfortunately, after I completed the first semester of physics, the department went over entirely to independent study. For the second semester, electricity and magnetism, we had access to a lab on an unscheduled basis. I was usually alone in the lab. I did not have previous knowledge of these things and after almost blowing things up a few times, I dropped the course.

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May 26, 2005

responses from all, please

I thought everyone has thoughts or phrases that pop into their heads, seemingly from nowhere. Do you?

Would you care to share any of them?

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my brother Mark

When I last saw my brother Mark, he was unemployed, staring into space, his teeth were rotting out and he was virtually incoherent. A few years prior to this, he was exercising, in good physical shape and driving a taxi. This was at the very beginning of my experiences but at the time I was beginning to see that something was attacking my entire family. I have another brother who was forced into economic debt, but I haven't heard from any of my family for years and I don't know what has happened.

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May 24, 2005

What is a "thoice"

Thoice means a thought that pops into my head; others may call it a “voice”.

They are unrelated to what I am thinking about at the time and sometimes convey information that I do not understand at the time.

Thoices can be distracting and threatening, depending on content and other factors at the time I experience them.

Is this microwave transmission or something else?

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Why the blog?

I intend to describe some of the experiences that resulted in a diagnosis of schizo-affective and present information that indicates these symptoms can be inflicted on targeted individuals.
These include the following areas of abuse:
Psychological Physical Financial

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