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Ben Askren Blog Post on Flo

Hello again everyone, it has been quite a while since you have heard from me. So I thought maybe as my present to you I would give you a little insight into whats going on in my life. I have had a great fall, it has been both productive and entertaining. I have gotten to compete a lot, travel and make many new friends. Right now as I write this blog I am sitting in Keith Gavin's living room. I have been in Pittsburgh the last six days training with Keith and Jake Herbert. I have gotten in a lot of training, learned some new things and even got to play some disc golf yesterday with Matt Storniolo, Sam Hazewinkel, Mark MckNight, Joe Campoli, Andrew Sherry Drew Headlee and Keith. It really amazes me how many good wrestlers can some from such a small area of the country. I have also spent a lot of time this fall in Colorado Springs refining my freestyle skills. I have made a lot of new friends out there too and that is great because I really hated sitting in a dorm room for 10 hours a day. Being out in the Springs has also given me the opportunity to see Coach Horton a lot and watch his baby boy Max grow up. Tomorrow I leave for Wisconsin so I get to be home for the holidays, who wouldn't love that. I am most excited to see Coach Mesenbrink, who I think is one of the best HS coaches around, and check out how the Arrowhead warhawks are doing. My plans going into 2008 look really solid. I will wrestle the world cup in February, US Open in April, Olympic Trials in June and the Olympics in August. If everything goes as planned I can run the table through those four events and think about hanging up the shoes for a while. I hope everyone has happy holidays and feel free to holla at ya boy any time you feel the need.