Laylah Ali

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Laylah Ali's lecture was quite interesting and innovative. I appreciated her Greenheads series, and the many ways in which it defies classification. The artwork cannot be easily classified, just as the Greenheads cannot be classified as a certain race. In this way they have become a kind of undefined symbol that can stand for anything.
Laylah's ink drawings were also quite impressive, especially the attention given to repeating tedious pattern over and over in a character's clothes. I was especially intrigued by Ali's statement that she did not enjoy many parts of painting. This brought to mind to old adage which says, "Creating art is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." We seem to be able to idealize art quite easily, and furthermore, allow that idealization to reach people who are not artists. We perpetrate a statement that art is easy and fluid, like taking dictation from God. In reality, our art is artwork - with an emphasis on work. It takes dedication and perseverance to create art; it takes sweat and tears. If anything, this is the face we should show more often to the public. If anything, this will be far more respected than some kind of ghostly inspiration that drifts out of the æther. If we can all follow Laylah Ali's example, art can be a discipline that is far more highly thought of than it is now. It takes every bit as much work as mathematics or chemistry, except instead of working with already exists, we are drawing equations and elements from ourselves, from our innermost imaginations.

--Evan Johnson

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