Penelope Umbrico

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I found Penelope Umbrico's lecture was quite interesting although I was a little late because of the snow. I have heard Penelope Umbrico's work during my digital photography class and I was really glad that I was able to make this lecture.

I really enjoyed her progress of her work time to time starting from the sunset images through the abstraction lines of the television screen and the changes of technology through photography. Through her progress of her work, I was able to understand better her influence and the inspirations as she progressed along her work time to time. Throughout her lecture, I found that she utilized different social medias in photos such as flicker and timeline technology or search engines into her work which was quite interesting. I think the work that captured my full attention was the sunset work display. I felt that the work was very unique such as the varieties of abstract colors of the sunset but they unified well together as a whole work.

I also really appreciated how specific and her intention about her work also the steps how she progresses her work. I really enjoyed how she showed her work thoroughly while explaining well that makes the audience easily to understand. I was really amazed how she thought of utilizing the internet into her photography work which I was very inspired.

Overall, I really enjoyed her talk. She engaged well with the audience to answer the question carefully with honest. Compared to the two previous talk with Dianna Molzan, I was able to understand fully about the progress about the personal work which I really appreciated.

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I also thought that Umbrico’s use of the Internet and more technology was very interesting. It is amazing that we live in a time era when we have so many photos and information readily available to us. Umbrico’s work truly belongs to its time, because a few years ago, as her chart showed, her work would have been impossible, whereas now, the ability of photographers to put their photos onto the Internet and make them available to the world is a vital part of our society.

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