Dianna Molzan & Alex Olson

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The talk with Dianna Molzan and Alex Olson was rather a bit confusing to me. I first regret that I wasn't able to visit the exhibition, "Painter, Painters." If I were able to visit the exhibition beforehand, I will be able to understand and connect more about the artist inspiration and the intention of both artist's work. But, I felt that the talk was still unorganized, which the system would have been better to show both of their work and put in as the discussion format in the beginning rather than showing them at the end while the audience members asked a question to show the work. Since I am not a painter, I had some difficulties to engage with the artists. However, the artist work was quite interesting; abstracted and utilized varieties of materials into the painting with the unique display.

Overall, the audience discussion panel was the most engaging moment of the talk. The audience definitely asked interesting question for the artist to answer in a unique way and I liked how the audience had lot of opportunity to ask the artist a question. But, as I said in the beginning, it was rather inconvenient that that the overall talk was unorganized and dry at the same time. If the talk was organized, I would have definitely would be engaged more on listening to the talk.

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I definitely know what you mean about the talk being confusing. I felt the same way about wanting to see the paintings beforehand and about the question and answer at the end. But as far as the content of the talk and the way it was set up, It was good to get a different style and story from the artists. If all the other talks about abstract art were pretty much the same, this one was definitely different. I have to wonder also if the real artists in the audience were able to follow it easier.

Erin Persons

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