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Journal Week 4

I have begun looking at the songs, I am deciding between three: Put on a Happy Face, Time After Time, and Till There Was You. I think all three are good choices becuase they are challenging but also something I think I can handle with my voice and still learn alot from. I have noticed that when working on the songs, I begin to come to the end of a breath and I have little to no air left, my abs feel like they get tight before I take a new breath. Its like I'm trying really hard to get the very last of my breath to squeeze out the last one or two notes. When I reach the end of a phrase my body is really tight. I'm not sure what to do specifically to fix this but I plan to be aware of it and really try to relax and shift the use of my abs to where it should be. I think by developing my intercostals I will be able to lighten the tension.
I have noticed my voice improving. When we sing at play prctice I really try to be aware and use everything I am learning in class and this is helping alot. Using breath and teh proper muscles has done alot for me. I find when I stand to sing my voice is a lot stronger and it is easier to focus on proper breath support. I have also noticed that when I use the correct techniques and muscles, I can reach higher notes than I thought I could. My voice has also become more powerful without strain.