July 5, 2005

Outline for blog

1. Reason for putting this information on a blog
2. Resume
3. Company description and merger histories since my employment at those companies.
4. Selective memories of experiences at those companies that seem possibly relevant with hindsight and after what I've been through for the past eight or ten years. (See blog.lib.umn.edu/sche0647/Scheffsblog)

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July 8, 2005

Resume - Some Work History

Wesley-Jessen, division of Schering 06/1983 to 10/1990
DePaul University 01/1991 to 04/1991
Ernst & Young 06/1991 to 06/1993
MCI Communications 06/1193 to 16/1994
The Musicland Group 06/1994 to 04/1995
Carlson Marketing Group 04/1995 to 11/1996
Powercerv 11/1996 to 06/1997
Preferred Consulting Services 06/1197 to 09/1997
MN Dept. of Labor and Industry 09/1997 to 03/1998
Syntel 05/1998 to 10/1998
Khadija's Cleaning Service 04/1999 to 07/2002
Day's Inn 06/1999 to 09/1999
InMotion Pictures 04/2001 07/2001
AutoTrader 05/2000 to 11/2001
office worker for various temporary agencies before the sabotage and harassment led to a diagnosis of schizo-affective

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Reason for this blog

In one of our discussions, the instructor and I discussed the difficulty in defining
the possible audience(s) for my final project. In my understanding,
the unusual circumstances dictate an audience ranging from no one to
the whole world.

Since I've learned how to blog, I've learned that the best way to
do the final project would be to post the information in a blog, as this
would satisfy the unusual audience requirement. The subject matter
would definitely be congruent with the rest of my blog. Right now, I
intend to retain the original idea of presenting basic (public) information
about the places Iíve worked and companies in which I was in some way

I am being denied, or harassed out of, employment, and even
volunteer opportunities, ever since the electromagnetic harassment began; the
places where I previously did work should provide an important history to
anyone who knows more than I do about what is going on.

Electromagnetic control and manipulation of individuals is not
always aimed at adults; children sometimes suffer these effects.

Please read my blog at blog.lib.umn.edu/sche0647/Scheffsblog to see
how it relates to a larger community in many other areas.

One aspect I really enjoy about the blog format is that the possible audience is so wide that a variety of writing styles can be the most effective.

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July 18, 2005

some recollections, not accusations of the companies, at all

Post to project blog
7/16/2005 9:51 PM
When I worked at MCI I didnít smell piss and s@#t and life was relatively ďnormalĒ.

I think Ebbers could have been framed because Iím a feckle, according to one pda. Are the employers that kept me from this hell being punished? The applications that I worked on while at MCI had been developed by and were controlled by Perot Systems. Although I worked some long hours, I was not that experienced and the assignments given to me were mostly to change the appearance of bills. I learned a lot because some of the technology was new to me. I do remember some ridiculous difficulties I had with a database change that ended up being completely out of my control; some changes had not been made to allow me to do the work correctly.

While I was in Cedar Rapids, something happened in a high-rise involving some MCI employees or some people associated with MCI and someone fell out of a window and died. I didnít find out much more about it.

Also, while there I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I developed an infection and my neck swelled up to the size of my head. Based on x-rays I got many years later after the harassment began, I think there is something strange in my teeth.

Ernst and Young

While I was in training, a manager made reference to my ďnew lifeĒ. I assumed he was just talking about the fact that I was making a career change, but with hindsight I think the comment may have held more meaning, with or without his knowledge. He was a Navy Seal; he and I got along well and I believe he had good intentions. My subsequent experiences make me think about that comment. My first assignment was at a bank, so they took my fingerprints. My second assignment was at mobile phone company and the next assignment was at Sprint.

I worked here for seven years. People told me that rumors had me in the FBI and the KKK; these are dangerous things to say about someone working a block from Cabrini-
Green. When I was a supervisor I called the order line from Boise while on vacation and someone answered rudely and obnoxiously with the name Penny; no one else by that name worked there. I was assigned an employee whom I could not discipline, no matter what she did and I got blamed for some of her actions. I was requested to make inappropriate credits. My manager went to a conference and supposedly died. Two employees seemed to hold me personally responsible for the incorrect grammar in a French pamphlet distributed in Canada; I do not speak/write French and I had nothing to do with the pamphlet. At the time the manager died, I had been under a lot of other stress with work; some employees insinuated that I had something to do with the mangerís departure. The computer system for ordering contacts experienced repeated downtime and the office was chaotic for months at a time.
Carlson Marketing Group
While working here I had a car accident on the way home. I had just bought a new car with an airbag that probably saved my life. I was rear-ended by a much larger car; the impact destroyed the trunk and broke the back seat in two.

The project for which I was hired did not get approved, so I spent my time in the office waiting for clients; I did some internal project work. While here, I converted to Islam.

Preferred Consulting Services
I had difficulty staying awake at the client site; I was moved to an area where I sat by myself.

My manager did not know the technology I was working on and offered no real assistance when I informed her of problems. I believe my hiring was unusual, as the actual manager responsible for my reviews and employment was rarely there --- I almost never saw her until I was fired. After a three-month review stating that my work was excellent, my employment was terminated a day before I would have been in the union. I was also told I would not be allowed to work for the state in any position.

Iíd had difficulty finding work until I was hired by a Muslim manger. I was placed at Dayton-Hudson. I ended up with a seat in an area usually by myself, but I donít remember if Iíd requested it. People acted very strangely here;

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