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I loved Laylah Ali's casual and nonchalant approach to her lecture. Though I think some people were offended by it, I personally found it to be much more genuine and compelling then previous talks that were more structured. I thought it was interesting that she mentioned that giving a talk in this fashion makes her more present. I found this to be very true, and it made me a more present listener in return.
I enjoyed hearing her speak about her discomfort or even pain with the particular painting process that was more clean and ridged. I can personally relate to this so it hit home. It can be a struggle sometimes when you do not enjoy the process of creating something but know that through that struggle you will produce a better result. I think it comes down to discipline and concentration and being able to over come obstacles or complications along the way to really enjoy the result in the end.
Her approach to the meaning of her work was also great. I like that she leaves much of the meaning up to the viewer. I think it is really important for artist to be able to separate themselves from their work and focus on the fact that art is and interaction between the artist, the work and the viewer. The idea that different people will derive completely individual meanings from diffident pieces of work is essential to the entire concept of art. I think this also relates to the idea that some people will respond positively to some work and others will have an indifferent or negative response. This is all a part of that interaction and does not necessarily reflect on the artist.

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