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November 30, 2007

Wrestling leader Baker from Minnesota wins NIAAA Award

Jim Baker, CAA, former athletic administrator of the Richfield (Minnesota) Public Schools, is the 2007 recipient of the Thomas E. Frederick Award of Excellence presented by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA).

Baker will receive the NIAAA Award of Excellence December 17 in Nashville, Tennessee during luncheon festivities at the 38th annual National Conference of High School Directors of Athletics conducted jointly by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the NIAAA.

The Thomas E. Frederick Award of Excellence is a prestigious award presented each year to an NIAAA member whose loyalty to the association and contributions to the profession represent excellence in achievement.

The award is named after the late Thomas E. Frederick, who served as NFHS assistant and associate director for 22 years before his retirement in 1989. Frederick was responsible for starting the National Conference of High School Directors of Athletics in 1971 as well as the NIAAA in 1977.

Jim Baker has spent his entire life and career in his home state of Minnesota. After graduating from Rochester Lourdes High School, Baker earned degrees at both Rochester Community College and Winona State University.

In 1971, he began his career at Mora Public Schools, and three years later, moved to the Albert Lea Public Schools. From 1984 to 1999, he was at Lake City Public Schools, and from 1999 to 2005, he was at Richfield Public Schools.

A former wrestling coach, Baker has continued to be highly involved with the sport. Since 1976, he has been the weigh-in coordinator at the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) state wrestling tournament, co-managed the tournament the past six years, was state tournament floor manager for 11 years, and was meet manager at both the subsection and section levels for many years.

Among the various committees on which he has served, Baker has been on the MSHSL Football Realignment Advisory Committee, the MSHSL Representative Assembly, and the Athletic Directors Advisory Committee to the MSHSL.

At the statewide level, Baker served as second vice president, first vice president and president of the Minnesota Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (MIAAA). He was president of the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association in 2000-01, and received the George Haun Award from that organization in 2003.

Since 1998, Baker has been highly involved with the NIAAA Leadership Training Program at both the state and national levels. From 2000 to 2004, he was the Section V representative on the NIAAA Board of Directors.

Among his other recognitions, Baker was given the MSHSL Award of Merit, the Richfield Chamber of Commerce Sports Award, the Minnesota Region 6AA Athletic Administrator of the Year Award and an NIAAA Distinguished Service Award, all in 2004. In addition, he was named MIAAA Class AA Athletic Administrator of the Year in 2005, and was inducted into the MIAAA Hall of Fame a year later.

November 24, 2007

Instructions for preventing spread of MRSA-CA and other Infectious Skin Diseases

These instructions are based on recommendations from Center for Disease Control and numerous NCAA Athletic Departments.

Instructions to Athletes:
• Shower with hot water no later than 30 minutes after practice using liquid soap rather than bar soap
• Never re-use clothing after it has been worn once for practice
• Never Share towels, clothes or equipment
• Wipe down equipment weekly with a disinfectant spray weekly (10% Bleach solution or commercially prepared solution that is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal)
• Show all pimples, boils, spider bites, lacerations and abrasions to Athletic Trainer/Coach immediately
• Clean Wrestling mats no more than 60 minutes before practice and immediately after practice
• Have all open wounds or draining wounds covered by Occlusive Dressing such as Tagaderm

Instructions to Administrators:
• Educate all staff, coaches, parents and athletes about CDC guidelines using the “Am I Disqualified?? DVD from www.thematdoc.com
• Increase surveillance of “spider bites? pimples and boils by Athletic Trainer or Coach and Document observations
• Insist that all draining wounds be referred to physician and cultured to identify bacteria
• Identify all CA-MRSA carriers with nasal cultures
• Encourage frequent hand hygiene by parents and Athletes
• Use a 3 percent hexachlorophene or 4 percent chlorhexidine in soap dispensers
• Make alcohol based hand sanitizers available in classrooms, practice fields and areas without access to soap and water
• Use disposable towels on the field during practice and tournaments.
• Inspect cleaning procedures for all equipment and facilities before and after issuing
• Wrestling Mats should be cleaned no more than 30 minutes before practice and immediately after practice
• Exercise equipment should be cleaned after each practice.
• Never issue any equipment until it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
• Ensure that water used for laundry and showers is at least 140 degrees
• Isolate an athlete with identified Infectious skin disease from contact with other players until wound is healed and dry.
• Educate players about possible consequence of these infections and showing them pictures of wounds that have gone untreated

Dan Gable

A Minnesota High School Rankings - TheGuillotine

Minnesota A High School Wrestling Rankings

1. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5)
2. Frazee (8)
3. Canby (3)
4. United South Central (2)
5. Jackson County Central (2)
6. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3)
7. Yellow Medicine East (3)
8. Maple River (2)
9. Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8)
10. Chatfield (1)
11. Saint James (4)
12. Madelia/Truman (4)

Lean and Mean
Goodhue (1), Pierz (7), Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), Kenyon-Wanamingo (1), New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva (2), Aitkin (7), Mahnomen/Waubun (8), Minnewaska Area (5), Minneota (3), Medford (2), Barnesville (6), New York Mills (6)

Individual Ratings
103 pounds
1. Bronson Steuber, Jackson County Central (2), 9
2. Chase Levos, Saint Clair (2), 10
3. Christian Skillings, Minneota (3), 9
4. Adam Bates, Sibley East (4), 10
5. Zack Keller, Medford (2), 10
6. Mitchell Andrews, Chokio-Alberta/Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley (6), 9
7. Hayden Zillmer, Crosby-Ironton (7), 8
8. Mitchel Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo (1), 8
9. Travis Borchert, Browerville/Eagle Valley (5), 10
10. Josh Bush, Pipestone Area (3), 10
112 pounds
1. Clint Poster, Pierz (7), 9
2. Ethan Kern, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 12
3. Brad Hofstrand, Crosby-Ironton (7), 10
4. Grant Hegge, Southland (1), 9
5. Austen Cole, Yellow Medicine East (3), 11
6. Cooper Moore, Jackson County Central (2), 8
7. Julius Stone, Browerville/Eagle Valley (5), 10
8. Paul Norgren, Maple River (2), 10
9. Jordan Hanson, Chatfield (1), 12
10. Ian Peppel, Barnesville (6), 12
119 pounds
1. Matt Benson, Chokio-Alberta/Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley (6), 12
2. Jason Sunderman, Lesueur-Henderson (4), 11
3. Ben Meyer, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5), 12
4. Tony Vaske, River Valley (4), 10
5. Matt Schroeder, Southland (1), 11
6. Chad Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo (1), 10
7. Beau Buysse, Minneota (3), 9
8. Ethan Skog, Meadow Creek/Rivers Academy (7), 10
9. Keith Wasserzieher, Aitkin (7), 11
10. Austin Peters, Medford (2), 11
125 pounds
1. Luke Amsden, River Valley (4), 12
2. Seth Amberg, United South Central (2), 12
3. Jordan Christian, Paynesville Area (5), 12
4. Ryan Swenson, Dawson-Boyd (3), 9
5. Mike Lucero, Frazee (8), 11
6. Caleb Diercks, Goodhue (1), 12
7. Zak Lambert, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 12
8. Jake Long, West Central Area/Ashby (6), 10
9. Ethan Hildebrandt, Saint James (4), 11
10. Kyle Sieberg, Maple River (2), 12
130 pounds
1. Cole Von Ohlen, Jackson County Central (2), 12
2. Casey Field, Yellow Medicine East (3), 11
3. Micah Olson, Trinity at River Ridge (7), 12
4. Dan Deslauriers, Canby (3), 12
5. Jon Hegge, Southland (1), 12
6. Tyler Spychalla, Browerville/Eagle Valley (5), 11
7. Aaron Sorum, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo (8), 12
8. Scott Litzau, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5), 11
9. Kevin Leiferman, Madelia/Truman (4), 12
10. Cody Brazier, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8), 12
135 pounds
1. Jesse Westphal, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton (2), 12
2. Tucker Freeman, Madelia/Truman (4), 10
3. Tyler Clement, Chatfield (1), 12
4. Justin Frederick, Minnewaska Area (5), 11
5. Blair Oachs, Maple River (2), 11
6. Colton Johnston, Ogilvie (7), 12
7. Aaron Brazier, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8), 11
8. Wesley Magnell, Red Lake County Central (8), 12
9. Tim Bartness, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-
Geneva (2), 10
10. Sam Derynck, Minneota (3), 10
140 pounds
1. Jake Bonsack, United South Central (2), 12
2. Trevor Krueger, Barnesville (6), 12
3. Jeff Heim, Saint Charles (1), 12
4. Tanner Tetrick, Pierz (7), 11
5. Nathan Lexvold, Kenyon-Wanamingo (1), 12
6. Wyatt Sand, Yellow Medicine East (3), 12
7. Eli Jensen, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8), 12
8. Clinton Wiener, Osakis (5), 12
9. Jacob Narveson, Chatfield (1), 12
10. Beamer Flowers, Saint Clair (2), 12
145 pounds
1. Torey Stewart, Jackson County Central (2), 12
2. Tanner Pierce, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8), 12
3. Alex Kontz, Canby (3), 12
4. Cameron Jurgenson, Dawson-Boyd (3), 12
5. Justin Chouanard, Aitkin (7), 12
6. Bryce Andrews, Madelia/Truman (4), 11
7. Zach Pesch, Lesueur-Henderson (4), 12
8. Jake Zeiher, Sibley East (4), 12
9. Jake Braaten, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 10
10. Caleb Svenby, Medford (2), 11
152 pounds
1. Kevin Steinhaus, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3), 11
2. Andrew Lockrem, Frazee (8), 12
3. Matthew Pfarr, Lesueur-Henderson (4), 12
4. Andrew Halberg, Aitkin (7), 12
5. Sam Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 12
6. William Hunt, Madelia/Truman (4), 10
7. Travis Frederickson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5), 11
8. Trevor Ingle, Greenbush-Middle River/Badger (8), 11
9. Dan Schad, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle (5), 11
10. Dustin Kramer, Eden Valley-Watkins (5), 12
160 pounds
1. Gaven Schlaak, New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva (2), 12
2. Dalton Henderson, Blooming Prairie (2), 10
3. Mitchell Hagen, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3), 11
4. Chad Curry, Chatfield (1), 12
5. Matt Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 11
6. Jon Verhelst, Canby (3), 12
7. Dayton Sternhagen, West Central Area/Ashby (6), 11
8. Micah Huneke, Goodhue (1), 12
9. Adam Langer, Kenyon-Wanamingo (1), 12
10. Taylor Mattison, Red Rock Central/Westbrook-Walnut Grove (4), 11
171 pounds
1. Travis Rutt, Jackson County Central (2), 12
2. Matt Christenson, Aitkin (7), 12
3. Eric Croatt, Ortonville (3), 12
4. Alex Bach, Maple River (2), 11
5. Micah Larson, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5), 11
6. Craig Peterson, Minneota (3), 12
7. Martin Hagen, Yellow Medicine East (3), 12
8. Lucas Albers, Goodhue (1), 12
9. Brendon Frost, New York Mills (6), 12
10. Wade Moenkedick, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale (6), 11
189 pounds
1. Nic Leither, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City (5), 12
2. Aaron Norgren, Maple River (2), 12
3. Caleb Lines, Jackson County Central (2), 12
4. Eric Ryan, Goodhue (1), 12
5. Ethan Hoppe, Saint James (4), 12
6. Justin Johnson, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (8), 12
7. Mitch Gerold, Braham (7), 12
8. Joel Bauman, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3), 10
9. McKale Evenson, Pelican Rapids (6), 11
10. Brady Myers, Redwood Valley (4), 12
215 pounds
1. Nick Fischer, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown (2), 12
2. Parker Brand, Lewiston-Altura/Rushford-Peterson (1), 12
3. Nate Hayes, Madelia/Truman (4), 12
4. Josh Seley, Lake Park-Audubon (8), 12
5. Matt Meuleners, Norwood Young America (4), 12
6. Taylor Yliniemi, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (8), 11
7. Wendell Larson, Osakis (5), 11
8. Travis Hanson, Canby (3), 12
9. Brad Kneisl, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3), 11
10. Alex Huls, Pierz (7), 12
285 pounds
1. Nick Mackenthun, Norwood Young America (4), 12
2. Codey Kinney, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (3), 12
3. Chris Steffenson, Mille Lacs (7), 12
4. Aaron Plath, Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop/
McLeod West (4), 12
5. Brad Wollum, Canby (3), 11
6. Andrew Frost, New York Mills (6), 12
7. Josh Richards, Wabasha-Kellogg (1), 10
8. Kyle Willett, Red Lake County Central (8), 11
9. Chris Birkholz, Parkers Prairie (6), 12
10. Mike Linder, United South Central (2), 12

