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I really enjoyed listening to Christina Schmid's talk. It's not often that you get to listen to a critic talk about their experiences and how they became to be an art critic. One point that Christina emphasized is that she writes with art, not about it. At first I was confused as to how she could say something like that; I almost felt as if she were also trying to take credit in the meaning of a piece of art along with the actual artist. How wrong was I for thinking that! She brought up how some artists have a hard time finding the meaning behind their work or that they have a hard time trying to explain it to their audiences and how writing with the art can help reveal the meaning behind a piece of work to even the creators themselves. I feel as if this issue is a lot more prevalent than what most people think and part of a critique's job is to basically give feedback to the artist, telling them whether or not others will like what they are seeing. This, I believe allows artist give clearer talks about their creations and thus they are better able to connect with their audiences.

Back to what Christina was saying about writing with art rather than about it, I also think that a handful (if not more)of critics out there end up shaping the meaning behind a piece without regard to what the artist is aiming for. I know of some critics that seem to think that their opinion is the only one that matters and it was incredibly refreshing to hear Christina talk about how she likes to try and see things that others don't.

I also really appreciated how well she was able to connect to her audience. She kept her stories entertaining and I didn't find myself zoning out for brief periods of time like I have for a couple of other guest lecturers. Christina seems to have worked really hard to get to where she is today with not only her writings but also the online magazine. She has definitely influenced me to read more critical articles about both art and the artists alike.

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