Penelope Umbrico

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I found Penelope Umbrico's lecture very interesting and inspiring. I have seen her work previously and found it intriguing but I have not looked much beyond the images shown to me. Because of that, I never understood the conceptuality in her work.

How Umbrico structured her lecture was partially why it was so great. She was able to move through a timeline of her work--starting from the Flickr sunset images to her current projects with reflections in television screens. While she progressed in the timeline, Umbrico continuously looped back to earlier work so the audience was able to make obvious cognitive connections. The presentation itself was quite beautiful as well. The Keynote software allowed her to reveal her work in a sensible fashion.

What I also appreciated was how she explained her process. There were no gaps in her work where I felt like I did not understand how she had gotten to that point. Each project seemed to build on top of a previous one--or extend into a minor, sub-project. This was especially apparent in her television series. I believe she had at least three different projects result out of the original. Then, how she was able to relate it back to the earlier Flickr project was intriguing. She spoke about how she found that the unauthored television images revealed more about the photographer, than the authored Flickr sunset images. This she found ironic, and explained it in depth to the audience.

Lastly, I appreciated how transparent Umbrico was with her finances. Many artists do not explain how their funding works. The Craigslist selling was quite interesting and she spoke about how no collectors were buying work directly from her. She also noted that she was spending much more time on various projects than what she was getting paid for. I respected her for revealing this so openly to her audience.

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I also really enjoyed Penelope Umbrico's lecture too . It was quite different from other photographer's work. I really appreciated her how she was very thorough about her progress by utilizing the search engines and technology into the work. It was very unique and out of the box ideas.

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