November 23, 2007

AA Minnesota High School Rankings - TheGuillotine

Minnesota AA High School Wrestling Rankings

1. Saint Michael-Albertville (5)
2. Perham (8)
3. Foley (6)
4. Simley (4)
5. Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1)
6. Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center (2)
7. Adrian Area (3)
8. Milaca (7)
9. Scott West (2)
10. Big Lake (6)
11. Fulda/Murray County Central (3)
12. Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8)

Lean and Mean
Kasson-Mantorville (1), Annandale/Maple Lake (6), New London-Spicer (6), Totino-Grace (5), Watertown-Mayer (2), Hibbing (7), Byron (1), Monticello (6), Hutchinson (2), Pequot Lakes/Pine River-Backus (8), South Saint Paul (4), Fergus Falls (8), Orono (5), Wabasso/Cedar Mountain (3)

Individual Ratings
103 pounds
1. Garret Garness, Kasson-Mantorville (1), 9
2. Matt Nelson, Big Lake (6), 9
3. Lee Goldberg, Scott West (2), 10
4. Andrew Gorentz, Perham (8), 11
5. Dan Dick, Simley (4), 9
6. Cody Paulsen, Totino-Grace (5), 10
7. Chaz Abrahamson, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 9
8. Cameron Bonds, Saint Paul Humboldt (4), 8
9. Brandon Baker, Detroit Lakes (8), 11
10. Jordan Land, Cloquet (7), 8
112 pounds
1. Justin Nelson, Big Lake (6), 12
2. Alex Peck, Benilde-Saint Margaret’s (5), 10
3. Cody Nolt, Fulda/Murray County Central (3), 11
4. Zach Campbell, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton (3), 9
5. Isaac Werner, Perham (8), 10
6. Kyle LeDuc, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 10
7. Eli Stangret, Waconia (2), 11
8. Ben Swanson, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), 10
9. Kyle Salonek, Saint Michael-Albertville (5), 10
10. Scott Mickle, Deer River/Northland (7), 10
119 pounds
1. David Thorn, Saint Michael-Albertville (5), 11
2. Chad Henle, New London-Spicer (6), 12
3. Cody Lensing, Totino-Grace (5), 12
4. Sam Warne, Perham (8), 10
5. Luke Schlee, Grand Meadow/Leroy-Ostrander/
Kingsland (1), 12
6. Justin Koob, New Ulm (2), 12
7. Tommy Glenn, Simley (4), 10
8. Greg Naschansky, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), 10
9. Jared Erlanson, Cannon Falls/Randolph (1), 12
10. Erik Kostik, North Branch (7), 12
125 pounds
1. Ryan Timmerman, Saint Peter (2), 12
2. Kurt Erhorn, Grand Rapids (7), 12
3. Brandon Seppelt, Foley (6), 10
4. Ryan Arne, Orono (5), 10
5. Jacob Werner, Perham (8), 11
6. Josh Falk, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/
Butterfield-Odin (3), 10
7. Kyle Bulera, Simley (4), 12
8. Javier Portillo, Crookston/Fisher (8), 10
9. Shawn Hattlestad, New London-Spicer (6), 9
10. Brandon Henrich, Watertown-Mayer (2), 12
130 pounds
1. A.J. Jenniges, Wabasso/Cedar Mountain (3), 12
2. Pat Lavasseur, Hutchinson (2), 12
3. Jacob Bowland, Foley (6), 12
4. Justin Reinsma, Fulda/Murray County Central (3), 11
5. Steve Keogh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 9
6. Phil Lafleur, Fillmore Cent./Lanesboro/
Mabel-Canton (1), 12
7. Jess Coffin, Sartell-Saint Stephen (6), 12
8. Andrew Youngblom, Mora (7), 10
9. Charlie Revering, Fergus Falls (8), 12
10. Joe Berns, Perham (8), 11
135 pounds
1. Joe Selly, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center (2), 12
2. Mark Erickson, Roseau (8), 12
3. Tyler Kivel, Scott West (2), 11
4. Sam Fischenich, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin (3), 11
5. Travis Lewellyn, Sartell-Saint Stephen (6), 12
6. Mike Land, Cloquet (7), 12
7. Luke Prairie, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton (3), 10
8. Jordan Engen, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 11
9. Cole Gibson, La Crescent (1), 11
10. Billy Dean, New London-Spicer (6), 11
140 pounds
1. Eric Yngsdal, Byron (1), 12
2. John Prokopowicz, Simley (4), 12
3. Tony Their, Adrian Area (3), 11
4. Blaine Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), 10
5. Nathan Waslaski, Pequot Lakes/Pine River-
Backus (8), 12
6. Jeremy Weber, Foley (6), 11
7. Brady Schrupp, Becker (6), 11
8. Tommy Ruckmar, South Saint Paul (4), 10
9. Barry Nelson, Perham (8), 12
10. Brandon Pederson, Waseca (1), 9
145 pounds
1. Tony Valek, Scott West (2), 12
2. A.J. Stevens, Windom Area/Mountain Lake/Butterfield-Odin (3), 12
3. Tee Baker, Big Lake (6), 12
4. Blaine Coyle, Fillmore Central/Lanesboro/
Mabel-Canton (1), 11
5. Jake Anderson, Annandale/Maple Lake (6), 11
6. Dwight Jenne, Perham (8), 11
7. Kevin O’Brien, Becker (6), 11
8. Kevin Fynboh, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 11
9. Nick Schuler, Totino-Grace (5), 11
10. Brad Koehn, Mora (7), 12
152 pounds
1. Tyler Lewandowski, Foley (6), 10
2. Adam Ourada, Wabasso/Cedar Mountain (3), 12
3. Adam Hoffman, New Ulm (2), 12
4. Nick Clemence, Annandale/Maple Lake (6), 12
5. Justin Haag, Big Lake (6), 12
6. Dan Merth, Saint Paul Highland Park (4), 12
7. Jared Patet, South Saint Paul (4), 12
8. Laquone Robinson, Brooklyn Center (5), 11
9. Brandon Klug, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena (8), 11
10. Colter Uscola, Park Rapids Area (8), 12
160 pounds
1. Eric Reinert, Watertown-Mayer (2), 12
2. Jake Wetzel, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center (2), 12
3. Tim Hentges, Scott West (2), 12
4. Dennis Taute, Milaca (7), 12
5. Jordan Campa, Saint Michael-Albertville (5), 10
6. Jordan Linn, Foley (6), 10
7. Josh Kohler, Monticello (6), 12
8. Wade Gobin, Cannon Falls/Randolph (1), 12
9. Mike Shaughnessy, Orono (5), 11
10. Andy Henning, Fulda/Murray County Central (3), 11
171 pounds
1. Mic Berg, Simley (4), 11
2. Mac Stoll, Perham (8), 12
3. Will Johnson, Hibbing (7), 12
4. Travis Peralta, Thief River Falls/Goodridge (8), 11
5. Eric Grabosky, New Prague (2), 12
6. Josh Kohler, Monticello (6), 12
7. Zack Petersen, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), 12
8. Jordan Reker, Adrian Area (3), 12
9. Kris Olson, Foley (6), 11
10. Scott Roggenbuck, Columbia Heights (5), 11
189 pounds
1. Drew Ross, Fergus Falls (8), 12
2. Kody Kramer, Fulda/Murray County Central (3), 12
3. Lee Branstrom, Park Rapids Area (8), 12
4. Kurt Schlangen, Albany (6), 12
5. Stephen Johnson, Cannon Falls/Randolph (1), 12
6. Cullen Berg, Simley (4), 12
7. A.J. Arntz, Virginia/Mountain Iron-Buhl (7), 12
8. Zach Reker, Adrian Area (3), 12
9. Phil Heitner, Montgomery-Lonsdale/Le Center (2), 12
10. Kraig Schumm, Saint Michael-Albertville (5), 10
215 pounds
1. Kyle Schumm, Saint Michael-Albertville (5), 12
2. Matt Groff, Mahtomedi (4), 12
3. Casey Sazama, Perham (8), 11
4. Todd Klemz, Rogers (5), 12
5. Ben Brown, Big Lake (6), 12
6. Bruce Babcock, Stewartville (1), 12
7. Glen Kruger, Adrian Area (3), 12
8. Andrew Blomker, New London-Spicer (6), 12
9. Niko Vlatkovich, Hibbing (7), 12
10. Matt Soloman, Brooklyn Center (5), 11
285 pounds
1. Aaron Grozdanich, Hibbing (7), 12
2. Carter Ash, Milaca (7), 12
3. Cody Socher, Delano (2), 12
4. Zach Loppnow, Lake City (1), 12
5. Brett Murphy, Saint Paul Johnson (4), 12
6. Cam Miller, Plainview-Elgin-Millville (1), 11
7. Charlie Galhaye, Simley (4), 11
8. Jon Tolbert, Detroit Lakes (8), 12
9. Mason Hammerlund, Orono (5), 12
10. Nick Braun, Willmar (6), 12

