June 2, 2005

Photo_psr.jpgPenny Sue Scheff
I have experienced years of psychological harassment and electromagnetic harassment, sensitivity and torture. These have resulted in homelessness, multiple mild brain strokes and shocks, frequency induced rage/stress and leg pain/cramps, sleep deprivation, nightmares, loss of contact with my family (some of whom may have had similar or worse experiences), physical and verbal assaults in public places, dog attacks, sabotage of work efforts,
lack of employment, depletion of MCI savings and many other atrocities - some of which are listed below.

�Noise; Crowds; Excessive heat on face or body; Talkative, abusive people; Excessive phone use; Bothersome or dangerous electromagnetic fields; Burning sensations in my eyes and various parts of my body; Electromagnetically or chemically induced nausea, colds, infections; Sabotage of electronics, possibly the cause of a car accident
�Abdominal cramping and excessive abdominal and rectal bleeding; Electromagnetic and pressure changes that impair my ability to think and read; Chemicals and distracting aromas; Smoke; Slamming doors; Rattling carts; People or something stomping around on the floor above me; Repeated attempts to make me commit or witness criminal activity
�Frequencies that make my bones feel they are �rumbling�; Tooth and gum discomfort; Ear and neck pain; Theft and tampering of personal property and mail; Repetition of specific, personal and usually negative words or phrases from many different individuals and media; Distracting and/or threatening �voices�

I requested help from the ACLU and received a letter stating they could not help me. The Center for Torture Victims also said they could not help me.

Partially as a result of the above, I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and I have received Social Security disability insurance. I do not have medical insurance.

Often my e-mail and phone do not work properly (more harassment) and my mail is also unreliable. PLEASE list on this sheet, e-mail, call and mail any info you may have that would be of help to me and others in the same situation.

Penny Sue Scheff 2020 Nicollet #323 Mpls., MN 55404 612-940-2862

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