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June 29, 2008

2008 Cadet National Duals Freestyle Tournament Team

The 2008 Cadet National Duals Freestyle All Tournament Team:

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84 lbs.
Nick Roberts of Pennsylvania A went 10-0

91 lbs.
Josh Walker of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0
Cory Clark of Iowa went 8-0
Zack Abkemeier of Oklahoma 2 went 6-0

98 lbs.
Davey Dolan of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0
Conner Mullins of Indiana went 9-0

105 lbs.
Cody Brewer of Missouri 1 went 10-0
Eddie Klimara of Illinois went 10-0

112 lbs.
Chase Ferman of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0
Devin Carter of Virginia went 7-0

119 lbs.
Jesse Thielke of Wisconsin went 10-0
Zachary Waldrop of Texas went 7-0
Evan Silver of Maryland went 6-0

125 lbs.
Aaron Runzo of Virginia went 7-0
Drew Lexvold of Minnesota 1 went 7-0
Evan Silver of Maryland went 6-0

130 lbs.
Jordan Wohlfert of Michigan went 7-0
Aaron Runzo of Virginia went 7-0

135 lbs.
Justin DeAngelis of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0

140 lbs.
Pat Greco of Illinois went 6-0

145 lbs.
Anthony Baldosaro of New Jersey went 9-0

152 lbs.
Mark Havers of Pennsylvania A went 10-0

160 lbs.
Ronnie Balfour of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0

171 lbs.
Roland Dunlap of Wisconsin went 10-0
Ronnie Balfour of Oklahoma 1 went 10-0
Levi Clemons of Florida went 8-0

189 lbs.
Andrew Campolattana of New Jersey went 9-0
Scott Schiller of North Dakota went 7-0
Max Adair of Oklahoma 1 went 6-0
Matt Lowe of New York went 6-0

215 lbs.
Cody Krumwiede of Iowa went 10-0
Hayden Bock of Missouri 1 went 10-0
Andrew Campolattana of New Jersey went 9-0
Payton DeCoteau of North Dakota went 7-0
Cody Davis of Texas went 7-0
Max Adair of Oklahoma 1 went 6-0

285 lbs.
Austin Blythe of Iowa went 7-0
Karl Green of Maryland went 7-0
Mike Shoff of Nebraska went 6-0

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June 23, 2008

Deitchler's ready for the Olympics

Wrestling in the Olympics has always been Jake’s goal. I knew it would happen some day. I didn’t think it would happen at 18 years old,? said Jason Deitchler, who won the state Class A heavyweight title as a senior at Park Rapids in 1988. “We figured he might have a chance to make it in 2012. Jake has such a passion for wrestling. He can accomplish anything he wants, but it was still a shock that he made it. It was a lot of fun. Everybody who knows him around Park Rapids is excited.?

Deitchler needed four come-from-behind victories at the Thomas and Mack Center to earn his Olympic berth.

In his first match, Deitchler defeated Shannon Slack 1-5, 4-1, 8-1. In the semifinals, Deitchler rallied to defeat 24-year-old Harry Lester 0-5, 5-2, 5-3. Lester, a two-time world bronze medalist, was favored to win a medal at the Olympics this year. Lester retired from wrestling following the U.S. Olympic trials.

Deitchler capped off his tournament run by defeating 32-year-old Faruk Sahin in the best-of-three finals. Deitchler won the first match 0-5, 7-4, 1-1 and claimed the Olympic berth with a 2-3, 7-5, 3-0 victory in the second match. Deitchler trailed 5-0 in the second period of the second match before scoring 7 straight points to spark the win.

“Harry Lester, I thought, could win a gold medal for us in Beijing, for sure. He’s that good,? U.S. Greco-Roman coach Steve Fraser told the Associated Press. “He (Deitchler) did it on his conditioning, he outwrestled everybody, he was in everybody’s face. He got Harry Lester tired, he got Faruk Sahin tired. That’s how you beat a guy who has better skills, you take him out of his game and get him tired.?

“We knew he had a shot if he wrestled the way he can,? said Jason Deitchler. “The guys there are good and have more experience. But they weren’t used to Jake’s pace. He’s young and aggressive and he has a huge heart. He got beat in every first period, but he won every second and third period. He gave it everything he had.?