Top 20 High School Wrestling Sophomores Rankings

High School Wrestling Rankings

1 Logan Stieber 119 Ohio
2 Andrew Alton 140 Pennsylvania
3 Alan Waters 112 Missouri
4 Dylan Alton 135 Pennslyvania
5 Marshall Peppleman 140 Pennslyvania
6 Josh Dwieza 130 Pennslyvania
7 Brandon Rolnick 145 New Jersey
8 Ben Morgan 135 Oklahoma
9 Jamie Clark 112 Ohio
10 Nick Moore 135 Iowa
11 Josh Kindig 130 Pennslyvania
12 Lee Munster 130 Illinois
13 Chris Villalonga 130 New Jersey
14 Cody Pack 103 California
15 Derek Garcia 130 Washington
16 Preston Keiffer 152 New Jersey
17 Nick Schenk 112 Maryland
18 David Habat 145 Ohio
19 Frank Cagnina 112 New Jersey
20 Brad Squire 125 Ohio

AAA Minnesota High School Rankings - TheGuillotine

Minnesota AAA High School Wrestling Rankings

1. Apple Valley (3)
2. Coon Rapids (7)
3. Hastings (3)
4. Anoka (7)
5. Bloomington Kennedy (2)
6. Henry Sibley (3)
7. Prior Lake (2)
8. Owatonna (1)
9. Albert Lea Area (1)
10. Saint Francis (7)
11. Alexandria (8)
12. Cambridge-Isanti (7)

Lean and Mean
Champlin Park (5), Park (3), Bemidji (8), Forest Lake (7), Brainerd/Pillager (8), Wayzata (6), Osseo (5), Tartan (4), Sauk Rapids-Rice (8), Mounds View (5), White Bear Lake Area (4), Centennial (5), Rochester John Marshall (1), Rochester Mayo (1)

