July 18, 2005

some recollections, not accusations of the companies, at all

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7/16/2005 9:51 PM
When I worked at MCI I didnít smell piss and s@#t and life was relatively ďnormalĒ.

I think Ebbers could have been framed because Iím a feckle, according to one pda. Are the employers that kept me from this hell being punished? The applications that I worked on while at MCI had been developed by and were controlled by Perot Systems. Although I worked some long hours, I was not that experienced and the assignments given to me were mostly to change the appearance of bills. I learned a lot because some of the technology was new to me. I do remember some ridiculous difficulties I had with a database change that ended up being completely out of my control; some changes had not been made to allow me to do the work correctly.

While I was in Cedar Rapids, something happened in a high-rise involving some MCI employees or some people associated with MCI and someone fell out of a window and died. I didnít find out much more about it.

Also, while there I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I developed an infection and my neck swelled up to the size of my head. Based on x-rays I got many years later after the harassment began, I think there is something strange in my teeth.

Ernst and Young

While I was in training, a manager made reference to my ďnew lifeĒ. I assumed he was just talking about the fact that I was making a career change, but with hindsight I think the comment may have held more meaning, with or without his knowledge. He was a Navy Seal; he and I got along well and I believe he had good intentions. My subsequent experiences make me think about that comment. My first assignment was at a bank, so they took my fingerprints. My second assignment was at mobile phone company and the next assignment was at Sprint.

I worked here for seven years. People told me that rumors had me in the FBI and the KKK; these are dangerous things to say about someone working a block from Cabrini-
Green. When I was a supervisor I called the order line from Boise while on vacation and someone answered rudely and obnoxiously with the name Penny; no one else by that name worked there. I was assigned an employee whom I could not discipline, no matter what she did and I got blamed for some of her actions. I was requested to make inappropriate credits. My manager went to a conference and supposedly died. Two employees seemed to hold me personally responsible for the incorrect grammar in a French pamphlet distributed in Canada; I do not speak/write French and I had nothing to do with the pamphlet. At the time the manager died, I had been under a lot of other stress with work; some employees insinuated that I had something to do with the mangerís departure. The computer system for ordering contacts experienced repeated downtime and the office was chaotic for months at a time.
Carlson Marketing Group
While working here I had a car accident on the way home. I had just bought a new car with an airbag that probably saved my life. I was rear-ended by a much larger car; the impact destroyed the trunk and broke the back seat in two.

The project for which I was hired did not get approved, so I spent my time in the office waiting for clients; I did some internal project work. While here, I converted to Islam.

Preferred Consulting Services
I had difficulty staying awake at the client site; I was moved to an area where I sat by myself.

My manager did not know the technology I was working on and offered no real assistance when I informed her of problems. I believe my hiring was unusual, as the actual manager responsible for my reviews and employment was rarely there --- I almost never saw her until I was fired. After a three-month review stating that my work was excellent, my employment was terminated a day before I would have been in the union. I was also told I would not be allowed to work for the state in any position.

Iíd had difficulty finding work until I was hired by a Muslim manger. I was placed at Dayton-Hudson. I ended up with a seat in an area usually by myself, but I donít remember if Iíd requested it. People acted very strangely here;

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