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I guess by so far Laylah Ali's talk was one of the most interesting talking I have ever been. I felt that she was very approachable with the audience and I love how she was trying to have the direct conversation with the audience by asking question and answering them directly. I loved her sense of humor too while she was giving the speech. One of the things that I loved about her work is how much detail and precise she put into her work. It was interesting how her work seem to be cartoon (for example the Greenhead series) like yet very humorous to me. Throughout look at her work and her talk, I could see how she has put a lot of research in painting and drawing such as using her left hand and matching the colors and using only black and white colors to fit perfectly. The video on the other hand was a little bit confusing for me. It was so hard to understand to correlate with her art and the performance video. I guess because I am lack of understanding things but if I have a chance again, I wanted to watch another video again to fully understand the connection of the work.
Overall, I felt that Laylah Ali was very amiable person and approachable person to talk to. She explained well about her journey to become an artist and her standpoints about her work. I will love to see her work more again to see more of her exhibitions that were shown in the Weisman Museum or maybe in the other museum that other place is shown. I really loved her speech.


Laylah Ali's approachability was definitely one of the most intriguing things to me about the entire talk, I completely agree. It isn't very often that you get to have such a dialogue in a relaxed manner with an artist who is honest not only about their work but about their own weaknesses, education, and questions about themselves. To hear her discuss how she felt about the art world while still keeping the talk down to earth was truly fascinating.

I also thought Laylah Ali's talk was one of the most interesting talks because of how she wanted to have an interaction with her audience. She was approachable, and I enjoyed how she allowed the audience to interrupt her with a question at any point during the talk. This often lead Laylah to transition into different topics such as her experiences with her undergraduate and graduate programs.

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