Individual Ratings
103 pounds
1. Eric Devos, Apple Valley (3), 8
2. Cory Hansen, Albert Lea Area (1), 9
3. Ali Mohammed, Burnsville (3), 11
4. Brady Johnshoy, Prior Lake (2), 9
5. Johnny Dill, Maple Grove (5), 8
6. Brad Hogan, Eastview (3), 9
7. Sam Steward, Andover (7), 8
8. Gavin Larsen, Chaska (2), 8
9. Mitch Bengston, Saint Cloud Apollo (8), 7
10. Kahron Nix, Coon Rapids (7), 8
112 pounds
1. Cody Hansen, Albert Lea Area (1), 11
2. Matt Luchsinger, Tartan (4), 12
3. Tyler Stevens, Elk River (7), 10
4. Andrew Beckman, Irondale (5), 12
5. Chad Mack, Coon Rapids (7), 8
6. Ben Morgan, Forest Lake (7), 8
7. David Baker, Buffalo (8), 11
8. Edwin Kromah, Robbinsdale Armstrong (6), 11
9. Seth Roberts, Lakeville South (2), 11
10. Brandon Beers, Farmington (2), 11
119 pounds
1. Dylan Ness, Bloomington Kennedy (2), 10
2. Garrett Steiger, Rochester John Marshall (1), 11
3. Danny Zilverberg, Wayzata (6), 11
4. Charlie Kirscht, Alexandria (8), 11
5. Tanner Carlisle, Prior Lake (2), 10
6. Richard Rodriguez, Owatonna (1), 12
7. Kyle Begin, Anoka (7), 8
8. Tom Perillat, Henry Sibley (3), 10
9. Adam Whirley, Maple Grove (5), 10
10. Billy Struntz, White Bear Lake Area (4), 11
125 pounds
1. Destin McCauley, Apple Valley (3), 9
2. Matt Ashton, Eagan (3), 12
3. Trent Herold, Saint Francis (7), 11
4. Zach Rohr, Hastings (3), 9
5. James Locke, Minneapolis South (6), 12
6. Jake Waste, Anoka (7), 9
7. Scott Hogan, Eastview (3), 11
8. Matt Weber, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony (5), 11
9. Tyler Trattles, Prior Lake (2), 11
10. Matt Sanocki, Roseville Area (4), 11
130 pounds
1. Tom Kelliher, Apple Valley (3), 12
2. Robert Fisher, Bloomington Kennedy (2), 11
3. Mike Minski, Rochester Mayo (1), 10
4. Mason Young, Henry Sibley (3), 11
5. Dane Schroeder, Owatonna (1), 12
6. Tyler Rohr, Hastings (3), 11
7. Troy Morisette, Tartan (4), 11
8. Alex Geving, Cambridge-Isanti (7), 12
9. Cody Madsen, Stillwater Area (4), 11
10. Scott Pandrnos, Brainerd/Pillager (8), 12
135 pounds
1. Derek Schreiner, Wayzata (6), 12
2. Luke Vaith, Hastings (3), 11
3. Justin LaValle, Apple Valley (3), 11
4. Hector Milan, Owatonna (1), 11
5. Tyler Jensen, Brainerd/Pillager (8), 12 (injured)
6. Matt Piersak, Mounds View (5), 12
7. Justin Aube, Faribault (1), 12
8. Joel Dubiel, Anoka (7), 12
9. Matt Van Horn, Park (3), 12
10. Tristan Faust, Northfield (1), 10
140 pounds
1. Matt Mincey, Apple Valley (3), 12
2. Trey Bertram, Hastings (3), 12
3. Logan Kortan, Albert Lea Area (1), 11
4. Charlie Jannsen, Forest Lake (7), 10
5. Andrew Balzer, Mounds View (5), 12
6. Charlie Berg, Henry Sibley (3), 10
7. Mike Castellano, Saint Francis (7), 11
8. Nate Kelly, Alexandria (8), 12
9. Sammy Hauck, Lakeville North (2), 11
10. Jake Hargis, Northfield (1), 12
145 pounds
1. Josh Wiseman, Champlin Park (5), 12
2. Carter Adams, Coon Rapids (7), 12
3. Jake Begin, Anoka (7), 11
4. Nick Lingwell, Brainerd/Pillager (8), 12
5. Jason Florin, North (4), 12
6. Jarrett Hoeppner, Apple Valley (3), 11
7. John Amundson, Alexandria (8), 12
8. Zac Coates, Henry Sibley (3), 11
9. Evan Warnert, Sauk Rapids-Rice (8), 12
10. Cashmere Hagbourne, Osseo (5), 12
152 pounds
1. Jake Deitchler, Anoka (7), 12
2. Bobby Dorn, Eagan (3), 12
3. Tyler Spiczka, Sauk Rapids-Rice (8), 12
4. Mike Cullen, Coon Rapids (7), 12
5. Jesse Martinez, Prior Lake (2), 12
6. Travis Anderson, White Bear Lake Area (4), 12
7. Connor Finn, Mounds View (5), 11
8. Alex Agate, Hopkins (6), 12
9. Koby Lursen, Osseo (5), 12
10. Brandon Hertzog, Centennial (5), 11
160 pounds
1. Shamus O’Grady, Coon Rapids (7), 12
2. Brendan Eichmann, Hastings (3), 11
3. Wes Voight, Sauk Rapids-Rice (8), 12
4. Jake Eide, Burnsville (3), 12
5. Stephen Reardon, Rosemount (3), 12
6. Josh Joriman, Centennial (5), 12
7. John Wolters, Roseville Area (4), 12
8. Eric Muldoon, Prior Lake (2), 11
9. Kade Zeman, Owatonna (1), 12
10. Dan Kirchner, Henry Sibley (3), 12
171 pounds
1. Brandon Bahr, Bemidji (8), 12
2. Adam Peterson, Hastings (3), 12
3. Tyler Kennedy, Park (3), 12
4. Mitch Hauge, Elk River (7), 12
5. Craig Kelliher, Apple Valley (3), 11
6. Tyler Dirks, Osseo (5), 12
7. Zach Enrico, Hopkins (6), 12
8. Matt Jeska, Buffalo (8), 12
9. Brent Kolbow, Forest lake (7), 12
10. Logan Hansen, Albert Lea Area (1), 12
189 pounds
1. Billy Morgan, Rosemount (3), 12
2. Josh Waldee, Rochester John Marshall (1), 12
3. Steve Masterson, Bemidji (8), 12
4. David Maxwell, Apple Valley (3), 12
5. Matt Spoden, Saint Cloud Apollo (8), 11
6. Ed Cotton, Champlin Park (5), 12
7. Thomas Cropsey, White Bear Lake Area (4), 12
8. Chris Schilling, Park (3), 12
9. Chris Hill, Minneapolis South (6), 11
10. Wes Dodd, Bloomington (2), 11
215 pounds
1. Jake Kahnke, Prior Lake (2), 12
2. Jake Sorby, Bemidji (8), 12
3. Tony Nelson, Cambridge-Isanti (7), 11
4. Will Jackson, Eastview (3), 12
5. Brian Leonhardt, Spring Lake Park/Saint Anthony (5), 12
6. Alex Beuler, Faribault (1), 12
7. Cole Allery, Park (3), 12
8. Donny Longendyke, White Bear Lake Area (4), 9
9. Nick Creamier, Coon Rapids (7), 12
10. Nick Olson, Tartan (4), 12
285 pounds
1. Sam Maresh, Champlin Park (5), 12
2. Nick Luna, Henry Sibley (3), 11
3. Jake McPhersen, Wayzata (6), 11
4. Tor Uggen, Mounds View (5), 11
5. Jason Engstrom, Coon Rapids (7), 12
6. Andy Trembeth, Hastings (3), 12
7. Tom Bouressa, Alexandria (8), 11
8. John Wychor, Moorhead (8), 12
9. Jake Kettler, Anoka (7), 11
10. Heath Wilson, Faribault (1), 12

November 22, 2007

Top 20 High School Wrestling Juniors Rankings

High School Wrestling Rankings

Rank Name Weight State
1 Eric Grajales 125 Florida
2 Collin Palmer 135 Ohio
3 David Taylor 112 Ohio
4 CJ Napier 135 Kansas
5 Jon Morrison 119 Illinois
6 Dallas Bailey 152 Oklahoma
7 Dylan Carew 130 Iowa
8 Zac Bennett 215 Pennslyvania
9 Mac Mancuso 189 New Jersey
10 Mac Bailey 125 Missouri
11 Chris Perry 171 Oklahoma
12 Alec Ortiz 160 Oregon
13 Samuel White 112 Ohio
14 Kyle Dake 119 New York
15 Ian Paddock 125 New York
16 Tyler Caldwell 135 Kansas
17 Glenn Carson 215 New Jersey
18 Kalvin York 140 Wisconsin
19 Boaz Beard 215 Kansas
20 Austin Meys 152 New York

Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum Update

As you may know, the International Wrestling Institute and Museum has moved from Newton, Iowa, to to Waterloo, Iowa, and added Dan Gable to its name. A native of Waterloo, Gable is generally recognized as the state's greatest athletic figure.

The museum officially opened on January 12, 2007, to a large crowd during the NWCA National Wrestling Duals weekend. Since then, the museum has hosted several events, including the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa, the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions, and "The Gable Edge" wrestling clinics, which were taught by Dan Gable in the new Dan Gable Teaching Center inside the museum.

The new museum has also launched a new website with several new features. Over the coming months there will new video footage of some of wrestling's greatest legends. You can check out what's going on by visiting www.wrestlingmuseum.org.

On the website you will find information about some of our Christmas specials, which incude two very rare prints of Dan Gable at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (319) 233-0745 or e-mail us at info@wrestlingmuseum.org.

Six Iowa Legends selected for Brand hall of fame, Class of 2008

Six new legends of wrestling will enter the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa on April 19, 2008. It will be the seventh class to go into the hall, which is named for former Iowa State star Glen Brand, 1948 Olympic champion.

The group includes two men who each won a pair of NCAA championships (Mike Natvig of Army by the way of Decorah and Tim Kreiger of Iowa State), another NCAA champion who became a mixed martial arts star (Mike Van Arsdale of Iowa State), and NCAA champion who is now Big Ten coach (Duane Goldman of Iowa) and two of the most respected coaches in Iowa history, (Chuck Patten and Dan Mashek).

The inductions will be held on Saturday, April 19, beginning at 1 p.m., in the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame inside the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo. It is part of a two-day weekend that includes the Dan Gable Coaching Clinic on Friday and Saturday, with some of the top coaches in the country holding sessions.

For more information, contact the wrestling museum at (319) 233-0745

Top 20 High School Wrestling Seniors Rankings

High School Wrestling Rankings

1 Mario Mason 145 New Jersey Minnesota
2 Scott Winston 160 New Jersey Rutgers
3 Michael Mangrum 152 Washington Oregon State
4 Jason Welch 171 California Northwestern
5 Nate Moore 125 Iowa Iowa
6 Jason Chamberlain 140 Utah Boise State
7 Jordan Oliver 125 Pennsylvania Oklahoma State
8 Andrew Howe 152 Indiana Wisconsin
9 Alex Meade 152 Delaware Oklahoma State
10 Jake Deitchler 145 Minnesota Minnesota
11 Brian Roddy 171 Ohio Northwestern
12 Collin Johnston 135 Pennsylvania West Virginia
13 Tyler Graff 130 Colorado Wisconsin
14 Trevor Melde 140 New Jersey Rutgers
15 Cody Yohn 171 Colorado Undecided
16 Conrad Polz 160 Illinois Ilinois
17 Quentin Wright 171 Pennsylvania Penn State
18 Tyrell Fortune 215 Oregon Undecided
19 Brian Owen 125 Washington Boise State
20 Mark Weber 130 Michigan Michigan

November 21, 2007

Top 20 High School Wrestling Freshman Rankings

High School Wrestling Rankings

1 Chris Phillips 171 Ohio
2 Andrew Camplottano 189 New Jersey
3 Destin McCauley 119 Minnesota
4 Hunter Stieber 103 Ohio
5 Jesse Thielke 103 Wisconsin
6 John Guzzo 140 New Jersey
7 Cam Tessari 112 Ohio
8 Victor Ascenscio 152 Pennsylvania
9 Nico Magalaudis 103 Pennsylvania
10 Ken Courts 130 Pennsylvania
11 Kyle Ryan 160 Ohio
12 Cam Throckmorton 103 Pennsylvania
13 Rob Deutsch 103 New Jersey
14 Austin Ormsbee 135 New Jersey
15 Matt Stephens 140 Ohio
16 Jeremy Davenport 130 Oklahoma
17 Casey LaNave 119 New York
18 Evan Silver 103 New Jersey
19 Johnni DiJulius 103 Ohio
20 Colbey Skaggs 119 Missouri

Northwestern signs Welch, Roddy, Galka

Northwestern's wrestling team has signed what is arguably its best class in school history. Coach Tim Cysewski and the Wildcats inked three incoming freshmen, including Jason Welch (Walnut Creek, Calif./Las Lomas), the number one prospect in the nation, Brian Roddy (Highland Heights, Ohio/St. Edward), the top-ranked prep wrestler nationally at 171 lbs. and Eric Galka (Hobart, Ind./Hobart), nationally the third-ranked wrestler at 130 lbs.

