W.A.R.M. Panel Discussion

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I found the W.A.R.M. panel interesting from a variety of important perspectives. As I have mentioned before, I always think it's a great thing when artists can come together and work on a piece of work without letting their own egos get in the way. I found that the women working together on the W.A.R.M. panel had a very good approach to the process of artists working in collaboration. Although they each designed and accomplished their own personal pieces of art, their work was all directed towards a single goal--that of moving the cause of feminism and pushing it forwards into the public's attention.
I also thought that the methods used on colleges were especially apt and well thought out by the feminists. Many studies have shown that college is a time of relearning the self for many young people, and while the efforts of the feminists were somewhat blackballed by established faculty members, their ideas were certain to bear fruit in the pliable minds of the young. I was inspired, to a certain degree, by the existence of the rallies and vigils held by the feminists in various settings and places. To me, this was an indication that any movement can get its feet under it, provided it has the strength of the young, tempered with the wisdom of the old. The art done by the various feminist workshops really spoke to me as an abject outpouring of feelings, thrown in the face of a society that had rejected them. Their feeling, truly felt and spoken and lived from the soul, has certainly changed our culture in many deep and profound ways.

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