Harmony Hammond

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Having never before attended a talk by a visiting artist, I did not expect so many people to be there. But I guess that could be mostly due to the notoriety of the speaker and the personal importance of the topic. It seems that most of the people there had been following WARM since it was first started in the 70's. It was very interesting to hear about how women had to fight for this little piece of the world. I had never before considered how difficult it must have been for women to make a living with art simply because they were not thought to be good at it. I can only imagine the amount of work and dedication these women had to put into their passion for art simply in order to have the right and recognition for creating it.
It makes sense then, once they got a way to show off their art, that they put such a large focus on art that was so obviously done by women. But I did appreciate Hammond's work even though most of it was not at first glance obviously created by a woman. I appreciated how she communicated feminist feelings and ideals in an abstract way. What I liked most was her focus on the body in an abstract way. Hearing her description of her layered pieces added a lot of significance to them. The abstract imagery of a body with skin was very delicately communicated with the rough layers of paint and straps and grommets. I am glad to have the new, deeper level of understanding of her pieces gained form hearing her speak.

Erin Persons

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