"This recruiting class is a testament to our current team," assistant coach Drew Pariano said. "We obviously work very hard on the recruiting end but our recent success has a big role in this incoming class."

Welch, the nation's top 160-lb. wrestler by W.I.N. Wrestling Magazine, Intermat Wrestling and Amateur Wrestling News, was named to the first-team of ASICS High School All-American Wrestling Team this season. He also voted honorable mention his sophomore year to the same team at 152 lbs. Following a junior campaign that netted a record of 50-0, Sports Focus honored him as being a top prep athlete of the Bay Area.

"Jason Welch is not only a great wrestler, he is a leader and a true student-athlete," Pariano said. "His talents really showed when he competed at the senior level as a junior during the U.S. Open and made it through to the top 16 despite wrestling against older competition."

In 2006, Welch earned a plethora of recognition as he finished first in the state at 160 lbs., first at the Ironman, first in Reno and was voted Most Outstanding Wrestler on five separate occasions. During his sophomore year, Welch compiled a record of 52-2 as he won the state title at 152 lbs., earned the top stop at the Junior Freestyle state tournament, first place at Junior FILA state titles, first in his high school section at NCS, third at the Ironman competition and first in Reno for the first of two-straight times. He was also name Most Outstanding Wrestler four times.

"Welch is an outstanding wrestler and his accomplishments speak for themselves," head coach Tim Cysewski said.

Roddy joins the team as the fifth member of the team recently recruited from St. Edward High School, and joins the corps as yet another highly-touted recruit as the top-ranked wrestler in the state of Ohio. As last year's 171-lb. state champion, Roddy accumulated a record of 38-1 along the way to earning Academic All-Ohio honors, a third-place finish at the Ironman, a Medina tournament championship and was a member of the Ohio Division I State Championship team and the 2007 High School National Championship team.

During his freshman and sophomore campaigns, Roddy had a record of 58-16, while earning two Academic All-State selections, a sectional and district championship his junior year and a place among the Junior National Freestyle All-Americans and the Cadet Freestyle All-American teams.

The third member of the 2007 recruiting class, Galka has already experienced two undefeated high school seasons with two state championships to his credit. As both a freshman and junior, Galka finished the season with perfect records of 47-0 and 48-0, respectively. Both seasons ended with state championships.

"Eric Galka is a seasoned veteran at the age of 18," Pariano said. "He trained at the Overtime School of Wrestling during his prep career and that shows us that he is committed to our sport."

His outstanding freshman season also earned him a junior freestyle state championship, Cadet Freestyle state championship and the Central Regional championship in freestyle. A year later, Galka was named Cadet National All-American at 130 lbs. and followed that up the next year with, a selection among the Junior National All-Americans at 130 and was ranked the No. 2 recruit in the state of Indiana by Intermat Wrestling.

"This class has the makings to be one of the best classes in the country. The talent level of this recruiting class is through the roof," Cysewski said.

Jason Welch
High School: Through junior year has compiled a career record of 147-7... Ranked the No. 1 recruit in the nation... Voted all three years as one of the top five high school male athletes in the East Bay, finished second his junior year... Twice wrestled to a state title in 2006-07, second place in 2005... Ironman title, Reno title his junior year... Named Most Outstanding Wrestler in five different tournaments... First-team ASICS High School All American Wrestling Team in 2007, honorable mention in 2006... Sports Focus top prep athlete of the Bay Area in 2007... First place in state in junior freestyle... Four Most Outstanding Wrestler titles sophomore year, five in 2005...Captain of first-ever undefeated football team, all-league ... Voted Outstanding Defensive Lineman of the Year... All-league and NCS Champion in soccer.

Personal: Son of Barb and John Welch... Chose Northwestern over University of Michigan, Iowa State, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Cal Poly and Arizona State.

Brian Roddy, Jr.
High School: 96-17 career high school record through junior season... Ranked No. 1 in the preseason at 171 lbs. going into 2007... 38-1 record as a junior... Won state title and Medina Tournament... Academic All-Ohio in 2005-06... Third place at the Ironman... Member of 2007 High School National Championship team... Second in state, Ironman as a sophomore at 171 lbs... Member of Ohio Division I Championships team from 2005-06... Junior National Freestyle All-American... Sixth in state as a freshman... National Honor Society member... Lettered twice in football.

Personal: Born Brian Robert Roddy Jr. on 7/7/89. Son of Monica and Brian Roddy, Sr... Chose Northwestern over Ohio State, Michigan, Stanford, and Oklahoma State

Eric Galka
High School: Third-ranked wrestler in the country coming into senior year at 130 lbs... 116-5 career record through junior year... Two undefeated seasons... 48-0 as a junior, won state title... Junior National All-American... State qualifier as a sophomore... Cadet National All-American... Cadet and Junior Regional place winner... 47-0 as a freshman... Won state title at 103 lbs... Junior Freestyle, Cadet Freestyle state champion... Central Region Freestyle champion... National Honor Society member... Two-time National Youth Champion.

Personal: Son of Maria and Mark Galka, Choose Northwestern over Cornell University, Indiana, Columbia, and Purdue.

November 19, 2007

Toughest High School WrestlingTournaments

I have been building the results pages for several of the nations toughest High School Wrestling Tournaments.

Currently, I have added pages for the Minnesota Christmas Tournament, Walsh Ironman Wrestling Tournament, Beast of the East, and The Clash.

The Clash is the only dual meet tournament I have added thus far, the other three tournaments are all early in the High School wrestling season. (Mid-December).

November 17, 2007

Asics Cael v3.0 (Navy/Silver/Gold) Review

Asics Cael v3.0 (Navy/Silver/Gold)

Asics releases the third in a series of Cael Sanderson wrestling shoes. The 2007 Asics Cael version 3.0 is the shoe worn by Olympic Gold medalist Cael Sanderson. Shoe features ASICS proprietary UniSole technology for maximum grip and an integrated lace cover.

wrestling shoes reviews are property of BigBookofWrestling and must receive written consent to republish.

Asics Cael v3.0 Review (Cyclone Red/Yellow)

Asics Cael v3.0 Review (Cyclone Red/Yellow)

Asics releases the Cael 3.0 in Cyclone Red and Yellow. The 2007 Asics Cael version 3.0 is the shoe worn by Olympic Gold medalist Cael Sanderson. Shoe features ASICS proprietary UniSole technology for maximum grip and an integrated lace cover.

wrestling shoes reviews are property of BigBookofWrestling and must receive written consent to republish.

November 16, 2007

Asics Cael v3.0 Review (Silver/Pearl/Orange)

Asics Cael v3.0 Review (Silver/Pearl/Orange)

The Cael in Orange! Many have been asking, and Asics delivers the 2007 Orange Cael. The Asics Cael version 3.0 is the shoe worn by Olympic Gold medalist Cael Sanderson. Shoe features Asics proprietary UniSole technology for maximum grip and an integrated lace cover.

wrestling shoes reviews are property of BigBookofWrestling and must receive written consent to republish.

Top High School Wrestling Events Across the Country

November 30th and December 1st
FEATURE EVENT: Top Hat Tournament, Williamsport PA. Key teams include Central Dauphin, Cumberland Valley, Erie Cathedral Prep, and Indian Valley. Featured wrestlers include Chris Albright (Red Lion), Chad Frankhouser (Indian Valley), Dylan Alton (Central Mountain), Kenny Courts (Central Dauphin), Andrew Alton (Central Mountain), Marshal Peppelman (Central Dauphin), Walter Peppelman (Central Dauphin), Brock Parker (Canton), and Jon Fausey (Line Mountain)
OTHER EVENTS: Wilson Invitational Tournament (12/1)

December 7th and 8th
FEATURE EVENT: Walsh Ironman, Cuyahoga Falls OH. This is arguably the nation’s premier tournament. Top teams include Blair Academy NJ, St Edward OH, Graham OH, Montini IL, Glenbard North IL, Christianburg VA, Colonial Forge VA, Bishop Lynch TX, Cesar Rodney DE, and Palmetto Ridge FL. Featured wrestlers include Hunter Steiber (Monroeville OH), Jamie Clark (St Edward OH), David Taylor (Graham OH), Logan Steiber (Monroeville OH), Colin Johnston (Canon-McMillan PA), Collin Palmer (St Edward OH), Mario Mason (Blair Academy NJ), Alex Meade (Cesar Rodney OH), Coby Boyd (Graham OH), Brian Roddy (St Edward OH), and Garrett Goebel (Montini IL).

