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I found this panel discussion to be one of the most exciting visiting artists events that I've attended. All the ladies talked very passionately about their experiences as members of W.A.R.M. and went into great detail about the organization's history. It was inspiring to see that the senior members of W.A.R.M. wanted to make history by providing artistic opportunities for women artists that were under appreciated by the male dominant art scene. If we look back at art history, female artists were often not represented as often as their male counter-parts. Which is quite sad because there are many great artists who inspire me, who are women. Maybe its because I've been brought in a largely female dominant family, but I don't see the difference between a male or female's artistic abilities. I believe that we all have similar skills and I'm still scratching my head wondering why women artist are still being unrepresented at art world galleries in this day and age. But I believe that times are slowly changing and that there will be a shift in our ways of thinking about equality between men and women.

On another note, it was nice to hear that in 1976, W.A.R.M. had their own gallery that allowed them to showcase works that would often be considered taboo in other galleries. This allowed them to create a great art community of people who all shared a similar interest and goals. As we look towards the future, I hope that W.A.R.M. will be able to once again call a gallery space their own instead of borrowing spaces. There is just something about owning your own space and calling it your own that you might not be able to get with other alternatives.

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I was also inspired to hear that WARM was still optimistic about someday having a space of their own again. The speakers were all very focused on the value of the community they had and the opportunities that were open to them because they had such a tight collective. At the time when the collective began, they needed a space where they could make riskier art pieces, but I think this would still be valuable now, since many places rely on government grant money and have to stick within parameters that could be limiting.

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