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Bioremediation 9/11-13/07

Hi folks.

As I mentioned in class, I will be away on Tuesday the 11th at a meeting in Duluth.
I am presenting some work there. This should be the only absence I log for this
semester. Yasmin Sagiv will be in charge, and it is going to be the first of your
ventures out of the class and into the lab. These hands on experiences should
be fun and useful. Meet in the main classroom, and she will take you from
there downstairs to Room 107. Chris, you can meet the group there.

The chemistry we talked about yesterday lays the groundwork for later when
we talk about remediation. Next Thursday, we will start looking at real-world
chemicals to deal with via bioremediation, and I will have some case studies.
Hopefully, the chemistry background lecture will support what comes next.

ALSO, we really have to meet somewhere else, and I have signed out the
conference room for next Thursday. Our classroom just doesn't suit us, and
I broke a sweat running around and jumping on the riser. Let's meet in 225 Kaufert,
the conference room at the end of the hall on the floor below our classroom
for next Thursday, the 13th.