December 14th and 15th
FEATURE EVENT: Beast of the East, Newark DE (12/15 and 12/16). If the Walsh Ironman is not the premier tournament in the nation, then this event for sure is. This is the 15th year for the tournament. Top teams include Blair Academy NJ, Cesar Rodney DE, Central Dauphin PA, Christianburg VA, Colonial Forge VA, Jackson Memorial NJ, McDonogh MD, Northampton PA, and Wyoming Seminary PA. Featured wrestlers include Sean Boylan (St Mark’s DE), Jarrod Garnett (Caravel Academy DE), Marshal Peppelman (Central Dauphin PA), Mario Mason (Blair Academy NJ), Walter Peppelman (Central Dauphin PA), Alex Meade (Cesar Rodney DE), Quentin Wright (Bald Eagle Area PA), Scott Winston (Jackson Memorial NJ), Erich Schmidtke (Aberdeen WA), and Glenn Carson (Southern Regional NJ).
OTHER EVENTS: Cliff Keen KC Wrestling Classic, Kansas City MO; King of the Mountain, Central Mountain PA; St Edward Super 8 Duals, Lakewood OH; Tri-State Tournament, Boise ID; Minnesota Christmas Tournament, Rochester MN
STATE TOURNAMENT: Alaska (individual)

December 21st and 22nd
FEATURE EVENT: Reno Tournament of Champions, Reno NV (12/19 and 12/20). Key teams include Easton PA, Poway CA, Catoosa OK, and Buchanan CA. Featured wrestlers are Thomas Williams (South Hills CA), Kegan Handlovic (Easton PA), Jason Chamberlain (Springville UT), RJ Pena (Sprague OR), Jacob Bailey (Wasatch UT), Jason Welch (Las Lomas CA), Joey Sheridan (Tulsa Union OK), Cody Yohn (Alamosa CO), and Hunter Collins (Gilroy CA).
OTHER EVENT: Dvorak Tournament, Machesney Park IL

December 28th and 29th
FEATURE EVENT: Powerade Christmas Tournament @ Canon-McMillan HS (PA). Key teams include Central Dauphin PA, Colonial Forge VA, Christianburg VA, Parkersburg WV, and Harrison GA. Among the featured wrestlers are Nico Megaludis (Franklin Regional PA), Shane Young (Penn Trafford PA), Colin Johnston (Canon-McMillan PA), Marshall Peppelman (Central Dauphin PA), Walter Peppelman (Central Dauphin PA), Steve Bosak (State College PA), Josh Condon (Harrison GA), Andy Thomas (Parkersburg WV), and Glenn Carson (Southern Regional NJ).
OTHER EVENTS: Bethlehem Hurricane Classic, Bethlehem PA (12/27 and 12/28); Sierra Nevada Classic, Reno NV; Manheim Holiday Wrestling Classic, Manheim PA (12/27 and 12/28); Zac Jarzynka Memorial Tournament, Oviedo FL; Brecksville Holiday Invitational Tournament, Brecksville OH; Pacific Coast Championships, Vancouver WA

January 4th and 5th
FEATURE EVENT: Clash Duals, Rochester MN. Key teams include Apple Valley MN, Glenbard North IL, Montini IL, Waverly Shell-Rock IA, Wisconsin Rapids WI, Vacaville CA, Don Bosco IA, and Kaukauna WI. Featured wrestlers include Destin McCauley (Apple Valley MN), Tony Ramos (Glenbard North IL), Mark Ballweg (Waverly Shell-Rock IA), Torey Stewart (Jackson County Central MN), Jake Deitchler (Anoka MN), Josh Condon (Harrison GA), Travis Rutt (Jackson County Central MN), Eric Thompson (Waverly Shell-Rock IA), and Garrett Goebel (Montini IL).
OTHER EVENTS: Battlefield Duals, Hayfield VA; Doc Buchanan Invitational, Clovis CA; Leipic Duals, Iowa City (West) IA

January 11th and 12th
FEATURE EVENT: Virginia Duals, Hampton VA. Key teams include Buchanan CA, Christianburg VA, Nazareth VA, and St Mark’s DE. Featured wrestlers across the tournaments are Sean Boylan (St Mark’s DE), David Klingsheim (Bethlehem Liberty CA), Andrew Williams (Tabb VA), Colin Johnston (Canon-McMillan PA), Preston Kieffer (Eastern Regional NJ), Andrew Clement (Christianburg VA), Ryan Jackson (Brookville VA), and Nick Cook (Fauquier VA).
OTHER EVENTS: Geneseo Bi-State Invitational, Geneseo IL; NHSCA Wrestling Festival (1/12), Brodheadsville PA

January 18th and 19th
FEATURE EVENT: NHSCA Final Four of Wrestling, Easton PA (1/19). This dual meet event includes Blair Academy NJ, Colonial Forge VA, Eastside SC, Easton PA, and Cesar Rodney DE. Schedule of matches: Blair v Colonial Forge, Easton v Colonial Forge, Blair v Eastside, Cesar Rodney v Colonial Forge, Easton v Eastside, Easton v Blair, and Colonial Forge v Eastside
OTHER EVENTS: Five Counties Wrestling Championships, Fountain Valley CA; Alliance Top Gun, Alliance OH; Mount Mat Madness, Cantonsville MD; Rocky Mountain Rumble, Orem UT; Winnetonka Invitational, Kansas City MO
STATE TOURNAMENT: Georgia (dual meet)

January 25th and 26th
FEATURE EVENT: St Edward OH @ Blair Academy NJ as part of a quad (1/26)
OTHER EVENT: Reser Tournament of Champions, Portland OR

February 1st and 2nd
FEATURE EVENT: District Dual Meet Championships across Pennsylvania. Especially follow the competition in districts 1, 3, 7, and 11 in the Class AAA (big-school) division.
STATE TOURNAMENT: Tennessee (dual meet)

Weekend of Sat. February 9th

DUAL MEET STATE TOURNAMENTS: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina
INDIVIDUAL STATE TOURNAMENTS: Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Arizona

Weekend of Sat. February 16th
DUAL MEET STATE TOURNAMENTS: Delaware (2/12), Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota
INDIVIDUAL STATE TOURNAMENTS: (divisional) Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont; Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington

Weekend of Sat. February 23rd
INDIVIDUAL STATE TOURNAMENTS: (open) Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont; National Preps; Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia (3A only), West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Weekend of Sat. March 1st
DUAL MEET STATE TOURNAMENTS: Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
INDIVIDUAL STATE TOURNAMENTS: New England Regional; California, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia (A/AA)

Weekend of Sat. March 8th
INDIVIDUAL STATE TOURNAMENTS: Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
**This marks the end of the high school regular season
*The Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic date has yet to be released.
*The NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships will be in St Louis MO, March 20-22
*The NHSCA High School Wrestling Championships will be in Virginia Beach VA, the Seniors event to be held March 28-30. The finals in the other three events (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) to be held March 28th (competition to start on March 26-27)

November 13, 2007

Takedown Radio set for busy week

This weekend we take our mobile Brute Adidas Studios on the road for 6 brand new episodes of Takedown Radio. Takedown Radio is now broadcast on the following internet outlets: Takedownradio.com, KXNO.com, Matchannel.com, Mat-magazine.com. Please be sure to join our regular live broadcasts every Saturday as we talk to the worlds greatest athletes. TDR is available LIVE, Archived and Pod Cast. Visit Takedownradio.com for more details.

Road Schedule- 11-14-07 to 11-19-07

11-14-07 Lehigh University Room Show- 3:30 PM Eastern
11-15-07 Bloomsburg University of PA Vs. Pitt- 6:30 PM Eastern
11-16-07 Rider University Vs. IA State- 6:00 PM Eastern
11-17-07 Cornell University- Body Bar Invitational 10:00 AM Eastern
11-18-07 Binghamton University's- Sprawl and Brawl 9:00 AM Eastern
11-19-07 Brown University Room Show- 3:00 PM Eastern

Check the broadcast times for each program. Our Guests will Include: Coaches, Wrestlers and other folks will join us throughout each of these special days.

Takedownradio.com, KXNO.com, Matchannel.com, Mat-magazine.com are our web partners. Wrestlers and MMA competitors join us each and every week. You should too! TDR is available LIVE, Archived and Pod Cast as well. Visit Takedownradio.com for more details. Thanks for listening!

November 12, 2007

Brandon Precin and Mike Benefiel win their weight classes @ EMU Open

Previous Illinois High School wrestling stars Benefiel and Precin.

Northwestern won two individual titles at the Michigan State Open on Sunday as Brandon Precin (Orland Park, Ill./Carl Sandburg) won the 125 lb. open division with a victory over Eric Morrill of Edinboro University, 2-0, in the finals and freshman Mike Benefiel (Aurora, Ill./Montini Catholic) cruised to easy victories to win the freshman/sophomore division at 174 lbs.

Benefiel defeated Blake Mesyn (Michigan State) 7-4 in the finals, while Precin earned two pins over his first two opponents, then finished his final two off without allowing a single point against him.

