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Laylah Ali was a wonderful speaker to have brought to campus. She was so original with the way she presented her work to the audience and I found her to be one of the most inspirational artists that I have listened to before. One thing that I liked the most about her work with the Green Heads series is that she left a lot of the work up to our own interpretation and how she purposely made her paintings smaller so that you have to get up close and personal with it. I also found her to be very disciplined in her work and motivated. The way she struggled to get through some of her projects just to see what the final goal would be is something that I don't think I could do myself. I'm one of those people that has a really hard time motivating myself to do something that I don't have any interest in doing and in this aspect I found her to be incredibly inspirational. Laylah's honesty towards the end of her talk was also nice to hear, she wasn't afraid to tell people what she really thought and it was refreshing to listen to her give her honest advice to the undergraduates in the audience. I feel like throughout the lecture we really got to know Laylah's true personality and I absolutely loved that since most artists who give presentations just summarize their work without mentioning what was going on in their lives or why they were choosing to pursue the work that they were doing.


I too found Laylah's talk to be very interesting and inspirational. Her laid-back approach to an artist talk made it easier to listen to what she had to say and it was interesting that she allowed people to ask questions during her presentation. As for her work, I too liked that the Greenheads series are small and meant to be viewed up close and personal.

It was surprising to here Ali's comments on how maybe the world doesn't need so many painters, that there was not a lot of innovation going on. I am not sure I fully agree with her. It seemed to me her view is colored by her own entrenchment in academia. MFA programs are not the only way to judge where art is going these days. I did like that she questioned this though, and got the impression she is still working it all out in her mind and will always continue to condense and morph and evolve in her views on this and other subjects. I respected that aspect of her. She seemed to be someone who is not satisfied in coming to pat answers and conclusions. She is willing to explore even the uncomfortable questions with a certain ease and equanimity.

- Allison

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