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I really enjoyed hearing Christina talk about how she writes about artwork. Having her as a professor I have always wondered why she teaches in the art department, and she brought up how a student from one of her classes asked her that and it was nice to hear that I wasn't the only one thinking that. Then, she went on to explain what got her into talking about writing about art. It is interesting that she was at an artist talk when she decided to start writing about art. I liked that Christina spoke about how she enjoys writing negative reviews of artwork, because lots of people wouldn't admit that.
At most of these artist talks we get to hear artists talk we get to see what they have created and their process of creating. It was fascinating to see the other side of the art world. Seeing the works she wrote about and her process of reviewing was nice. I could tell that she is very passionate about what she does based on the way she speaks about it. It is nice that there are writers out there like Christina that help interpret artwork. Personally, I think there are aspects in an artist's work that they don't even notice themselves and art critics are the ones that help artist interpret their own work and notice things that they did not even notice themselves. An art critic is that new set of eyes that sees things the artist himself or herself doesn't see.


I liked hearing how she got into the field as well. I like that something struck her during that talk at MCAD, and how she didn't just shrug it off, but worked with the thoughts that arose, first inwardly, then in a more public manner. I think it is important to have a forum to process these types of experiences, whether they be in regard to art, or politics, or social issues, or whatever it may be. I am excited to explore the Quodlibetica site. I just took a quick look, but hope to be able to take more time to poke around it.

I was also thinking about your mention of her passion. What a wonderful thing it is to see another speaking out of passion for a subject. In our present day life there is so much "noise" in discourse, that we often lose sight on seeing others' passion. I think it supports the clarity and integrity in her work. I also found her very earnest and sincere, other qualities that sometimes seem to be lacking in our more intellectual creative pursuits.

- Allison Ruby

I would have to agree. It was wonderful to hear about how passionate she is about expressing her ideas of a piece of art or an art event.

I would like to recall that Christina stated," if an art event is not written about did it happen?"
I would have to say it did but, was in successful?

I thought about what I thought was a successful art event or show;
1.there are people that attend
2.these people interact with the art
3.they have questions they have that relate to the work.
4.They talk others about your work

So, all of the above would be documented if someone just simply wrote about the event and then other could research it/ or you.


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