Laylah Ali

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I find Layla Ali to be very interesting and listening to her speak got me thinking more about race and how people appear different based on skin color. Laylah Ali creates paintings that take her many months to complete and she carefully plans out in advance every aspect of her work, from subject matter to choice of color, achieving a high level of emotional tension in her paintings as a result of juxtaposing brightly colored scenes with dark, often violent subject matter. I find it interesting that she says her inspiration came from "watching a lot of t.v." when she was young. Laylah incorporates cartoon aesthetics as subject matter with social violence and ethnicity in her work. What I found compelling is that she is more interested in the before and after of social violence than the act itself. Also her ideas towards the existence of racism are thoughts that make total sense for me. I enjoy that while she reads newspaper/ magazines/ media she is constantly cutting out images to absorb and use for her work. She explains that hand gestures are very important to her and her work because the way people gesture is so different from one another, so she clips out people's hand movements and keeps them for future works. Her attention to detail and meticulous planning is very controlled and almost foreign to me, because in my own work I am not so organized, so it is also very inspiring. Ali even said that she is very scared of messing up.But she leaves more room for incident in her drawings rather than the paintings. "Power of the body" seems to be her main focus, what the body can do and what kind of gestures it can make, also another theme in her work is color and she is interested in how it effects a person.

-Kortney Formanek

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