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Jornal Week 12

Once again I have play practice all this week, so I am going to try to get as much practice as possible in…

Sunday: At home, 1hr
Warm ups: rag doll, lip buzz, numbers, breathing
I continued to prepare for my workshop tomorrow. I feel pretty good with the first part of the song, but the last half is a little iffy…the key change gets to me. I get nervous because its high and then forget to use my technique. The other part I have trouble with is the longer notes that are held out but change…the word “thee? and “lie.? I can’t read the music so I don’t really know what the notes are…I try listening to the CD and watch whether the notes are moving up or down, and this kind of helps, but its still frustrating. I don’t hear any of the characteristics of efficient tone either so this is upsetting. I want to sound good but I feel like things aren’t improving…

Monday: My Workshop Day
My voice was really tired today. Play practice and practicing have wore me out. My throat is gunky and feels raw. I hoped to really get a lot out of my workshop but I didn’t do my best which was disappointing. I feel like everybody has gotten so much better except me…Paul said I need to think about my “uh? sound because this is my strong sound. When I am singing I should think about how it feels when I sing this and put this into everything else…We worked in singing the word “Bee? as “Buh? it felt really weird but it actually works for me to think about this. I think I still need to also think about focus and placement and using my breath to support the notes…

Tuesday: Play Practice, Practice at home, 30min
Warm ups: Rag Doll, breathing, numbers
After yesterday I was kind of disappointed with my voice. I need to work really hard if I am going to have a performance that shows improvement. I worked on singing while thinking of the “uh? sound. Its hard sometimes especially when the words have “e? or “i? in them so this is what I will have to focus on for my next practice. The long notes are still problem areas for me…What can I do to get these right nothing is working…The high notes are still hard, but I do feel like when I focus on the “uh? and placement of my voice, and the laser beam coming from my forehead things seem to fall into place…

Wednesday: Play Practice, Practice at home, 45min
Warm ups: Rag doll, breathing, numbers
I just sang through my song a lot today. I am trying to memorize and become confident with the words and notes. I feel like it is sounding better, but its not ready to perform. My biggest problem when I start to think about performing is I forget my technique…I will need to work on this….

Thursday: Performance
Friday: Performance

Saturday: Performance

The performances went really well. My solo and small group went good, my biggest challenge was singing with my microphone on, I need to remember it’s a little different when the mike is on.

My voice is feeling tired, What can I do to keep it healthy and ready for my voice class performance.