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Harmony Hammond's talk was very interesting yet inspirational. This was actually my first time seeing and listening to a feminist artist talking about her work. I was always interested in the varieties of work that portrays the role of a woman, physically and emotionally. The most inspiring work from Harmony Hammond's was using different kinds of medium by putting her progress of her biography. Starting from painting, then moved into sculpture and utilizing cloth for an interesting feel of texture. I think using the varieties of the medium in Harmony Hammond's unified really well in terms of colors and texture which I can feel the equal connection between her biography and the work itself together. Out of all of her works, the utilization of fabric and clothes to feel the rigid texture and color was one of the most inspiring works of Harmony Hammond. The work definitely portrayed her feelings into a precise abstract form. Although, it was hard to understand the piece at first by looking, but as she explained her work I was able to understand better.
The collaborative work with another feminist art was very inspiring also. It was rather interesting how the feminist artist collaborate to create the innovative work of art to emphasize the icon of a woman.

Evelyn Kim

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I definitely agree with you with how Harmony Hammond’s most inspirational work with when she used all sorts of different mediums. I feel like she is a pretty dynamic artist and isn’t afraid to wander away from her original methods such as moving from painting to sculpting. I know a few people who are a little too comfortable with their talents of painting or drawing and are seemingly unwilling to try new things such as sculpting. It was really refreshing to hear all about her work and some of the reasons behind her changes from one artistic method to another.
I also enjoyed her combined work with other female artists, it showed that she was not only confident in the work that she was doing but she was confident in other female artists of her time as well. Harmony Hammond was a strong feminist supporter and her work with others definitely showed that. I also liked some of the history she gave about the women that she worked with and how they functioned together as a group and not just has successful individuals.

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