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This lecture was extremely intense and Christina was so passionate. I have only have few interactions with Christina and found it interesting that many other students had no idea what her role was in the Art Department.

It was refreshing to have her explain that she did not aim to attack artist or their work but allowed a conversation to begin with the artist, writer and the audience. The work she does can allow people to see other perceived and also her work can tell the artist the images, feeling or concepts they achieved with the viewers.

I had only known that she was a writer and had not taking the time to learn more about her work. I think many of us have done this; we could have asked her at any moment to explain her work. With the amount of passion she spoke with it sparked an interest for me to research her work more and I did go to the Quolibetica. I recommend that everyone take the time to visit the page the link is below.

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I definitely could tell that Christina is very passionate about her work and her interactions with artists. You stated it well when you said that Christina's critiques aren't aimed at attacking an artist or their work, but are more as a conversation starter. Artists are often times not the best people when it comes to explaining their work. I feel that by inviting people to look at your work, they will often give suggestions or insights that you might have never thought of before, sometimes it is exciting to further explore these new found concepts.

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