Visiting Artist #2 Panel ( Response By: Nina A. )

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The panel discussion was very interesting and they all brought wonderful incite from different areas of the art community. I enjoyed hearing about the WARM (Women's Art Registry of Minnesota) approach to the beginning in the 1970's and how it seemed that they were now face with the same struggles. I think it is important that they look at the past to continue forward. I hope that the find their own gallery once again. The one audience member that spoke of sport in relation to women in art right now did not make any since to me. I am glad that the current head of WARM spoke up and explained that many women today may be in sports and art, and that they could help support each-other.

I also enjoyed the topic that was addressed about women today still being afraid to label themselves as Feminist. I thought about this and wonder if I was a woman that worked from Feminist ideologies but had never said, "I'm a Feminist!" I thought about it and decided that I did have ideologies aimed to promote equal political, economic, and social right of women. To be a Feminist it does not mean that you are working against men but, are looking to be able to walk in the same steps in life.

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