Laylah Ali

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I really enjoyed Laylah Ali's talk. It seemed to be a lot more personable and laid-back than the other artist talks that have been given. She also had a sense of humor that extended into her artwork. The Greenheads have a humorous look to them. I enjoy their goofy facial expressions and the unrealistic skin colors that they have. I find the green skin color to be an important aspect to these paintings because she isn't giving them a race, but instead allowing every ethnic group to relate to these green figures. Even though these cartoon figures look silly, the activities that they are doing are no laughing matter. The scenes that they are in are very series. I feel that the way she creates these figures helps lighten the serious subject matter.
Laylah's ink drawings are also very interesting. The amount of time spent on creating the detail in the dress of the figures is evident. These patterns are so precise and excessive. That is the king of detailed work that would drive me nuts, but in her talk she talked about how she actually enjoyed it and was a nice get away from the Greenheads work. Something that she said that I found very odd was that she pretty much hated doing the painting work of the Greenheads. My thought is why do it if you don't enjoy creating it?

-Moriah Kelly

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I think that Ali might have just found painting tedious. I mean, she did do a lot of these pictures. You might get tired of doing something you like if it is all very similar and repetitive. I was surprised that she did not work with different materials. I suppose she may have done in other work, but all she showed us was what she did in paint and ink. From what I have heard from artists, the different materials can all symbolize something different to them personally, or convey a different meaning to the viewer. But I think that Ali left a lot of the interpretation of her work up to the viewer, and did not find it necessary to try so hard to push her own message.

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