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Chapter 11 Reflections

1. Rhythm
2. Pitch
3. Harmony
4. Form
5. Dynamics, phrasing, articulation

I have very little musical experience, hoe do I know if I even have these basic things? I have heard the term phrasing several times throughout the course, but I don’t really understand what it means…

Phrasing: refers to the separation of melody into its constituent parts-or phrases

Song study and preparation: I wish this section would’ve come earlier in the book, this is where I really struggle the most…I feel like when preparing for workshop and performance I am so lost, I never know where to start, and after I begin practicing I really don’t know if I am making improvements or not

Component study: this is really helpful advice, hopefully I can use this for my next performance

I’m really glad this chapter was included in the book. I wish it would’ve come earlier though. Throughout this class, reading music and the basic skills they talk about in this chapter have been my biggest problems. I have very little musical experience so even just picking a song has been really tough. I didn’t even really know where to begin…now I have somewhat of an idea of what I can do to prepare for things…I wish this would’ve been something we looked at, at the beginning of the class because I feel it could have helped me a lot