"Precin and Benefiel have done a fantastic job this season so far. They do everything we ask of them and more and that's why they're winning tournaments," assistant coach Drew Pariano said. "Marella also had an outstanding tournament again. He just has a few technical issues to fix and he'll be right in the thick of things this year."

Also in the freshman/sophomore division, freshmen John Schoen (Homer Glen, Ill./Marist) reached the semifinals at 197 lbs., unattached, then defeated Tyler Dickenson (Michigan State) in the consolation finals to finish in third place.

In the open division, Nick Hayes (Council Bluffs, Iowa/Lewis Central) finished second in the 174 lb. after winning four matches before bowing out due to injury to David Erwin (Penn State). Dominic Marella (Roselle, Ill./Conant) also finished second in the 165 lb. open division, winning four matches by scores of 4-0, 2-0, 10-7 and 7-3 until he fell to Indiana's Matt Coughlin. Along the way to the finals, Marella defeated Kurt Gross of Kent State, who was a national qualifier a season ago, and and All-American Keegan Mueller of UNC. Marella won his weight class at the opening meet of the year in the Eastern Michigan Open, as well.

Eric Metzler (Cleveland, Ohio/St. Edward) reached the semifinals of the 133 lb. open division bracket before falling in an 8-4 decision to Andrae Hernandez of Indiana University, who is ranked nationally in the top five. Metzler then ended up in sixth place in the division, but defeated Sean Clair of Eastern Michigan after losing to him at the Eastern Michigan Open last week.

Sophomore Robert Joyce (Sioux City, Iowa/Sioux City North) picked up five wins in the 125 lb. freshman/sophomore bracket and finished in fourth place. Again in the freshman/sophomore division, Andrew Nadhir (Bloomfield Hills, Mich./Detroit Catholic Central) won four matches at 149 lbs., leading to his fourth-place finish, as he was defeated by Mike Rappo of UNC, 14-11.

Adil Kolovic (Chicago, Ill./Niles West High School) and Mark Graves (Evansville, Ind./Reitz Memorial) battled it out in the 184 lb. division, eventually facing each other in the consolation bracket, with Kolovic winning by a 3-1 decision. The win propelled Kolovic to quarterfinals of the consolation bracket where he lost to Joshua Lewis (Eastern Michigan), 8-6.

"We won a lot of matches and we're getting stronger from week-to-week and keep improving," head coach Tim Cysewski said. "This tournament gave us another boost of confidence and the guys feel pretty good about this season. We learned a lot from last week and used it this week to continue to get some wins."

November 11, 2007

Apple Valley, MN Tom Kelliher Verbally Commits to Badgers

Apple Valley wrestler Tom Kelliher has given a verbal commitment to attend and wrestle for the University of Wisconsin in 2008-2009.

Kelliher is a three-time state runner-up and a three-time Section champion. He was 44-4 last season and is 133-12 overall with his senior year left.

He is a 2007 Guillotine Academic All-State - First Team wrestler.

Apple Valley teammate Matt Mincey gave a verbal commitment in June to attend and wrestle for the University of Minnesota next year. Other recent Apple Valley high school wrestlers who are currently competing at the Division I level include Charlie Falck (Iowa) and Steve Larson (Air Force).

November 7, 2007

American University's Josh Glenn poised for run at second straight NCAA title

Brad Vering’s first encounter on the mat against Josh Glenn was not a pleasant one.

Glenn did not seem to care a whole lot that Vering was a past NCAA champion who also has competed in the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

“The first time I wrestled him he threw me right on my back,? Vering said. “I thought ‘Holy cow, this kid is an animal.’ He has really long arms, he’s really funky and he’s an unbelievable pinner. He has a lot of moves he can catch you with.?

Vering, a 2007 World silver medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, has seen first-hand just how tough, talented and tenacious Glenn is on the wrestling mat. Vering serves as a part-time coach at American University.

The talented, explosive Glenn has taken full advantage of the influences of Vering, American head coach Mark Cody and assistant coach Joe Henson. Glenn finished the 2006-07 college season perched atop the medal stand after winning the NCAA title at 197 pounds at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Mich.

“Winning the national title was everything I expected it to be – it was great,? Glenn said. “I have had a lot of great coaches who helped me get to that point. They’ve just been tremendous.?

Now Glenn takes aim at repeating his historic feat. He starts this season ranked No. 1 and hopes to end it that way at the 2008 NCAA Championships in St. Louis.

Cody marvels at what Glenn achieved last March in becoming the first NCAA champion in American’s history.

“Josh does 100 percent of what you ask of him and he takes everything to heart,? Cody said. “Wrestlers like that are few and far between. He basically lives the life of a champion. He doesn’t drink, and he’s very disciplined outside the room. He eats well and takes care of himself. He’s a very nice, very likeable person who is very down to earth.

“He’s also an excellent student – a double major who carries a 3.2 GPA. And he really is a great leader for us. He wants the other guys on the team to win just as much as he does.?

Glenn entered the 2006 NCAA Championships in Oklahoma City as the No. 1 seed at 184 pounds. He was upset 8-7 in the semifinals by eventual champion Shane Webster of Oregon. Glenn finished fourth.

“Josh was wrestling with a pretty substantial injury,? Cody said. “He had two tears in his labrum in his shoulder.?

After underdoing shoulder surgery, Glenn bumped up to 197 last season. He entered the NCAAs as the No. 2 seed behind Missouri freshman Max Askren. Glenn avenged his only loss of the season by downing Iowa State’s Kurt Backes in the finals.

Glenn pulled out a 6-4 win over Backes in overtime. Backes had pinned Glenn earlier in the season in the semifinals at the Midlands Championships.

The national title Glenn won has done wonders for the American program.

“Kids see what Josh did and know now that they can go to American University and win a national championship,? Cody said.

Glenn now is trying to become the school’s first two-time national champion.

“Josh is constantly looking to improve and get better,? Cody said. “Even when he wins, he is looking for ways to become a better wrestler. He is a real student of the sport.?

Glenn was asked how different it will be competing as a returning national champion this year.

“I don’t think it’s going to be any different,? he said. “What I do this year isn’t going to change because of what I’ve done in the past. I will just keep doing what I do.?

So what makes Glenn so successful?

“Josh is very dangerous,? Cody said. “He has several different attacks on the feet. If you get in a scramble with him he usually ends up on top. He’s very well-versed in the top and bottom positions as well. He’s very explosive and can score from any position on the mat.?

Over the past two seasons, Glenn has scored bonus points in 40 of his 61 wins. He recorded a major decision and two pins en route to the NCAA finals last season.

Glenn is 91-12 in his college career.

Glenn has taken full advantage of the athletic scholarship he earned at American University, which is located in Washington, D.C. He has a double major in pre-Law and U.S. foreign policy. He interned this past summer for an intelligence organization in Washington.

Glenn is one of three returning national qualifiers for American. Sophomores Mike Cannon (165) and Kyle Borshoff (141) are the others. Cannon is ranked eighth by Wrestling International Newsmagazine.

Glenn, from Johnson City, N.Y., came to American University after winning a New York state title in 2003. He placed fourth at Senior High School Nationals. Glenn, who was not heavily recruited, said he also drew interest from Hofstra and North Carolina.

“I ended up at American because of Cody,? Glenn said. “He’s such a great person. I knew he was sincere from the beginning. He told me what he expects from his athletes and he told me I would get a great education. He’s a great guy and has put together a great coaching staff. Joe Henson has done a great job as well.?

Cody has long been considered one of the best big-man coaches in the country. In addition to coaching Glenn and Vering, Cody also has worked with top big men like Olympic and World champion Rulon Gardner, Olympic and World silver medalist Matt Lindland, and NCAA champion and World bronze medalist Tolly Thompson.

Cody worked with Vering, Gardner, Lindland and Thompson when he was the top assistant coach at Nebraska.

“Cody definitely knows what he’s doing,? Glenn said. “He’s had a huge influence on our whole team.?

Glenn redshirted his first year at American before winning 29 matches and being named EIWA Freshman of the Year in 2005. He was an NCAA qualifier before placing fourth and first in the country the past two seasons.

Glenn said he appreciates what Vering has done for him.

“Brad has had a tremendous impact on me,? Glenn said. “He’s so positive - when he walks into the wrestling room he gets everybody fired up. He really motivates us. For me, you couldn’t ask for a better workout partner who challenges you. He’s done a lot for my career.?

Cody praised the work Vering has done with Glenn.

“Brad Vering put the icing on the cake for Josh Glenn," Cody said. “He has been his workout partner, his mentor, his coach. He made it possible for Josh to win a national championship. Brad definitely has been a huge factor in Josh's success. Brad’s an unbelievable motivator.?

Vering said he enjoys working with Glenn. Vering, who lives in Colorado Springs, spends about one week a month working with the athletes at American University. He fits in trips to Washington, D.C., around his own schedule as a World class athlete.

“Josh is such a great kid,? Vering said. “He listens to you and he eats up every second that we’re together. I really respect him for that. He’s really smart about what he takes from me and uses in his own wrestling. We have a really good relationship.?

