November 24, 2007

Instructions for preventing spread of MRSA-CA and other Infectious Skin Diseases

These instructions are based on recommendations from Center for Disease Control and numerous NCAA Athletic Departments.

Instructions to Athletes:
• Shower with hot water no later than 30 minutes after practice using liquid soap rather than bar soap
• Never re-use clothing after it has been worn once for practice
• Never Share towels, clothes or equipment
• Wipe down equipment weekly with a disinfectant spray weekly (10% Bleach solution or commercially prepared solution that is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal)
• Show all pimples, boils, spider bites, lacerations and abrasions to Athletic Trainer/Coach immediately
• Clean Wrestling mats no more than 60 minutes before practice and immediately after practice
• Have all open wounds or draining wounds covered by Occlusive Dressing such as Tagaderm

Instructions to Administrators:
• Educate all staff, coaches, parents and athletes about CDC guidelines using the “Am I Disqualified?? DVD from
• Increase surveillance of “spider bites? pimples and boils by Athletic Trainer or Coach and Document observations
• Insist that all draining wounds be referred to physician and cultured to identify bacteria
• Identify all CA-MRSA carriers with nasal cultures
• Encourage frequent hand hygiene by parents and Athletes
• Use a 3 percent hexachlorophene or 4 percent chlorhexidine in soap dispensers
• Make alcohol based hand sanitizers available in classrooms, practice fields and areas without access to soap and water
• Use disposable towels on the field during practice and tournaments.
• Inspect cleaning procedures for all equipment and facilities before and after issuing
• Wrestling Mats should be cleaned no more than 30 minutes before practice and immediately after practice
• Exercise equipment should be cleaned after each practice.
• Never issue any equipment until it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
• Ensure that water used for laundry and showers is at least 140 degrees
• Isolate an athlete with identified Infectious skin disease from contact with other players until wound is healed and dry.
• Educate players about possible consequence of these infections and showing them pictures of wounds that have gone untreated

Dan Gable