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I enjoyed Harmony's talk, I found her work with the feminist movement to be very intriguing and informational. However her background information did not seem very personal it almost seemed too planned and almost choppy, nonetheless very informational and important to her work. I was not aware of Harmony so listening to her story made me so proud of her (sounds a bit cheesy) but while I listened to her speak I was so happy for her and other women.

Another factor I thought was valuable to her talk, was her explanation of what feminist art meant to her, I thought it to be most interesting because it was very personal and allowed me to look at her work from the artist's point of view. Harmony's talk was beneficial to me because she explained her background and the thoughts that went into her work and made me aware of how her art is important.

The way she explained her use of fabric on the stretched canvas was beautifully stated, she said that the fabric pieces against the canvas creates brush strokes. I loved how she also referred to her wrapped pieces as bodies and the paint was to represent the skin of the bodies.

When Harmony spoke about each of her pieces she stated how she thought of each of them as paintings. I thought this to be interesting because she considers herself a painter, yet she uses fabric, paint, and other things to create 3-D works of art.


Yeah, I thought that Harmony Hammond’s idea of referring to her works as bodies and the paint as skin was very interesting as well. It definitely made you see things as she does. In a way, she’s assuming a creator-aspect with her works. I wasn’t sure about what I thought about her calling all of her works paintings. Maybe she had some point, but it just struck me as rather affected.

I also agree that it was odd that she referred to her works as paintings. Personally, I think her early works such as the hermaphrodite figures and the giant geometric shapes painted on canvas were paintings. Her more recent work seems to be more sculptural and she has painted them. I too enjoyed that she referred to her work as bodies; it seemed to give them more character as I looked at the closer.

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