Panel Discussion-- W.A.R.M.


The talk intrigued me and I think the entire audience, because I felt everyone was so eager to say what they thought or how they felt. It was great to see so many people from the community at the discussion, people young and old attended. I enjoyed listening to the history of W.A.R.M. and how it had been through so many transitions and how women fought so hard for their thoughts, ideas, and creative processes to be heard. One thing that surprised me was how the organization was still fighting in the present, Bethany spoke about them having to find on their own places to have exhibitions and gallery space, which I was sad to hear about. I feel that the organization needs an established gallery space if they want to continue fighting for women artists, they need a concrete space is vital to show work often. One point in the night, I believe she was a part of W.A.R.M., told her story about when she was an undergrad showing her works, images of nude women, and she and the school had received letters telling them to take down her art work and the art director of the school wrote back explaining that they were going to continue to keep the work on display. I can hardly believe that such a short time ago these women were making history. Many of the women who talked told the audience that they feel a necessity to count the number of female artists works being displayed every time they attend an exhibit, and that the MIA shows less than 5% of women's art. Elizabeth explained that young woman must create and put their work in the public for people to see!

-Kortney Formanek


The one thing I did find interesting about these women's stories is that they were making history. I had not though of it those terms before I read your post, but they really were. It is so easy to take for granted the culture we live in now. So it is interesting to hear first hand how it came to be the way it is. It was good of these women to share their stories with a younger generation so as to not loose the sense that what we have now took a lot of effort to gain.

I too was very touched by the amount of passion these elderly ladies were able to endow the audience with. Their exhortations should definitely not go unheeded by our generations of artists, male and female. With the influence that these women have had on history, we will be sure to remember them for decades, nay, centuries, to come.

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