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I found the panel discussion to be very interesting and inspiring, because each of the ladies that spoke seemed to be very passionate and engaged in the programs that they talked about. I personally never knew that programs such as the Arts Core Program, WARM, and the Women's Art Institute existed. I found it kind of sad that WARM does not have their own building to meet in and they have to travel around to meet and show art work. Hopefully they will be able to raise funds to have a more permanent location for their future events. As each of the panel members talked, I felt their overwhelming passion for these programs. It was nice to hear their different perspectives, Carol Fischer and Elizabeth Erickson being more experienced in these assemblages because of their many years of participation and Bethany Whitehead having a newer but still passionate look on these programs. Like Carol and Elizabeth said, they did start these collaborations like WARM before Bethany was even born, but it is great that younger generations are here to continue these gatherings. They obviously have a lot of support within based on the audience at the discussion I did notice I was sitting by a lot of WARM members.
Something I found to be pretty interesting was when the panel opened their discussion up to the audience, an older woman posed a point that she didn't like that young women these days are going out for sports such as hockey and basketball and they are getting more funds than art programs and she seemed to suggest that these funds be shared with the arts community. This bugged me a bit, because not only do I participate in the art community but I am a female athlete. I don't find there to be any connection between funds for arts and sports, but as a female in either area there aren't much funds to go around. I liked the fact that Bethany quickly pointed out that WARM has done events at Lynx basketball games, yet the Lynx, too, don't have their own place and that they have to share a stadium that is predominantly used for the Timberwolves. It was nice that Bethany was able to voice that like the female art community there are struggles in the female sporting community.
-Moriah Kelly


To: Moriah Kelly
I would have to agree that the discussion panel of speakers were very passionate and interesting, But the older woman in the audience bug me as while. I was not sure what point she was trying to make? It was almost as if she was saying that woman can only have one direction in life and sport are a waste of time. I think people can have many roles in life. I also think that there are funds available for both causes (arts and sports.) Also for a large feminist group of people I was also wondering why she was post the such a question.
-Nina A.


The passion of the speakers was quite wonderful indeed. Upon leaving the discussion, I felt very inspired to continue to create work myself as a female artist. I agree with your sadness about WARM not having their own gallery space. Bethany did not seem to mind this though and I was curious as to why that was. She spoke about the times changing, therefore the organization needed change--but I do not see the option of gallery space as part of that.

Bethany did make a nice come back to the audience member that spoke about sports. There definitely is much more funding put into sports than there is arts, but people enjoy the competitive & active world too so we should not eliminate sports funding as that lady seemed to be suggesting.


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