February 21, 2006


Why does someone or something want me to get locked up into jail? I experience property missing or broken, or misplaced, and therefore could use assisted living but no one wants anything to do with me unless I am a criminal or take drugs. What kind of assistance is that?

thoices "because they'll kill them" who? why? Anybody who helps me? Anybody who takes my things? If I'm in jail why wouldn't the same still be true?

thoice "it's not true" "stop it" "no dear"

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January 9, 2006

mental illness

Is it mental illness to want to know what happened to my family?
The "townhouse" where I grew up in Chicago cost $11,000. My parents were working poor. After we moved this house was declared a landmark or something like that (it is in the Pullman district) and a large amount of money went into remodeling it. Once a younger brother ran down the stairs crying and very upset because the toilet cracked while he was using it. He didn't weigh enough to crack the bowl. Nobody in my family thought this was funny. He was diagnosed in primary school or earlier as mildly retarded and/or aphasic. I don't know where he is or what happened to him..same for the rest of my family. Penny Sue Scheff
At a temporary job I was accused of spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Some days I urinate frequently and some days very infrequently. People follow me into bathrooms. Toilets flush on their own or do not flush when I try to flush them. thoices "go there" Are these related? What does it mean?

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July 2, 2005

cover up

I still do not know what happened to my family. Before I lost contact with them, some of them were experiencing similar or worse things.

Perhaps the excuse of trying to get me to leave my religion was a cover used to destroy me and my family. Are they alive?

thoices "write" "don't write" "go" "stay" "SAY IT" "PAY IT" now I smell urine

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June 6, 2005

reality and autism

Unfortunately, many people read about one or two successful people with some sort of disability and conclude that everyone in that category can do the same things or perform at high levels. Itís as if people are afraid to admit that some conditions will limit a personís performance or activities. The majority of people diagnosed as autistic function at levels much lower than those evidenced by Temple Grandin. The exceptional few (who may have been misdiagnosed in the first place) are selected and exhibited by feel-good media and people who want to reduce or eliminate assistance for families with the associated economic needs.

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June 5, 2005

autistic author

Temple Grandin is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University who designs livestock handling systems and equipment. She was diagnosed with autism at an early age. http://www.templegrandin.com
She is said to "understand" animals and their "needs". I must have something in common with cattle, because one technique she uses to calm cattle is similar to something I used to do. Sometimes I feel as if my bodily senses are too...wide... that both my body and brain are "spacey". I would feel relief from this expansiveness if I could recline between two hard, heavy surfaces such as the floor and a board with some weight on it. She designed a similar technique for cattle in stockyards.

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June 1, 2005

off topic?

This may appear to be off topic but I want a blog entry to which EVERYBODY can send a comment, PLEASE.

1. I am interested in why the people in this class took this class. If you think this is too nosey and donít want to answer, please just answer this:

2. When you look at my blog page, how many entries can you see in total?

Thanks, Penny Sue Scheff
as for why I took this class, please see my entry of May 23, 2005 "Journal of Penny Sue Scheff"

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