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Of all the lectures we have had so far, I felt that Layla's was the most interesting and relevant. At first, when she started, I wasn't so sure, as I thought that the green head paintings were somewhat cartoony, which I am a big fan of, but I don't necessarily always like when people present that type of thing in a fine art context. I have althoughs thought it should be more accessible.
But as soon as Layla got started explaining her worldview, I knew that we thought along similar lines. I can very much relate to her, as I am also of the line of thinking that, to quote directly from her "the world doesn't necessarily need more drawers and painters right now". I could definitely appreciate her honesty, as I too have thought heavily about how those mediums might not be the most relevant, and when someone else in the audience asked her if she thought there was really anything left to say with painting, I was very curious to hear her thoughts about that.
When she also started speaking about how filmmaking might be a more relevant medium, I immediately related, and I would even expand that to just video making in general. I'm a really big fan of the power of the internet and how you can make something one day, and have it be seen by millions of people within a few hours. It seems so much more powerful to me than having your work hanging in a museum where so few will get to engage with it.
It was also very interesting to me to hear how Layla almost sort of fell into her fame, and how she never intended to be an artist for a living. It made me think of that whole thing with all these internet celebrities, who also never intended to reach fame, and ended up doing it almost by accident.
Contemplating her art in this context, I think the green heads are more than just fun cartoons that she painted, but rather question the way we treat certain pieces of art in different contexts.

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I completely agree with you about appreciating Ali's honesty in saying that "the world doesn't necessarily need more drawers and painters right now." Especially as an art professor herself, i was not expecting her to say this, but was very glad that she did. I feel like many artists would feel like admitting to this would be a taboo or viewed very negatively, but its just so true. Its not that we all need to steer clear of practicing drawing or painting, or studying art, but we do need to seriously consider why we are making what we are making and whether or not it is relevant to other people or the art world in general.

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