March 26, 2009

A peek of Sunshine soon to come is making me crave Portland Malt Shoppe Malts.


One Long Day

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In June I am travelling from Duluth to New York to go to a wedding with my boyfriend. This is a map showing the trip in one day from UMD at five AM drving down to my house in Wyoming MN , than drving to the Mpls Ariport. From there take a flight to New York , Syracuse. One lay away in Detroit for several hours. Nap time. And then final destination Pennellville New York. :) Whew long day for sure cant wait though !

Its been nearly eight days of rainy- cold weather here in Duluth. Finally we get a little sunshine for the weekend ! And the first thing I plan to do on Saturday when its going to be sunny is visit the Portland Malt Shoppe that is down on the Lake Walk. I have been craving one for the longest time now. Probably since winter break.Malts.jpg
They have the most amazing malts ever so many flavor combinations too. Although my favorite flavor combination is chocolate chips and strawberry. Yummy ! The malts taste so old fashioned And the best thing is its a tiny local business that has been thriving for quite some time.

However their items can be a bit pricey but no worse than Coldstone's really. It is a good idea to bring some one with to share the bill and the ice cream since did I mention the malts are huge. They come in a tall glass/ cup , and also to finish it off its whip cream , a cherry, and a vanilla wafer cookie on top.

This is how I am with my ice cream too. I don't growl but I may bite. I love ice-cream so a forewarning Don't touch mine.
Well now I have myself salivating over my computer while typing this. I highly recommend that you try the Portland Malt Shoppe malts if you never have. They are amazing - end of story.