Cristina Schmid

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This talk was probably my favorite out of all of them so far. It was the first that I have ever heard of this kind of work. I had obviously heard of art critics before, but I felt like Schmid's work is something more than simply critiquing art. This seems to me a good way to think of her work because she described it as writing with art, not about it. Also, hearing how she got to the point she is at now sounds more like she had to invent a place for herself in the art world. That is something that I admired about her work.It contrasts Ali's somewhat unhopeful view that there is not enough room left in the art world for more artists. Even if this is true, one can just go out and make there own room.
By keeping to the traditional style of a good "responsible" talk Schmid definitely held my attention and added to my overall take away of the message. After hearing this talk, I feel like I have a better understanding of the art world. All the other talks were just about one little piece of it. Just one artist's or a small group's interpretation of it. However, I do not think that I would have felt the same way had some one else given this talk. It was Schmid's personal interest and her passion for her work that really conveyed the most meaning. She was genuinely invested not only in her work, but in telling us all about it.

Erin Persons

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