Dianna Molzan and Alex Olson artist talk

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I had to opportunity visit the exhibition "Painter Painter", curated by Eric Crosby personally, with my painting class. It was definitely helpful to see these pieces in person, and to be provided with background information from Eric about the artists and the works themselves.

I was excited to attend the talk because I was interested in hearing more information from the artists about their inspirations, art processes, and their personalities. But I was slightly disappointed. When the artists were asked where they drew inspiration from, it seemed like they were dodging the question by being slightly vague in their responses. The overall energy of the talk was slightly awkward because it looked like Alex, Dianna, and Eric were unsure how to delve deeper in certain topics. Difficult questions were asked by Crosby such as style, which were never truly answered and were forgotten.
There were a lot of awkward silences on stage. Molzan and Olson looked like they did not want to take part in the artist talk, and it seems like their personalities were removed.
From observing the lecture as a whole, I learnt that a more engaging artist talk requires the artist to actually connect and involve the audience such as Laylah Ali's talk.

I did appreciate Alex delving into the topic of life as an artist, and the struggles and acceptance that failure is very much a part of the art process. Learning from these mistakes and trying different solutions until something clicks is definitely something I find very rewarding in my art practice.

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I also found Molzan and Olson's talk to be rather impersonal and devoid of deep conversation. I was frustrated by their avoidance of interesting questions and their neglect to answer and talk about their work, practice, and inspirations. It seemed as though their work is informed from everything and nothing all at once, which is unfortunately uninteresting. I think the talk would have been more engaging and enjoyable if they had pretended, at lease a little, to be excited to be there, even if they didn't want to talk about their work in depth. Their talk was slightly awkward and unfortunately left me feeling less interested in their artwork than when I originally walked in into the talk.

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