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Hi everyone,

Just in case you are new to U Think I have added instructions for adding posts below, including information on adding categories which will make my task a lot easier.

When you log into UThink you will see at the top a tab that says "system overview", if you click here you should see a drop down with our blog listed. Click on the name of the blog (visiting artists program) and to the right will appear a red tab labelled "write entry". Click on that and you're off.

On the right side of the page where you create your post there is a box titled "categories", in here I have created a category for every event in the schedule. When you create your comment, please check the appropriate category in the box.

Thanks, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


P.S. you will need to go here: to log in.


I wish I could say this was helpful, but I am still lost. If we are reading this post, aren't we already in the Visiting Artists Program blog? I see the categories on the right but they are not clickable, and I don't see the "write entry" space. Please tell me what I am missing? Sorry to be so dense. Thanks!
- Allison

Ok, please ignore above comment. Good rest and the light of morning seem to have clarified things - at least a little bit. I'm sure I'll get the hang of this eventually.

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