April 7, 2009

Parental Consent is Necessary

Since members to New Moon Girls are under 18, they are required to have a parent or guardian fill out a parental consent form. This helps keep the parents informed of anything their daughter is doing on the New Moon Girls Web site.

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Multimedia Chameleon

In the embedded video, Marisa explains the Importance of being able to be a chameleon in the world of Journalism, and particularly in the use of multimedia. The fact that the Web changes every day makes an editor's job even more difficult. An editor has to be willing to try new things and keep trying if the first attempt does not succeed. Not to mention, in Marisa's case, being able to work independently and being able to set strict deadlines for yourself is important. Since the staff of New Moon Girls is located in so many different places, being able to get everything completed on time and on your own is extremely important. With an open mind and a willingness to try new things, the sky is the limit when it comes to work in the ever changing world of journalism.

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Marisa explains New Moon's Online Moderating

The New Moon Girls Web site is fully moderated by New Moon staff and adult volunteers. Nothing makes it on to the site until it has has been approved by moderators. This is done to ensure that the site is safe and free from cyber bullying. New Moon Girls is meant to be a place for girls to be themselves and to not be afraid discuss some of life's mysteries (Twilight, for example). New Moon also doesn't have any advertising in the magazine or online, so the product received is what you pay for and not pages upon pages of advertising. These features are what makes New Moon Girls different from other teenage girl magazines and social networking sites.

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New Moon Girls Around the World

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New Moon girls has people located around the world to produce the magazine and Web site. The number of location markers on the map doesn't even come close to covering the numerous locations of young writers around the world. With the help of the Web, staff members have the ability to work from their home location communicate with other New Moon employees.

Our New Moon Girls Photo Journey

A Word From Marisa McKie

My Work as an Editor at New Moon Girls


As many of you may already know, the media business is changing at a very fast pace. Editors and writers are struggling to figure out where and how they fit into a world where Facebook, MySpace and Twitter (and so many other personal networking Web sites) have become news and information sources for the masses. It seems like there is something new to be found in the way that news and media is being told to us—whether that be through video, pod-casts, short blurbs or message boards…sometimes I wonder what’s next!

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