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Well, actually it won't. Pseudoscience is "a set of claims that seems scientific but aren't" (11). This is a main point of the chapter and struck me as I read the chapter. These claims are all over, and we must distinguish them from metaphysical claims. There are signs on how to catch these claims such as exaggerated claims (like in the title), overreliance on anecdotes, talk of "proof" instead of "evidence" and many more. Our brain wants to find order out of disorder, and this is perhaps why we are drawn to these beliefs.
Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that our "common sense" is often wrong! The brain is interesting, and two entirely contradicting ideas may seem completely correct. It is because of this that we cannot always trust our common sense.
The chapter covers much more than this, but these are what struck me as interesting! We want to find patterns, and we want to believe in something to feel "comforted" by thinking we know the answers.

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