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Journal Week 5

After watching some of the workshops I am a little nervous to get up in front of the class and be critiqued. I think it is a really good experience though, so hopefully if I keeo this in mind I will get less nervous. I really like watching everybody becuase I am learning alot. It is really helpful to hear the different tones and styles people use to sing. It really shows that singing is not an exact science and different things work for everybody. I think a really common problem is being tentative on certain notes and so in turn people don't use enough air. This then causes an airy tone. But if you approach a note with a good breath and use more air to sing through it the tone will be balanced better with the right amount of airyness/roundness and nasal/brightness. I have to be aware of this becuase I think I tend to have a similar problem at times.
I am leaning towards singing Till There Was You for my first song. I have been working on the high notes and using the right kind of breath, catch breath, in between phrases. I think its sounding pretty good, but it still needs work. My singing for teh show is continuing to improve. I think voice class has given me alot moe confidence to sing out and I am becoming more of a leader. I noticed when I have to sing high, it takes a lot more breath and iteh sound is alot louder. Our voice coach for the show asked my section on a particular song to sing a little softer, however the notes are really high so it tends to be loud no matter what...Is there a technique to sing high notes softly and still have agood tone quality?