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I have had Christina Schmid as a professor previous to hearing her talk this semester therefore i knew that I would hear an exceptional lecture. I felt i learned a lot from her talk about critically analyzing artwork and the importance of writing about it. It was interesting to hear how she has gotten to where she is now and her past endeavors when she started out her carrier with writing about artwork. Though I thought he was a bit rude, I enjoyed the comment and response provided by the gentleman in the audience who did not understand the position or purpose of the analytical art writer. I think he was under the impression that the role of a writer is less important than the role of the artist. It is true that without the artist, art critics would have nothing to write about, but that does not make their job unimportant in the least. It is also true that, in my opinion, the best artwork speaks cleverly to the audience and does not need, but still benefits from having someone critique and wright about it. Having people critique and write about artwork is important for several reasons, first being that having multiple people analytically write about a work of art provides the audience with diverse perspective from which to view the work that they may not have discovered or considered on their own. Second, quite frequently the artist themselves is not the proper person to write about their work. This is most crucially because they see their work through the eyes which created it, giving them a very unique perspective that is not always understood by the audience. And more often then not a visual artist who is a master at creating their work is typically not a master at writing. Some of the most talented and visually creative people I know are terrible, terrible, writers. I personally create my artwork as a preferred means of communication than writing and I would wholeheartedly embrace writers to critique and write about my work, even if their analysis was negative. To me, over half the point of being an artist is to create conversation with my audience, and analytical writers are a key prompt and translation for that conversation.

-Bryn Gleason

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