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Penelope Umbrico Lecture

I enjoyed how she thought out side of the box; exploring what her media could do. I think that it's interesting how people get so upset that she uses images that she finds. The idea of authorship comes to mind; when I look at how people are upset about her using peoples photographs. She is not using photos that were intended for art. She is using them to produce a work of art of her own. The work would not be as strong if she did not create the dialog with the audience.
The images that she makes are her art and have a strong signature look. People would never question a painter's work of a still-life's or of a landscape. Those images are not created from their imagination purely. All artists are affected but the images around them, either man made or natural objects in the world.
She has done what I am set out to do; produce work that has something that sets it apart from others. I really enjoyed her craigslist works because she is truly taking an everyday image, created to explain what the item for sale looks like, and then she looks at the images to create a story with them. She was able to find items and images that the person taking the picture may not have ever looked at or thought of. (reflections and unnecessary objects in the photo).
This was one of the better lectures this year because she took the time to explain her processes.
-Nina A.


I agree that this was the best lecture so far. You mentioned that through her media, she was able to ask questions about authorship. Umbrico was also able to raise awareness about what the role is of photographer in today's society. It's as if she is uninterested in taking images of her surroundings because so much of it has already been done before. I enjoy how she was open to being malleable to the times--using images that have already been taken (because there is such an abundance of them). Then, for her to use that as a metaphor for the abundance of things in American society gave her work an even stronger impact.

All the noise she got for not getting permission to use the sun pictures, I thought was unnecessary. She was letting people copy and share her work as well. Not to mention that once something is on the internet, it is very hard to monitor where it goes and who uses it. She was interacting with the internet the way everyone does. I saw this more as an exercise in participating with the culture of the internet and calling people out on their repetitive tendencies. Because all Umbrico did with this project is act the same way anyone does, but calling out the humor without judging the behavior. In a way her collage projects held up human behavior in the internet and said, haha, look its funny. But I like it. See what I can do!

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