W.A.R.M Panel Discussion


I was really excited to be able to go and listed to listen to the senior ladies of W.A.R.M speak and share the obstacles that they have overcome as female artists. I didn't know a whole lot about actions the women of W.A.R.M took in order to gain respect within a male dominant community and I was amazed with the strength these people had to stand up for their rights as female artists. One of my favorite parts of the whole panel discussion was the question and answer. Hearing not only the panels opinions of how to improve women's standings but being able to hear the audience give their point of views was really exciting. It would be nice to have more panel discussions like this one, learning the history and struggles behind artwork makes me appreciate not only the work but the artist even more than what I normally would. I really hope that they are able to get another gallery up and going to display more of their work so that more of the community would be able to understand and appreciate their struggles.

Women have had to work hard for their status and I respect the women of W.A.R.M a lot for dedicating their lives to getting the respect they deserve. Now however, I don't see nearly as much discrimination between sexes as what there used to be and I think now W.A.R.M should focus on not separating men's art and women's art, but they should focus on art in general.


I definitely agree with you. I also did not know the actions about the W.A.R.M and the other female artist groups existed inthis community. I was also amazed how the female artist are passionate and wanted to represent their works. I also highly respected these artist who continues working hard to present the female artist. I think the question and answer really helped me to understand the situation of the female artist which I hope that the W.A.R.M should open their own gallery to show more female artist in the community.

I also found it interesting to hear the challenges that women of their time had to overcome. By going to the discussion I was enlighten with the history of these strong women. I am so very proud of their achievements for female artists, and women in general. I too respect these women, and would love to more know about their lives. I also did not notice too much discrimination between sexes in the here in now, but finding out that the MIA shows less than 5% of female artwork disappointed me.

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