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I guess I can't be sure what point Ali was trying to make about her art, or art in general. But it came off as a bit discouraging. But I did like how real she was. She was honest about how she made her work, what it meant to her and how she even got to the point where she was creating art. Her attitude about the modern art world was quite humorous. And that was the discouraging bit. But I am not an artist myself, so the multitude of artists out there does not effect the chances of me getting a job. It's nice for me to know that there will be lots of art for me to enjoy in the future.
Personally, I found it refreshing that she did not take her life too seriously. She makes her art simply to make art. She does not make it to get famous, or to make a statement to society. It seemed that, to her, art is great simply because it is art. And that she makes it because she can. I am pleased that she has had the chance to be an accomplished artist and add so much to the field of art for the benefit of artists and art enthusiasts. I think that what she adds is a sense of honesty and simplicity to art work. Her individuality and unique style stood out to me almost more than the images. She did not have much to say or describe about each piece, and I think that is because she has put all she needs to into them. If they needed a description, that means she did not communicate all she wanted to in the image itself. And I think she did that in her work.

Erin Persons

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