Panel Discussion( Visiting Artist Program #2)

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The panel discussion responding the artist Harmony Hammad and the overall female artist was very interesting. Through this discussion, I was very intrigued how the female's artist in Minnesota are very active through forming an organization such as the Arts Core Program for Women and the Women's Art Registry of Minnesota to fully represent the female artist in the community. I felt that each person who stood on the panel were very passionate about advocating and reaching out the female artist to the public and I was highly respected about their passion and their hard work.
I guess one of my favorite parts of this discussion panel was the question and answer section. Through this question and answer section, I was able to understand the struggles and the obstacles that the female artist had to go through. Each paricipants had their different stories and opinions which made me very interested knowing the person individually.
Throughout this panel I noticed that the Women's Art Registry of Minnesota does not have the gallery of their own. I hope in the future the W.A.R.M will have the chance to have their own gallery which will be a great opportuinuty for the female artist to present their own work.
The panel discussion was a great opportunity for me to fully understand the environment and the atmosphere of the female artist through this coummunity. To be honest, I did not know there was a artist that was called "feminist art" but along with the Harmony Hammad's talk and the discussion taught me alot about the feminist artist.

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