Having success on the mats is nothing new for Deitchler.

After going 15-17 as a seventh grader, Deitchler compiled a 31-14 record and finished sixth at 112 pounds at the state Class AAA tournament as an eighth grader. As a freshman, Deitchler went 32-6 and placed fifth at 125 pounds at the state Class AAA tournament.

His final three years in high school resulted in three state titles and a 123-1 record.

Deitchler went 45-1 and won his first state title at 140 pounds as a sophomore and followed with a 40-0 record and a state title at 145 as a junior. Deitchler capped off his high school career with a 38-0 record and the state title at 152 pounds. Deitchler ended his high school career with 111 consecutive victories and a school-record 201 victories.

Deitchler, who was the Greco-Roman Junior National Champion in 2007, prepared for earning a spot on the U.S. Olympic team with a runner-up showing at the U.S. Nationals.

That gave Deitchler a shot at wrestling in the Olympic trials. And the 18-year-old took advantage to become the first high school wrestler to make the U.S. Olympic team since Mike Farina Greco-Roman in 1976. The only other high school wrestler to make the U.S. Olympic team was Jimmy Carr in freestyle in 1972.

Making the U.S. Olympic team has made Deitchler a celebrity. Deitchler spent Thursday and Friday in New York City doing several interviews for various media.

Deitchler will head to the Olympic training center in Colorado until July 19 and will fly to Beijing on July 28. The opening ceremonies begin Aug. 8 with Deitchler making his Olympic debut Aug. 13.

After shocking the American wrestling community by making the U.S. Olympic team, Deitchler will be looking to shock the world by bringing home an Olympic medal.

“He won a high school state championship, and the next day he’s on our (U.S. training center) mat in Colorado Springs. Every chance he can come and get better, he’s there. He’s already told us he wants to come in early for the Olympics,? Fraser told the AP. “I think it was a surprise to everybody. But the kid’s got some great hunger and I know he’s going to go to the Olympics and wrestle his heart out.?

“Jake’s goal is to win it,? said Jason Deitchler. “He beat Lester, who was considered the best Greco wrestler in the world at that weight class. His coaches believe he can do it. Everything has to fall into place, but if he performs at the level he’s capable of performing at, he can do it. Jake wants to win a gold medal for the United States.?

Jake has his eyes on the prize!

June 1, 2008

Longtime High School Wrestling Coach Says Religious Controversy Sparked Firing

A high school wrestling coach in a Michigan city known for its large Arab community says he’s being forced out of his job of 35 years on trumped up allegations he allowed his assistant, a local clergyman, to try converting students to Christianity.

The coach, Jerry Marszalek, told FOXNews.com he thinks the decision to not renew his contract with the school in Dearborn, Mich., just one year shy of his retirement is political. He said the principal, who is a Muslim, is bending to what Marszalek sees as unfounded complaints by a Muslim parent.

“This all started about three years ago when my volunteer assistant was released for religious dealings that he had in the community,“ Marszalek said.

According to Marszalek, Fordson High School accused the assistant, Trey Hancock, of using his position with the wrestling team to proselytize Muslim youths, and the school ordered Marszalek to “keep Hancock and his family away from the other children,? the coach said.

Marszalek said he never saw Hancock talk to the students about religion, “but I still complied. ... I even told his wife she couldn’t work the concession stand anymore.?

But Hancock has a son on the team, so the school could not prevent him from coming to the meets as a parent. And though Hancock only came to support his son, Marszalek said, another father who attended the meets continuously complained to the principal that the coach didn't do enough to keep Hancock away from the students.

Dearborn Schools' spokesman David Mustonen confirmed that principal Imad Fadlallah decided not to renew Marszalek’s contract but said it has nothing to do with Hancock.

“Jerry Marszalek is a non-union employee…If we have a union member, a teacher that’s part of the union, they are given priority to people from the outside when it comes to coaching positions. We had an assistant coach who was a union member and had expressed interest in the job, so he was given priority,? Mustonen said.

Marszalek claims he got a different story at a meeting with school officials, including Fadlallah, who admitted it was all about Hancock and cited the parent’s complaints.

FOXNews.com was unable to reach Fadlallah for a comment.

Jerry Marszalek said he hasn’t decided whether to pursue legal action against the school.