Dianna Molzan & Alex Olson at the Walker


I was excited about attended the talk with Dianna Molzan & Alex Olson at the Walker Art Center. I had the opportunity to see the exhibition , "Painter, Painters." before I attended the talk which helped a lot because I had a background of the work of each artist. Even with the background of seeing the work it was hard to make connects. I wanted to hear more about their processes and the expresses. It would have also been nice to hear more about how these artists gained contact with the Walker to have their work in the show.
I thought it was inappropriate for one of the audience members to ask Dianna and Alex their reviews of the show.It was not a critic of the other work!!! I just wished I had gained more about the processes of the painters and how to become involved in a show like "Painter, Painters."
-Nina A.


I too would have liked to have a better understanding on why these two artists were paired for the talk (other than both being from LA and friends on some level)and discussion of the parallels between their work or approach or history or whatever, even if just briefly at the beginning to put things in some sort of context. It seemed a bit random to me, and left me looking for something that may or may not have even been there. I didn't mind, just more a curiosity distraction. It might have been just that they both happened to be able to make it at that time, who knows? I know there were several other talks related to the exhibit but am unsure what format they took, what they were about or who gave them, so it might be in the context of a lecture series these questions were made more clear.

As I mentioned in my post, I did not think the audience member's question about the artists' opinions on the show was inappropriate at all, just came out a little wrong. She was asking for more "meat" to the discussion, and the panel members should have been more gracious and found a way to work with the question in a positive way. I would have especially liked to hear what the artists got out of being part of the show, as far inspiration for future work, or reflections on what they've already been doing, or thoughts on the direction of contemporary painting in general. I found those type of reflections particularly engaging and thought-provoking during the Laylah Ali talk. I think it is that type of thing the audience member was hoping for, not a critique of the other artists' paintings.

As far as finding out how to get in a show at the Walker, that would not have been the forum for that. That's more a question for your professors.
- Allison

I agree, I would have liked to hear more about both of the artists’ processes and had them relate the talk more to their actual works. I felt like the questions that the mediator asked were very focused on their location – they talked for a long time about Los Angeles and what it’s like there. They also discussed he documentation of their works and how it is hard to get the real feel of what it’s like through a flat photo, which was interesting, but it felt very disconnected from their actual work and who they are. I didn’t really get the sense that the two artists or the mediator were very prepared for the talk, and I felt like I didn’t get much from it because they were so focused on location and documentation, rather than process and medium, which is what I had wanted to hear about.

Bailey Haack

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