Harmony Hammond (response by Nina Allen)


I found that the talk by Harmony Hammond was very inspirational. I have been very interested in working with other artist as a team and have found it can be very beneficial to create a strong network. She spoke of her collaborative work and her interactions with other artists.
I felt like her talk was presented more as a biography and it may have been more interesting to hear her speak of her processes. When she began to move to the end of her talk she was rushed because she spend a lot of time talking about her life. She began to describe the materials but then simply said, "You can see the materials." I wanted to hear more about her progressions and her processes.
I enjoyed that she brought up that many artists do not have the opportunity to have their own showing and are often over looked. She explained that the world of art is more excepting of female artist and those of different sexual identities in current times. I think she helped open the paths for other female artist and those who are not heterosexual.

-Nina Allen


I agree that the talk was inspirational, but I also wish she had talked more about her process in coming up with ideas for her work. It was interesting how she said that often the materials in a work can influence the viewer’s perception of the work as much as the actual form and visual quality, but then she didn’t discuss her own materials and process very much. Maybe she discusses it somewhere online!
-Bailey Haack

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