Vering said he would like to see Glenn give international wrestling a shot after he finishes his collegiate career.

“Josh is real good on his feet,? Vering said. “He’s real explosive and he can pick people apart. He’s a hard worker. If he wanted to, he could do real well internationally.?

Glenn said that definitely is an option.

“I am thinking about wrestling freestyle,? he said. “I had a chance to come out to Colorado for a week this summer and train at the Olympic Training Center. It was a real good experience, so we’ll see what happens.?

November 5, 2007

Coaches building wrestlers from young ages

When practices for the Lancaster Youth Wrestling program get under way Nov. 12, the first- through sixth-grade wrestlers might not know it, but they're building for the future.

"It gets kids interested young and lets them know that there's an alternative to playing basketball," Lancaster High School wrestling coach Eric Pennycuff said. "It can light a fire in them for the sport early on."

Lighting that fire is the job of youth wrestling coaches, like Sean Gunther, who head up the programs that are a part of various peewee wrestling leagues in Fairfield County and beyond.
Sometimes the youngest of participants have to work through the frustration of learning a new sport that can be difficult to master.

'The first year, it's trying to get them to understand that wrestling is different than a lot of the other biddy sports," Gunther said. "A lot of times they can get very emotional."

The Lancaster Youth Wrestling program is less than 10 years old, but the youngsters that have stuck with the sport after sixth grade are now starting to make their mark at the later levels.

"Of the juniors and seniors we've got, I would say probably seven or eight of them came from our peewee program," Pennycuff said. "With the freshmen and sophomores, a majority of them come from the peewee program."

The numbers are typically strong at near 50 to 60 kids at the six grade levels for Gunther. The size of the practice squad can sometimes be challenging to manage.

"It can be difficult when you have that many kids at different skill levels," Gunther said. "What's nice is there are so many different styles."

Those styles are put to the test against eight other teams that make up Lancaster's youth league, the Southeast Ohio Youth Wrestling League.

Fairfield County peewee teams from Amanda-Clearcreek, Bloom-Carroll and Fairfield Union also compete in the SEOYWL.

Giving constructive criticism along with positive reinforcement is a delicate balance that youth coaches have to master.

"When they get done wrestling, I try to tell them something they need to work on and something they did well," Gunther said. "They learn a lot through drilling, and depending on the age of the kids, you have to know when to pull back."

Though taking charge of a sizeable group of young wrestlers can be daunting, Gunther said he is in it for some simple but very powerful reasons.

"Seeing the smiles on kids' faces when they win," Gunther said. "When they get their first win, their expression of emotion speaks volumes for the sport,"

"We had a wrestler last year who didn't win a match all season, but he got a win in the tournament, and he just went crazy. You love to see that."

Pennycuff said that hopefully the junior high and high school programs in Lancaster can schedule meets that include peewee competitions as well.

"It's important that we stay in touch, because what they do is important to us, and they're doing it on a volunteer basis," Pennycuff said.

Even if the children who participate in the peewee wrestling program don't stick with the sport, the skills they learn on the mats could prove useful elsewhere.

"It will help them if they play football or soccer or other sports," Gunther said. "It teaches them how to control their body as far as footwork, and they start to understand leverage and body position."

Gunther said the percentage who stay with the program after their first year is typically 75 or 80 percent.

"Some kids try it and find it's a little more difficult than they expected and they go and try a different sport," Gunther said.

The idea of programs like Lancaster Youth Wrestling and other area teams is to prepare the young grapplers for the tough competition they will face down the road.

Pennycuff said he believes the peewee program that gives Lancaster High School many of its wrestlers has done just that.

"I think they know more of what the sport's about," Pennycuff said. We had kids come in years ago and think this was like the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Now they have the basics down and they're ready to go."

November 4, 2007

Minnesota Gopher wrestlers Jayson Ness, Dustin Schlatter and Roger Kish will compete in the 2007 National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) All-Star Classic, the premier one-day collegiate wrestling event in the country. The 43-year old competition will take place on Monday, Nov. 19 at the University of Oregon’s McArthur Court in Eugene, Ore.

Including the defending national champion Gophers’ three participants, the field will welcome six top-ranked wrestlers, eight second-ranked seeds and four third-ranked selections from the recent Intermat / USA Today preseason national rankings. It will also include 18 All-Americans from the 2006 NCAA Championships, which includes all three of Minnesota’s representatives.

The University of Oregon announced this July that the wrestling program would be eliminated after the 2007-08 season to revive the baseball team and to satisfy Title IX compliance issues.

Ness, an All-American sophomore out of Bloomington, Minn., will take on defending national champion Paul Donahue of Nebraska in the opening match of the event at 125 pounds. Ness sports a 2-0 career record against the junior, earning an 11-5 decision at the Kaufman-Brand Open 11/11/06 and an 8-6 dual meet win Feb. 11 of last season. Donahue upset Sam Hazewinkel of Oklahoma to win the 2007 national championship at 125 pounds. Ness is No. 4 in the Intermat preseason poll, while Donahue claims the No. 1 spot.

Dustin Schlatter is a two-time All-American and ranked No. 1 at 149 pounds in the current Intermat / USA Today preseason poll. After winning the national championship as a freshman in 2006, Schlatter had a 65-match winning streak snapped in the quarterfinals of last season’s NCAA Championships and finished in third place for the eventual national champion Gophers. His opponent, Josh Churella of Michigan, is a two-time All-American and was the runner-up at last year’s national championships. Schlatter owns a 2-0 career record against Churella, with both of those victories coming last season. Schlatter defeated Churella 3-2 for the 2007 Big Ten Championship.

The match-up at 184 pounds will be a fierce one between the Gophers’ Kish and Jake Varner of Iowa State. Kish and Varner have met three times in their careers, with all three matches coming last season. Kish earned a 7-2 dual meet win over Varner Dec. 8 of last season and followed that with a 5-2 decision at the 2007 National Duals, before falling 4-2 in the 2007 NCAA national semifinals. Varner fell to Northwestern’s Jake Herbert in the national title match, while Kish earned his second All-American certificate with a third-place finish. Varner and Kish are No. 1 and 2 in the recent Intermat preseason rankings.

In the 2006 NWCA All-Star Classic, held in Dallas, Texas, Schlatter defeated Matt Storniolo (Oklahoma) and Kish was topped by Northwestern’s Hebert. Previous Gopher participants 43rd annual event in the include Cole Konrad (2005), Brock Lesnar (2000), Leroy Vega (2000) and current Gopher assistant coaches Brandon Eggum (2000) and Marty Morgan (1990).

Below is a list of the entire 2007 NWCA All-Star Classic field:

125: Paul Donahoe (Nebraska) vs. Jayson Ness (Minnesota)
133: Tyler McCormick (Missouri) vs. Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State)
141: Charles Griffin (Hofstra) vs. Nathan Morgan (Oklahoma State)
149: Dustin Schlatter (Minnesota) vs. Josh Churella (Michigan)
157: Craig Henning (Wisconsin) vs. Mike Poeta (Illinois)
165: Eric Tannenbaum (Michigan) vs. TBA
174: Keith Gavin (Pittsburgh) vs. Matt Stolpinski (Navy)
184: Jake Varner (Iowa State) vs. Roger Kish (Minnesota)
197: Phil Davis (Penn State) vs. Mike Tamillow (Northwestern)
285: Tervel Dlagnev (Nebraska-Kearney) vs. Dustin Fox (Northwestern)

The Golden Gophers will begin their national title defense on Nov. 10 when they travel to Fargo, N.D. for the Bison Open. Minnesota’s dual meet season starts on Dec. 2 against 2006-07 national runner-ups Iowa State.

November 1, 2007

Kent Sesker, Jim, TJ Miller to go On the Mat

This week’s edition of “On the Mat? will feature Kent Sesker, Jim Miller and T.J. Miller.

Sesker is currently the marketing director at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum, as well as a high school and college official. Sesker – who will enter his 15th season as an official – will discuss upcoming rule changes at the high school and college level as well as interpretation of rules.

Jim Miller is the head wrestling coach at Wartburg and is considered one of top wrestling coaches in the nation. Since taking over at Wartburg in 1991, his teams have compiled a 286-28-3 dual meet record, won 15 consecutive Iowa Conference championships and placed first or second in the nation 13 of the past 15 years. In 2004, he was recipient of the Dan Gable all-division Coach of the Year award as selected by W.I.N. magazine.

In college, Miller won two NCAA Division II titles and was a two-time NCAA Division I All-American for Northern Iowa. Miller’s son, T.J., is currently a senior at Wartburg. T.J. won an NCAA title at 197 pounds last year and is a two-time All-American.

“On the Mat? is a weekly wrestling radio program that airs every Wednesday night. This week’s broadcast can be heard live from 5-6 p.m. Central Standard Time. The Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Waterloo, Iowa, hosts the show.

“On the Mat? can be heard live on the Internet at www.kcnzam.com or locally in Northeast Iowa on 1650, The Fan. Feel free to e-mail radio@wrestlingmuseum.org with questions or comments about the show.